History Often Rhymes… $BTC #bitcoin

They say in markets that every time is different. While that is technically true, you can find major similarities and patterns in every single market. One specific market, cryptocurrencies, happen to not be completely controlled by computers and actually moves very emotional and technically (for now). I ha e utilized past patterns, measures and scales, and predictions to have predicted the last two bubbles, the percentage decline from the top and where the “bottom” or “top” may be. Have I been right every time? No, however when it comes to the declines and measured moves I have been on point.

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$CSCO is a buy on the pullback

Cisco has a Very very strong uptrend as you can see here. Considering we are in a “tech strong” market again after the Christmas Eve lows, it is no surprise that this uptrend has been so strong for multiple months. If you have been watching this strength and been waiting for a pullback, now might be your chance!

I am looking for many of these small pullbacks to buy into tech companies here. Until the signals say get out, you have to respect the price again. Many have taken back the 200 day MA which initiate higher prices usually. We will

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$TWTR is Bull Flagging!

After blowing through resistance on earnings with a 15%+ day, $TWTR has consolidated sideways and is now make a move back into the earnings high and gap fill to 42. With a move over these highs, we should be looking for some major continuation and just ride the bull. As you can see in the chart featured, we have broken up and a bull trend has truly began IMO.

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