Ripple (XRP) Price is a Fun Roller Coaster Ride!

Last week the price of ripple decided to wake up and take everyone for a little ride. After doing so it topped out quickly at a prior resistance and now has pulled back to flirt with prior support levels after falling through them briefly.

Is Ripple Worth Buying?

Mind you this is strictly a technical analysis view, whether you believe in the usefulness of ripple is a complete different topic.

Looking at the chart and recent price action this is what I see….

Spike in Volume With a Blow Off

If you look at the volume bars at the bottom of the chart you will see there was an uptick for the two or three days that price spiked higher. And spike is what it did topping out just shy of that 33 cent resistance level before pulling back.

Good news/Bad news of Pullback

So the good news is price pulled back on decreasing volume which is always a welcomed sign. The bad news is price pushed below the support area of 28 cents or so.

Where we stand now…

After a few down days we are seeing a green reversal candle and price is fighting with that 28 cent support area. It would be best if price closed above 28 cents, which would also create a bullish u-turn pattern for the price of ripple.

Bullish u-turn patterns are something I cover in these cryptocurrency trading videos.

If I were to get long, which I’m not saying I am…then the low of today’s candle is my stop loss. Upside target is that 33 cents to start with.

Crypto Snippets 2019 05 01

It’s been many moons since my last “Crypto Snippets” post, in fact my last one was 10 months ago. Looking through that old post, it’s amusing to see that I started it off by complaining that Ethereum had still not switched to PoS.  If I had only known…

A “Crypto Snippets” post is a multiple mini-discussion post centred on lots of little topics as opposed to one main one. Here we go:

Tether. Again.

I wrote about Tether last Friday, mentioning the problems with it and BitFinex. Since then I have seen much debate and uncertainty on online forums: people defending Tether and rumours that everything

Ripples in the fabric of XRP

Ripple is having a torrid time lately with FUD clearly affecting price. But is it just FUD, or is there more to it?

By now you know I’m no fan of Ripple. I’ve openly spoken about it and against it on multiple occasions, most notably in my series: “Ripple: we need to talk” (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3).

I have warned, over and over again, that Ripple is centralised, closely aligned with crypto’s arch-nemesis (banks) and is unsustainable. I’ve stated that it can’t be defined as a real cryptocurrency. In my eyes it is much the same as JP Morgan’s own coin offering. 


Bitcoin, EOS, Ethereum and Ripple Analysis: BREAKOUT

Bitcoin has been consolidating within a falling wedge these past couple weeks. Today it broke out of that wedge with a nice increase in volume behind it. Volume is no where near where it needs to be for a sustainable bull run, but that’s not to say it can’t get there.

EOS broke above the known $2.45 resistance. The next major area of resistance is $3.00. If it can remain above at least $2.70 today, it could be a sign this bullish move has legs.

Ethereum bounced nicely off the known $100 phycological support. It’s currently trading around $118. The next major

Bitcoin, EOS, ETH and Ripple Analysis: QUICK UPDATE

Bitcoin has broken below the $3,400 support, currently trading around $3,365 on Coinbase. Volume remains weak.

EOS seems unable to break above the $2.45 resistance, currently trading at $2.36 on Bitfinex.

Ethereum continues to bounce right above the psychological support of $100 on Coinbase.

Ripple is still operating within a falling wedge, currently trading around $0.29 on Bitfinex.

In today’s video analysis I discuss, where prices may be heading next, various trade setups I’m waiting on and so much more. I hope you find it helpful.
Video Analysis:


If you don’t see the above video, navigate to TIMM ( or Steemit in order to watch.

I hope

Ripple – we need to talk : Unofficial Part 4

This post wasn’t planned, but I’ve just stumbled across something too good not to share!

From [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Having only completed my “Ripple – we need to talk” series two days ago, the temptation to make this impromptu Part 4 was too large to resist.

Remember back in Part 2 I discussed the Ripple team? The team with the ultra dodgy past of working for banks and large multinationals? Well this guy is one of them, more specifically, he’s the Ripple CTO:


Remember how I said that Ripple isn’t even a cryptocurrency? Remember how I hammered it for not

Ripple – we need to talk : Part 3

XRP – that will be the focus of today’s post. In Part 1 I introduced Ripple and alluded to my problems with it. In Part 2 I spoke about the characteristics of Ripple versus those of cryptocurrencies – to show that Ripple is not one.

From [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I ended Part 2 by saying that XRP is performing very well versus the other cryptocurrencies (while not truly being one itself), meaning that it is popular and has many investors who hold it. It certainly has its fanatical XRPArmy!

But, the question remains, what’s in it for them? Is it

Ripple – we need to talk : Part 2

Yesterday I started to voice some concerns that I have about Ripple in the post: “Ripple – we need to talk“. I made the statement that “Ripple is not a cryptocurrency” and left quite a few open statements. Today I’m going to tell you why I say that as we look into ripple in a bit more detail.

As I said previously: I’m very concerned by all the pro-Ripple articles and sentiment which I am seeing at the moment. I believe that many people have been/are being misled and are uninformed. That is why I am writing this post. I also

Ripple – we need to talk

I’ve often said that I don’t like Ripple, which is an understatement. But people have their biases and for all you know I might not have a legitimate reason for feeling that way. I need to tell you why I don’t like Ripple. I need to warn you about the wolf in sheep’s clothing. We need to talk.

Perhaps I should have written this long ago, but it just never seemed like a priority before now. Recent events have changed that, making it high time that I write this blog post. You need to read it if you are not clued

Crypto Contest January 31: Ripple

Ripple (Binance: XRPETH) has broken out of the triangle pattern in the daily chart.

(Chart courtesy of (log scale))
Elliott Wave Analysis
In Elliott Wave terms, Ripple began a wave one advance on August 8, 2018. The red wave one (blue sub-waves i-ii-iii-iv-v) finished on December 19, 2018, and the red wave two (blue sub-waves a-b-c) correction ended on January 5 this year. If this wave count is correct, Ripple should be heading next towards the December 19, 2018 peak in the red wave three.

(Chart courtesy of (log scale))
Zooming out in the weekly chart, I believe Ripple is currently in the red