Crypto Shopping Cart – 22 May

Alts are still cheap and I’m still buying! The time has come to be selective with what you buy: some altcoins have already shot up in price. Being a value investor, I try to pick the coins that represent the best deal at the time. Of course what I’m really saying is “Buy Low, Sell High”, but I’m always amazed at how difficult it seems for many people to do that, especially the “Buy Low” part! Well, I’ve done my best to buy low and I’d like to show you what I’ve considered worthy of buying this time.

This has been

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When last did you look at Oyster Protocol?

It’s probably been a while, hasn’t it? 

That’s no doubt because the Oyster project effectively died when their evil project founder, Bruno Block, turned it into an exit scam by minting literally millions of illegal tokens and then quickly selling them.

For those unfamiliar with Oyster:

Oyster Protocol  was a project designed to get rid of adverts on webpages. In recent times we have seen may viruses hijack a little bit of CPU time of visitors to web pages. A visitor to a web page unwittingly becomes a crypto miner by having a small script turn their computer into a mining rig while

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List of Top 2019 Coins so far

This is not a “buy now” list. It’s not a “best performers” list. It’s not a list of coins that will do well for the rest of the year or a list of my favourite projects. It’s something like a combination of all of those.

What I did for this post was to look at the coins that have performed the best in 2019 – from 1 January to date. The market has generally been bullish and most coins have climbed during that time. As a reference: BTC is up 44.22%. For this list I chose coins which are up 100%

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How did Bitcoin cross the Red Sea?

And is there a land of milk and honey on the other side?

BTC is back on the warpath, pushing to new 2019 ATHs over the last two days. Yes it’s retracing now, but anyone with half a brain cell knows that that is only temporary.

This is the major price target level for BTC at the moment:

We have now encountered the last meaningful resistance on our way back up to $6000+ levels. This resistance level is the same support level that offered us a small pause during the drop from $6000 to below $4000 in November 2018.

Both normal Fib levels and

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Crypto Shopping Cart – 28 March

This sideways market is a great time for crypto shopping! You take advantage of the general dips to buy cheap BTC, and then every now and then you trade some of that for promising looking altcoins.

I’m finally starting to feel like my old self again, able to partake in a few of these buying opportunities myself. I did so little trading in Q2 to Q4 of 2018 that I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoy it! Well, I’m pleased to report that I’m getting back into the swing of it. Last night I was trading and logging trades until so late that

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Index to Crypto with Bit Brain – Edition 2019/1

I’m doing my “Index” posts a little differently this year. Instead of trying to index every single post – TA included, I’m only doing the “best of” type of posts. This may mean that these index posts are less frequent than normal (I used to do them monthly. Okay – monthlyish), I publish them to a strict when I feel like it schedule. 

Since I have not published any Index posts this year, I have a little catching up to do. This post will be followed by another similar one in the not too distant future, probably first thing in April. I don’t want

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