Decentralised Victories – Part 1

It occurs to me that while I often speak of a decentralised future on other platforms, I seldom do so here. This post series aims to rectify that.

Because this is a large and very complex problem, even though I will be very brief, it will still take a while to explain and I can’t bombard you with too much information all at once. I will therefore break this post up into a series of more palatable sized chunks.

This is a very brief summary of some much larger issues. Bear with me if I skip all the details. If you want to, we

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I was Not going to Buy this Dip. But…

As I looked at one final BTC chart before heading to bed last night, I thought to myself: “Dip coming – I’ll check it out tomorrow”.

Well, it’s tomorrow now.

Of course one of the first things I did this morning was to check the BTC chart, and frankly I was a little disappointed. You call that a dip BTC? That’s pathetic! How am I supposed to buy that! I regarded it as a non-event and ate my breakfast, thinking nothing more of it.

That is… until I sat down at my PC 10  minutes ago and opened a larger version of the

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Crypto Shopping Cart – 22 May

Alts are still cheap and I’m still buying! The time has come to be selective with what you buy: some altcoins have already shot up in price. Being a value investor, I try to pick the coins that represent the best deal at the time. Of course what I’m really saying is “Buy Low, Sell High”, but I’m always amazed at how difficult it seems for many people to do that, especially the “Buy Low” part! Well, I’ve done my best to buy low and I’d like to show you what I’ve considered worthy of buying this time.

This has been

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Trustworthy Crypto Information

For quite some time I have been monitoring the wash trading situation in crypto. 

For those of you who may not be aware, wash trading is rampant in the crypto world. Unscrupulous exchanges do everything in their power to look a lot busier than what they are, ultimately hoping to make more money for themselves in the process. This isn’t a lesson about wash trading, if you want to know more about that then I’m sure you know where to find Google.

Today I want to tell you about CoinGecko. A meant to do this a week ago when it (I’ll tell

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BTC – 20 May

Hello Bit Brainians!

It’s been a while since my last post. Unfortunately I had to play nurse to an injured wife, but she’s back on her feet now and I can finally get back to my crypto blogging! Luckily I was able to keep an eye on the markets, so I still know what’s going on. I even managed to squeeze a few Tweets in here and there. 

This is my THIRD attempt at this post, I lost two drafts trying to use a new blogging interface, hopefully this time I am successful! Bear in mind that at some stage I will probably have

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Index to Crypto with Bit Brain – Edition 2019/3

I can’t believe that it’s already Index time again. I’m almost tempted to put it off, but I know that that will come back to bite me later! It’s been an interesting month and a lot of important information has been covered. With that in mind, it’s rather important that I create this index without further delay.

Previous Index posts:

Index to Crypto with Bit Brain – Edition 2019/2 is my most recent index and was published in early April. In it you will find some posts about what I have been buying in 2019, the long overdue Part 3 of my “Diversification”

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Bitcoin – This is what’s happening

Today I’ll do my favourite type of TA post: where I show you charts and let you make up your mind. I’ll point out the patterns and movements which I see – you get to decide if I’m right or not. (*Spoiler alert* – I’m pretty good at being right…)

Chart 1: The Long-term chart

The long-term chart is important because it sets the “climb angle” for BTC as a whole. I have seen several long-term logarithmic charts lately, with each successive bull markets showing a declining angle of climb. I don’t consider those charts to be correct. The technical analysis of

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The Victimless Hack

Binance got hacked yesterday – by now everybody knows that. I think it’s great thing for all concerned. This is why:


Binance got hacked and lost about 7000 BTC in a single transaction. From what I have read, the hack appears to have been carried out by a very patient and professional team. Viewed from my military background; I have to admire the planning and execution of the hack, which in no way means that I condone what the hackers have done. Au contraire – I look forward to watching them trying to spend or exchange that BTC further down the

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Well THAT didn’t take very long!

Do you remember when I wrote about “Private Blockchains”? You should, it was less than two weeks ago.

Perhaps you remember some of these quotes – all taken from the post linked to above:

“Private blockchains will never be a threat to cryptocurrencies as a whole. They can’t be because they are playing different games with different rulebooks.”

“Eventually the public will realise that public blockchains are better, cheaper, less restrictive, universally accepted, better at keeping up with technology, more durable, more secure, transparent, trustworthy …… After that awakening the private “cryptos” will mostly fall into disuse and decentralised chains …… will rule the

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When last did you look at Oyster Protocol?

It’s probably been a while, hasn’t it? 

That’s no doubt because the Oyster project effectively died when their evil project founder, Bruno Block, turned it into an exit scam by minting literally millions of illegal tokens and then quickly selling them.

For those unfamiliar with Oyster:

Oyster Protocol  was a project designed to get rid of adverts on webpages. In recent times we have seen may viruses hijack a little bit of CPU time of visitors to web pages. A visitor to a web page unwittingly becomes a crypto miner by having a small script turn their computer into a mining rig while

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