Someone at Steem Inc should hire these guys…

I am not a big defensor of @drugwars, despite I am still playing the game from time to time, I have been very critic with some of the decisions they have done…

I think they did some bad movements leaving the STEEM blockchain but I understood why they did thought…

I have to recognise that they know how to build a business from almost zero…

They have a Business case, they have a goal and a Development Plan and they are implementing the necessary changes for the game to be more and more playable every week, no doubt about…

Even if they move out of our blockchain, they are still highly supportive with STEEM… and seems they are really focused in Crypto ADOPTION…

ACCESS for free with your FACEBOOK or GOOGLE account but BUY a STEEM ACCOUNT to obtain more benefits/advantage

The game will improve and also other projects of their portfolio will be launched… It is a question of time only…In the meantime they develop their own token at Obyte (FUTURE) and they reward with both, FUTURES and STEEM…ok, maybe to get rewarded with STEEM is more complicate now since you have to pass by their forum but, come on! They are doing something really focused on bringing investors, even if they are only gamers, to the STEEM blockchain!

We should all recognise the fact they are good developers doing great business…and that is an important point to learn by others…also at the STEEM Blockchain…

You can have the best product but that is irrelevant if you don’t know how to sell it.

By the way, thanks to @beiker that told me that now you can support @drugwars with BAT tokens using Brave… as I said, they are smart and they know how to make business…

I set up already my monthly contribution of BAT to them, you deserve it.


BRAVE Browser Rewards, by when?

Forget me if I missed something here but, I have just read a post on this topic written by @g-dubs regarding the possibility to “Get paid for viewing Ads using the Brave Browser” and on which seems that, from yesterday, this functionality should be already working on the browser…

The thing is that I didn’t notice anything different today…

Clicking on the “Brave Rewards” only shows me the same “Coming Soon” about it…

I have checked the software update feature and it is not indicating anything new also.

…or perhaps it is because I am using the LINUX version?

Any BRAVE BROWSER user to confirm if it is working or not?



Basic Attention Token Demands Your Attention!

BAT is leading again folks. You can not learn relative strength quickly enough in this game. What goes up first? What doesn’t pullback much when everything falls? What goes up the most? What doesn’t fall hardly at all? What doesn’t go down on bad news?

These are questions you have to be asking yourself. This is how I hit LTC, BAT, and EOS on the lead off the bottom. I am expecting BAT to be printing highs again in the next 48 hours. We are headed back towards the recent highs in crypto and BAT is already there.

This does

Attention to “Basic Attention Token”

Since March last year, Basic Attention Token has been moving within a sort of Flat “Falling Wedge” described by the upper and lower trendlines. In its trip, BAT has described a perfect A-B-C-D-E corrective path on which many have been able to “sail” the waves in a predictive manner.

Today, we are attending another “decisive” moment for BAT, approaching again to the upper trendline after rebounding on “e”.

you can see in the chart, BAT has also crossed the 200 Days Moving
Average and the 50 Days Moving average seems willing to cross it as

In my opinion, it would be

$BAT Continues the Grind to Higher Prices

Basic Attention Token is one of the larger movers today on the surface in cryptoland. BAT is readily available to US customers as it is iOS approved and can be bought on Uphold and Coinbase. BAT is holding higher and about to make a move into highs over $0.22. I am not sure the reasoning completely behind this move, but I know the chart looks rather strong, like the product itself.

The only browser I use now is the Brave Browser. It is the BEST browser I have come across and I challenge someone to put forth a better browser