Can Under Armour Return To The Glory Days???

Under Armour (NYSE: UAA) used to be the IT company on Wall Street with years of sales growth great than 20%, but things went left in 2017 when sales started slowing down. The shot themselves in the foot by growing to fast when their apparel started showing up in many retailers, including Kohl’s. What was once an exclusive product became a commodity. The end result was company struggled to manage inventory and saw margins decline when it had to sell surplus product at heavy discounts.

That’s when Under Armour put together turn around strategy which focused on inventory control and

BTC – Two Theses

OK, let’s keep this one as direct as possible. I currently hold two theses in regard to BTC. These theses are moving in the opposite direction but in time, both may well play-out.

Thesis 1

BTC as a Swing Trade (to the downside)

On a rejection off $6300-6500 and a strongly negative close (say -5% or more) on the daily – shorting BTC and targetting $5555 on half the position.

On the remainder, move the stop loss to break even and target $4805.

Stop loss $6858.

On a break above $6600 to $6800 – consider a second attempt at a short. Volume, momentum, etc. to

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