$TSLA has been a Monster Turd

I was a $TSLA fan, still am. I was an Elon musk fan, still am. But the stock STINKS! It shows nothing but paiinnnnn. I was calling for buying the dip on the way down to 250 and then once 250 failed you have to get the heck out of the way.

I am still a believer. And LONGTERM this may be a good spot to dabble. In long term investments you dabble on down weeks and don’t worry about it for a couple years. But short term there is nothing good going on with TSLA. It appears there may

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Binary Options on EOSIO $EOS www.dragonoption.io

This is huge! More and more dapps are being created and taking over more and more chains. This is one in particular that I have been utilizing lately and it is built on the EOS blockchain. It is called DragonOption and can be found at www.dragonoption.io

If you are familiar with Binary Options it is the easiest way to invest in options. You are buying a contract with a 70% return and a 50% chance of winning. If you learn how to trade then you actually increase your chances. DragonOption is a Dapp that allows you to trade crypto binary

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Bitcoin Squeeze!

I am watching Bitcoin make another move back to highs after pulling back on the 1 hour time frame. Crypto is now fully back into play and will be daily. Money is flowing back into bitcoin which means that once the money is in bitcoin it will likely be flowing into other Alts as bitcoin slows or pulls back. We have taken back MAJOR resistance levels here and want to see some grind sideways and buyers hold some levels.

This is great news and the accumulation for the past 6-8 months is pay off BIGLY! Let’s Ride!

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Bitcoin Hits 6000 and…goes on the 7000… 🚀

Bitcoin is not trading above the 7000 level and topped out at over 7300. We have been calling this for months and with the relative strength of EOS and LTC, the big boy has arrived to the party. What. A. Move. The Bulls are back baby, and the shorts are running for the hills…

I have been talking about the 6000 level for a while now and I said I doubt we blow right through it…well We did lmao. Good news for the bulls.

The ole Hack and Rally paid off and squeezed the shorts. I am long crypto, and still

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Can $UBER give $LYFT a Lyft?

It sure does need one. After being pushed into the IPO market land and opening up well above the IPO price at 72, it has been utterly obliterated into the ground. Every single investor is losing money here (unless you are shorting, but they aren’t investors). This is a gigantic fail of an IPO. Does UBER make the same mistake?

They are doing everything they can not to including holding a valuation much below what was originally estimated and attempting to open the share price lower to. From the looks of it LYFT is not getting a bounce on UBER’s

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$CSCO is a buy on the pullback

Cisco has a Very very strong uptrend as you can see here. Considering we are in a “tech strong” market again after the Christmas Eve lows, it is no surprise that this uptrend has been so strong for multiple months. If you have been watching this strength and been waiting for a pullback, now might be your chance!

I am looking for many of these small pullbacks to buy into tech companies here. Until the signals say get out, you have to respect the price again. Many have taken back the 200 day MA which initiate higher prices usually. We will

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$TWTR Closes on Weekly Highs

It doesn’t get much more bullish than this folks. I have been a believer in twitter for over 9 years and have accumulated over 18.7k tweets. The setup was finally there before earnings and the chips were on the table Now we let it ride. 45 is the first stop and then all time highs. Once twitter introduces crypto somehow to the platform this thing goes parabolic during the next crypto bull run IMO.

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Is the Pullback Over? Buy. $EOS

EOS has been one of the top 5 strongest (large) cryptocurrencies leading the bull rally off the lows in 2019. Being up big, it was obvious that a pullback and a refresher was going to happen. Now we are meausring and mapping the damage and where we might “stop going down” to continue the positive rally.

EOS has pulled back into the 4.50 range and is holding. If EOS were to hold here and continue rising this would be huge for the chart and price. EOS is now currently trading at 4.90 and rising. A move through 5.00 will set

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$TWTR is Bull Flagging!

After blowing through resistance on earnings with a 15%+ day, $TWTR has consolidated sideways and is now make a move back into the earnings high and gap fill to 42. With a move over these highs, we should be looking for some major continuation and just ride the bull. As you can see in the chart featured, we have broken up and a bull trend has truly began IMO.

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This is What you want an IPO to look like $PINS

Pinterest is On Fire! After going public a little over a week ago you have seen $PINS make new high after new high. After not going public last year and the banks pricing it lower than expected due to interest you can see what those banks know. The public wanted it!

$PINS was priced at the lower end of the range due to lack of interest. Well, it opened at 24 and is now a 30+% gainer for the public. This is how an IPO is suppose to look. This is what you want to see….not this immediate selling on the

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