Just go watch this… // MC Vitalik

I always knew Vitalik was a crypto gangsta, but i could have never anticipated that he threw it down so hard….

Haha. What can i say about this. Its pretty amazing. Its the reason why Trx will never beat Ethereum. Justin Sun doesnt have as good of a flow. lol

Goddamn, is this video is cringy. haha

Just a short post today. Had to share this. Ill see you around. 😀

Bitcoin, EOS, Ethereum and Ripple Analysis: BREAKOUT

Bitcoin has been consolidating within a falling wedge these past couple weeks. Today it broke out of that wedge with a nice increase in volume behind it. Volume is no where near where it needs to be for a sustainable bull run, but that’s not to say it can’t get there.

EOS broke above the known $2.45 resistance. The next major area of resistance is $3.00. If it can remain above at least $2.70 today, it could be a sign this bullish move has legs.

Ethereum bounced nicely off the known $100 phycological support. It’s currently trading around $118. The next major