Done with Drug Wars. // Next Colony is starting to look like it might end up the same way.

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Its been a long time coming and the recent wipe of my armies really made it clear that i should just stop with wasting my time.

From day 1 i knew what was going to happen but that doesnt really matter now. A lot of time has passed and the drama has died down. Maybe it was actually drama that kept me playing?

At this point its getting old. The game itself is boring, there is no earning potential any more. Future tokens are worth a fraction of a cent and the mechanics are still dumb. I earned a few steem when steem was being payed out and im happy with that. Im done with Drug Wars, feel free to farm. :

Whats happening with games on Steem is actually a sad sight. Really, at this point only Steem Monsters holds my interest.

Even Next Colony seems like it will end badly. Something i had high hopes for and they rushed out a product that isnt really even a game.

All you do is restart timers on word rows.

Its silly, tedious and its dumb. Id wager there is more work and thought put into those textual RPGs made in the 80s then these two games.

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We need to stop rewarding this silliness.


No they fucking wont. Not these devs at least. Our main dev team is of questionable talent and you think Highcloud, or whatever his name is will take STEEM mainstream? No.

I know no one gives a fuck and most of people out there are either brownosing, circle jerking, vote selling…. But if there are any sane people out there, stop throwing money at anything and everything that is new and makes bold promises.

Im starting to feel like i should round up everyone, line them up in a row and do a slap-by. Might actually do it the next STEEMFEST. haha

Anyways.. Keep on… dunno… Drinking the kool-aid, i guess.

Are you an Steemauto dependant?

I did not post anything today till now… I was preparing my typical Crypto Market report while curating and commenting some posts of my feed… But suddenly I saw some good articles written by succeed steemians I followed which were getting just a few upvotes in comparison with the usual amount they get…

Suddenly I realized that something was going wrong with Steemauto and I had a look at its Discord Channel to better understand…

Actually what happened is that Steemauto stopped wrongly for a couple of hours lately today and there was an steemian at the channel that was informing about. As soon as he did that action, @mahdiyari replied immediately.

In about 30 minutes, @mahdiyari fixed the problem and inform at the discord app.

Apparently there was a “Database problem” and all delayed upvotes, more than 30000, will be eventually processed…

Yes, you dir read well…

30000 automatic upvotes delayed !!!

That’s a lot of automatic work…

While I am an active curator I am also a user of Steemauto, I think is one of the best tools at the steem blockchain despite there are others in permanent development that seems are offering better performance right now ( Steemrewarding from @holger80 is one of them) .

In top of enhancing part of my Curation actions and earnings, Steemauto simply helps me to support effectively my followers… It is not weird that my account would upvote you before I will read your post, but do not worry, normally I read your posts and I used to interact later on with you, when I have more time… On that sense, I am a Steemauto-dependant 🙂 …

On regards @mahdiyari , as the majority of the witnesses out of the 20 first, he tries to keep running his never-failed node by powering-down the earned SP… I am sure that If he was closer to the top 20 witnesses he would not have been forced to do so…

The question is why excellent developers and good steemians totally committed to the project cannot manage to be within the top 20… In my opinion on regards @mahdiyari, any user of steemauto should vote this guy for witness and support him as much as possible. People like him supports and fixes in any condition the Steem Blockchain, sometimes by getting very little as an income of the provided work.

Again, I request you to consider @mahdiyari as witness…

Go to the witness page and more or less at number 66 you will find this guy, vote him!


*Reminder: if you feel like not having time to do a proper analysis and still think that mine is fair , you can also choose me as your proxy that will vote for witnesses for you.

Just, keep using your witness votes doing an important work.

Binary Options on EOSIO $EOS

This is huge! More and more dapps are being created and taking over more and more chains. This is one in particular that I have been utilizing lately and it is built on the EOS blockchain. It is called DragonOption and can be found at

If you are familiar with Binary Options it is the easiest way to invest in options. You are buying a contract with a 70% return and a 50% chance of winning. If you learn how to trade then you actually increase your chances. DragonOption is a Dapp that allows you to trade crypto binary

Crocs Are Back

Crocs, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes casual lifestyle footwear and accessories for men, women, and children worldwide. It offers various footwear products, including clogs, sandals, flips and slides, shoes, and boots under the Crocs brand name.

Over 15 years ago, the ugly looking shoes were the IT and took the world by storm.  Crocs invented by three friends vacationing in the Florida Keys when one friend was wearing a slip-resistant clog made of closed-cell resin.  

They sold their first pair of Crocs at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in late 2002 and by 2007 the company

BITCOIN – 14 May

On 4hr chart, tested the next resistance level around 8200 and break above. As mentioned previously, we may just keep breaking the resistance levels till 10k. Will the parabolic rally cooldown abit this time as it been breaking resistance levels easily. Some big btc movement showing possible pullback or at least some consolidation. Possible staircase pattern up, 2nd leg pullback to 7500 before going for the 3rd to test another higher highs. Next resistance level to break 9600 before testing the 10k
News: (Current) | (Upcoming)
Short term moving average (day candle) :
Network Value to Transactions Ratio :116
Total marketcap :240
Dominance :60

Party Like It’s 1964 – Part 5

This series has been fun, maybe because it’s a party and there is a bit of rum punch left in the bowl.  Lets recap a little bit before we discuss today’s post.

Three months ago I wrote,

Party Like It’s 1964

The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA rose 181 points on Friday, making it the ninth straight weekly gain for the Dow and the first time since 1964 that the DOW rose in the first 8 weeks of a calendar year.This recovery since the Christmas lows is primarily due to Fed Powell succumbing to the Markets demands and putting its interest-rate policy on

Crypto Contest May 14: Ruff

Ruff (Huobi: RUFFUSDT) has broken out of the triangle pattern in the daily chart.

(Chart courtesy of (log scale))

Elliott Wave Analysis

In Elliott Wave terms, Ruff began a wave one advance on December 8, 2018. The red wave one (blue sub-waves i-ii-iii-iv-v) finished on April 5, and the red wave two (blue sub-waves a-b-c) correction ended on May 6. If this wave count is correct, Ruff should be heading next towards the April 5 peak in the red wave three.

(Chart courtesy of (log scale))


Ruff Chain is decentralized open source blockchain architecture for high efficiency Internet of Things application development. You can