EOS Pump – Where art thou?

What a difference a month makes.

Here’s the EOS 3 Month Chart from 30 days ago:

EOS – The One – For now

And here’s that same time frame a month on:


This was my short-term thesis as stated in this post.

EOS is a buy on a dip.Local entry point 0.0106 BTC (moving up if price action dictates)Stop loss -15% (approx) below entry (to account for current market volatility) 0.0088Sell 1 week prior to announcement – expected profit near May 2018 BTC highs (0.0019 BTC).Looking to buy back-in on being stopped out. EOS – The One – For now

So I got my entry point and

The last journey

Dutchman’s Cup – so called high dune nearby Klaipeda, Lithuania. The cliff of the Dutchmans Cap (a parabolic dune emerged 24.4 m from the sea) is constantly eroded by the beat of the waves and falls to the seaside by the slant of 20-22 meters height.

Due constant erosion time to time some large pine trees (mostly, but not only) are falling down to the beach finding their last days there before being swept away by the sea waves

Enjoy it!

CameraCanon 5D Mark II / Canon 17-35mm f/2.8L / LEE filters

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Metal Analysis Report 5/7/19 – Gold…A Great Position Trade

First-quarter gold purchases by central banks, led by Russia and China, were the highest in six years as countries diversify their assets away from the U.S. dollar.Global gold reserves rose 145.5 tons in the first quarter, a 68 percent increase from a year earlier, the World Gold Council said Thursday in a report.Central bank purchases have been a key support for gold, helping to offset lower demand from bar and coin investors as well as from industrial users of the metal. Gold has lost 1 percent so far this year, and was trading at about $1,270 an ounce in London

Bitcoin, EOS, BNB, BAT, ETH and XRP Analysis: Quick Update

Yesterday I told you to expect a break up to test $6,000. Today we saw price break up, finding resistance just shy of $6K at $5,974.

Shorts remain stubbornly stacked while longs are flat.

In today’s video I analyze Bitcoin, EOS, BNB, BAT, ETH and XRP. I discuss where prices may be heading next, my buy zones, traps to avoid and so much more. I hope you find it helpful.

Video Analysis:

If you don’t see the above video, navigate to TIMM (https://mentormarket.io/workin/) or Steemit in order to watch.

I hope this has been helpful. I’d be happy to answer any questions in the comment

Currency Analysis Report 5-7-19…More Downside Risk On Aussie

The Aussie declined yesterday as news hit that a delegation from China may cancel its plans to continue trade talks with the United States later this week because of a recent tweet by President Trump calling for increased tariffs.

The Aussie dollar felt the pain because as China goes, so does Australia. In addition, the RBA left interest rates, unchanged at 1.5%. What they said was leaving rates on hold was based on still spare capacity in the economy and that a further improvement in the labour market was likely to be needed for inflation to be consistent with the

? Daily Crypto News, May, 7th?

  • Bitcoin Price Eyes Break Above $6,000 Ahead of New York Blockchain Week;
  • Bitcoin Miners Send Message at Fidelity: We Run on Clean Energy, Not Dirty Coal;
  • Alibaba’s Ant Financial Backs $10 Million Round for Blockchain Privacy Startup;
  • Chinese Social Media Giant WeChat Bans Crypto Transactions in Its Payment Policy
  • ConsenSys Announces Major Restructuring as Longtime Executive Kavita Gupta Steps Down ;
  • ? Daily Crypto Calendar, May, 7th?
  • STEEM Trading Update

Welcome to the Daily Crypto News: A complete Press Review, Coin Calendar and Trading Analysis. Enjoy!

? Bitcoin Price Eyes Break Above $6,000 Ahead of New York Blockchain Week

Bitcoin’s quick recovery from levels below the former resistance-turned-support of $5,627 (April 23 high) seen on Monday, coupled with a break above the stiff resistance at $5,780 (June 2018 bottom) seen today, indicate fairly strong bullish sentiment.

BTC looks set to breach the psychological hurdle of $6,000, as suggested by April’s bullish close, and may rise to $6,200 in the next few days. The bullish case is backed by a diamond breakout on the 4-hour chart.

Bulls still need to observe caution, as the 3-day chart shows a bearish divergence of trading volumes. A case for a deeper pullback to $5,000 would strengthen if the price falls below $5,686 (daily opening price) in the next 24 hours.

? Bitcoin Miners Send Message at Fidelity: We Run on Clean Energy, Not Dirty Coal

Bitcoin miners made the case for their industry as a driver of clean energy adoption, rather than the ecological disaster depicted by critics, at Fidelity’s Mining Summit Friday.

The venue for the daylong event was as notable as the talks. The Fidelity Center for Applied Technology, an R&D division that has dabbled in bitcoin mining, hosted the conference at the financial services giant’s global headquarters in Boston. Fidelity has embraced the crypto markets more than most incumbents; this year it launched Fidelity Digital Asset Services, which handles custody of bitcoin for institutional clients and is expected to roll out trading in the coming weeks.

But aside from welcoming the 300 or so attendees and a brief overview of mining history by Jurica Bulovic, innovation manager at Fidelity Labs (a different R&D unit), Fidelity mostly ceded the stage to guest speakers. In their presentations, these miners and others sought to disprove the popular perception that the copious amount of electricity devoted to securing the bitcoin network – 0.26% of world consumption, according to Digiconomist – is an environmental threat.

? Alibaba’s Ant Financial Backs $10 Million Round for Blockchain Privacy Startup

QEDIT, a developer of privacy technology for enterprise blockchains, has closed a $10 million Series A round from investors including Ant Financial, the payments affiliate of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

Ant Financial will also be incorporating QEDIT’s zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) tech into its blockchain projects, the companies announced Tuesday. Other high-profile partnerships applying QEDIT’s ZKPs include software giant VMWare and RGAX, a subsidiary of Reinsurance Group of America.

QEDIT’s investment round was led by MizMaa Ventures, with participation from Ant Financial and RGAX as well as Meron Capital, Collider Ventures, Jovono and Target Global. QEDIT has received a total of $14 million in funding to date, comprising the A round, a previous $3 million seed round and $1 million in grants.

? Chinese Social Media Giant WeChat Bans Crypto Transactions in Its Payment Policy

Chinese social media giant and payment service provider WeChat banned cryptocurrency transactions in its payments policy. Dovey Wan, founding partner of crypto investment firm Primitive, tweeted the news on May 7.
The tweet contained a screenshot of the policy changes, which intimates that users who engage in cryptocurrency trading will have their accounts terminated.

Wan expressed concern that since most over-the-counter transactions are happening in WeChat, “this may impact local liquidity to quite some extent.” WeChat is a popular messaging and payments service provider in China, also featuring game integrations.

? ConsenSys Announces Major Restructuring as Longtime Executive Kavita Gupta Steps Down

New York-based blockchain company ConsenSys is restructuring its various operations to shore up its market presence as it seeks $200 million in funding, a press release confirmed on May 6.

In a move which will also see the departure of a founding executive, ConsenSys will consolidate ConsenSys Labs, accelerator Tachyon and VC operation, ConsenSys Ventures, under one umbrella investment arm.

ConsenSys Ventures, which launched in September 2017, will no longer have Kavita Gupta at its helm, she confirmed to cryptocurrency news outlet The Block on Monday.

? Daily Crypto Calendar, May, 7th?

2019 Global Roadmap

The network upgrade is set to happen at 915,000th block which is estimated to occur on May 7, 2019, at 00:42 UTC.

“One week later, on May 6, the migration will begin.”

First wallet update including security updates and bug fixes.

“HavEther Project has decided to release our Whitepaper v2, so actually within one to two days we will release.”


STEEM Trading Update by my friend @cryptopassion

Here is the chart of yesterday :


Here is the current chart :


Again the BTC is doing a nice UP but the STEEM is staying sticked to its support zone around 0.3$ and is even trying to break it. Let’s hope that this line will hold and will create a bounce because STEEM is really not funny to analyse these days and you need a good mood to stay optimist.


Last Updates

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Keep moving…

Despite the positive movements of the market, STEEM does not look to behave as we all want it to.

Some people keep complaining about and seems that the number of users and activity keep decreasing…

But, is it the fault of the Steem Blockchain? is it the fault even of Steemit?

No, not at all, actually I am fully convinced that there is a direct relation between price and number of users.

Have you seen recently the “State of the Dapps” website?

This is how it looks today:

We should be happy that most of the first Dapps at the rank are built on top of the STEEM blockchain.

Drugwars, steemit, busy, nextcolony, steemmonsters, partiko, steemhunt …etc.. all of them located within the 30 first out of more than 2000 Dapps ranked.

But what I would like to show you is that all those Dapps are spiking down. Have a look to the right of the picture:

All Dapps are experimenting a huge decrease on User Activity and, the most important, when I say all I mean all of them, not only STEEM Dapps, also Ethereum, EOS, TRON, POA or whatever the name of the blockchain on which they are working on.

It is the whole crypto sphere which is struggling nowadays, not only STEEM.

The market sentiment on regards Altcoins is still low while on BITCOIN we may affirm that is improving…

EOS is not doing better than STEEM, neither ETHEREUM Dapps…

We are far from confirming the reversal of the market and still further away from the Crypto mass adoption…consider this period of time as the best moment in terms of accumulation and keep moving, once the Uptrend of the WHOLE market will be confirmed there will not be more regrets…everything will be PERFECT, also for those that keep complaining…

Steem on,



Price just keep making higher highs but stoch been making lower lows on stoch on 4hr chart, possible bear divergence. Been taking that view for the past week but any sign of down is quickly absorb by the bulls or those swapping tether for btc.
News: (Current) | (Upcoming)
Short term moving average (day candle) :
Network Value to Transactions Ratio :118
Total marketcap :188
Dominance :55.8
Bitfinex Margin Long/Short Volume Ratio :
Depth Chart : (S) | (R)
Weekly Timeframe :

Unusual Options Activity In Lyft

Lyft will be delivering its first earnings report since its IPO after the market close on Tues. Lyft went public with shares priced at $72, opened a little over $87, but it has been all downhill from there.

On the first settlement day for Lyft shares, short sellers shorted over 6 million shares which represented about 20% of the available shares outstanding.  The drama continued when Lyft announced they were considering pursuing litigation after it accused Morgan Stanley of supporting short-selling.

Then Lyft got its first downgrade by Michael Ward of Seaport Global Securities.  He said Lyft’s current valuation bakes in “overly

Crypto Contest May 7: Status Report XXVIII

In this report I will look how my analysis worked for the month of March 2019. There were 31 contests in March. I have already paid out all of them. The analysis was correct 10 times, wrong zero times and the cryptocurrency was in a range 21 times.

The correct ones were the following:

Crypto Contest March 1: Ripio Credit NetworkCrypto Contest March 2: Basic Attention TokenCrypto Contest March 3: QLC ChainCrypto Contest March 5: DigiByteCrypto Contest March 8: EnigmaCrypto Contest March 19: AchainCrypto Contest March 20: LinkEyeCrypto Contest March 23: Machine Xchange CoinCrypto Contest March 24: HitChainCrypto Contest March 31: Project