Tether/Bitfinex linked to QuadrigaCX scandal in latest DOJ lawsuit – Tether may be fully backed

Today the New York DOJ indicted two people on suspicion of ‘shadowbanking’ for crypto companies – most notably Bitfinex/Tether. On investigation it turns out that one of the companies involved in shadowbanking, Crypto Capital, was also tied to QuadrigaCX. Though the Tether FUD is strong these days, for once I am not worried about it. Let me explain.


There’s two things we need to seperate here. First there are the allegations of involved parties doing illegal things, like illegally functioning as a money transmitter without a license. Secondly there is the issue and concern that Tether is unbacked 1-to-1

Forex Analysis Report 2-16-19…More Upside On The EUR/SEK – Part 2

I talked about a EUR/SEK set-up to go long back in mid-February.

Forex Analysis Report 2-16-19…More Upside On The EUR/SEK

Based on the monthly chart, I thought there was more upside because the EUR/SEK has been in a 6-week rally since late-December lows in the 10.1200 region.

So the set-up was the following:

The Swedish krona depreciates further vs. its European peer on Wednesday, lifting EUR/SEK to fresh 2019 peaks in the vicinity of the 10.6800 handle.The increasing selling mood in the Swedish currency remains the name of the game around the cross for the time being, which has now advanced to the area

Bitcoin, EOS, BNB, BAT, ETH and XRP Analysis: Quick Update

Bitcoin bounced nicely off the $5,000 support and is now testing $5,350 resistance. A decisive break above, turning $5,350 into support, would indicate a likely visit to at least $5,600. Daily volume remains steady above $13 billion.

Price consolidated just above the 21day EMA for 6 days without a decisive break below. This is a sign of strength.

Shorts remain stacked and longs are flat. Should a short squeeze occur, I can see price easily hitting $5,800. That said, the bears seem dug in. Bulls would likely have to push price north of $5,600 to start liquidating shorts.

In today’s video I analyze

Best draw in a while… Not amazing but worth sharing. :)

A few dollars worth. 🙂

Ill probably keep most of the cards. Maybe sell the Javelin girl. I think shes around 1$.

Cant wait till the new cards come in. I spent around 550 STEEM on the Steem Monsters TRON crowdfund so im hoping to at least break even with my investment and what ever is left over will be upgrading my decks.

Ill see you guys around. Keep on Steeming!

Unusual Options Activity In Marvell Technology

Marvell Technology Group Ltd. designs, develops, and markets analog, mixed-signal, digital signal processing, and embedded and standalone integrated circuits.  In a nutshell, Marvell is another player in the 5G space.

Marvell grew it networking business 60% year over year and with the acquisition of Cavium last year, now accounts for a little over 50% of the sales. 

Management believes that the company is entering a new product cycle driven by 5G, data center, automotive and enterprise markets and demand for their 5G products should increase in the coming quarters as deployments pick up.

I have been watching this stock since late March and

Crypto Snippets 2019 05 01

It’s been many moons since my last “Crypto Snippets” post, in fact my last one was 10 months ago. Looking through that old post, it’s amusing to see that I started it off by complaining that Ethereum had still not switched to PoS.  If I had only known…

A “Crypto Snippets” post is a multiple mini-discussion post centred on lots of little topics as opposed to one main one. Here we go:

Tether. Again.

I wrote about Tether last Friday, mentioning the problems with it and BitFinex. Since then I have seen much debate and uncertainty on online forums: people defending Tether and rumours that everything


On 4hr chart, it tested exactly the possible bear flag top (also near the top resistance 5400 zone)and showing weakness. Margin short pick up again. NVT still high. Almost same sentiments as past few day posts.
News: (Current) | (Upcoming)
Short term moving average (day candle) :
Network Value to Transactions Ratio :135
Total marketcap :174
Dominance :54.4
Bitfinex Margin Long/Short Volume Ratio :
Depth Chart : (S) | (R)
Weekly Timeframe :

Google Had No Explanation

On Monday Google reported their first quarter earnings and on Tuesday the stock price dropped the most in seven years.

Google reported revenue of $36.3 billion, up 17% over the previous year.  Google’s ad revenue consisted of 85% of that revenue or $30.7 billion which was up from $26.6 billion.  The company said they remain focused and excited by significant growth opportunities across their other business.  However, Wall Street didn’t want to hear that.  They wanted to know why the ad revenue growth decelerated from 24% a year ago to 15%.    I think what really pissed Wall Street off was Google

At the doors of the Dolphinhood…

Image source.

Ahhhhhh!!! I did not reach Dolphinhood for just a very little difference in comparison with my predictions this past April.

However my Curation Rewards reached another All Time High again!!!

According to Accusta from @semasping I get 28.37 SP in Curation. According to Steemworld from @steemchiller 28.29 SP. Pretty similar data.

In terms of pure SP Rewards not bad at all also, 196 SP for accusta and 188 for Steemworld (why such a difference?)

I’m just very near to break my target of 5000 SP and becoming a Dolphin which for me was the main goal since I started almost 2 years ago… I have invested on STEEM but, of course not at the current prices which is a pity… actually the cheapest time I bought was on August last year and it was something like 500 Steem which I powered up completely but before I bought in different points at 1 USD, 1.2 USD and 2.5 USD if I remember well, something like 1850 STEEM bought in total and completely powered up…and, of course, never powered down.

So, I am pretty proud that the majority of my staked STEEM has come from posting, engaging, commenting and upvoting mostly during these last “Bad” months.

Building engagement has been the key in all this process for sure and that should be the main for anyone willing to success at the Steem Blockchain.

Better times are ahead of us in economic terms so don’t lose the train to build your Steem Power now or you will regret later on.

Steem on mates!



Sunrise through desert palms.

Camera ~ LensNikon D3400 DSLR ~ 18-55 mm

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