House renovation in Portugal part 2

For days 2 and 3 I was working on replacing a portion of a window frame that has pretty bad rot in it.

I recycled some scrap wood that I had salvaged from and old bed frame and an old sofa, with most of day 2 spent removing nails and staples from the wood.

On day 3 I was able to cut out a piece from the window frame and get started on the bits to replace it. This took a lot of back and forth to get the sizes right especially seeing as the piece I will be putting in is made up of a number of smaller pieces that I have started gluing together.

I stalled at this point as the government announced tighter restrictions on movement and I do not want to risk fines etc.

Instead of working on this house I have kept busy doing courses on Coursera whilst I look for work.

Thanks for watching!

House renovation in Portugal

In this video I get started on fixing our house, working on an old shower, removing a wood fired water heater, then disassembling a window that has been attacked by termites.

I have not created a video in a while and this is the first where I am working in front of the camera. The house is in another village a few kilometers away from where I am currently living and has stood empty for a few months. Before we lived in it, it had been empty for years and it is showing signs of not having been maintained.

Please let me know if you have any feedback.

Is PewDiePie Going to Ignite the Migration?

It ws just recently announced that the LARGEST youtuber is moving away from youtube. And guess where he is going?


The migration is beginning. I know that we are on Steem and WLS nd DLive left Steem to go to their own blockchain, but this is not about a single entity completely. This opens the doors to Dlive, but ALSO opens the door to crypto, blockchain, tokens, chains, p2p, cross chain transactions, etc. The list goes on and on.

Google and Youtube just lost their Star Player to a newer, faster growing company. It is possible that the