BRAVE Browser Rewards, by when?

Forget me if I missed something here but, I have just read a post on this topic written by @g-dubs regarding the possibility to “Get paid for viewing Ads using the Brave Browser” and on which seems that, from yesterday, this functionality should be already working on the browser…

The thing is that I didn’t notice anything different today…

Clicking on the “Brave Rewards” only shows me the same “Coming Soon” about it…

I have checked the software update feature and it is not indicating anything new also.

…or perhaps it is because I am using the LINUX version?

Any BRAVE BROWSER user to confirm if it is working or not?



Does $BAT have your Attention yet?

Basic Attention Token is one of my top 5 favorite tokens in crypto. I am a huge fan of jumping on the bandwagon and “believing in successful people”. Why would you not bet on Steve Jobs? Why would you not bet on Elon Musk? Why would you not bet on Jack Dorsey? This is the same for in the crypto world.

Why would you not bet on Dan Larimer? And why would you not bet on the guy who invented JavaScript and cofounder Mozilla Firefox? Well that is the CEO of Basic Attention Token and the BRAVE Browser. I love