GameStop…Is The Next Blockbuster – Part 2

Almost three weeks ago, I talked about the demise and the end of GameStop.

GameStop…Is The Next Blockbuster

My personal opinion is Gamestop is dead to me.  I think in the coming years, the stock price is going to $0.

Netflix went digital and ended Blockbuster’s physical distribution reign. 

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The same thing is happen with the distribution of games.  Microsoft plans to offer digital downloads at significant discount over the physical version. Sony introduced PlayStation Now, an on-demand game-streaming service that promises to deliver old PlayStation games over the Internet.  And because this form of distribution is cheaper, Sony and Microsoft can sale

Two Minute Crypto – Volume and Volatility

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Two Minute Crypto – Volume and Volatility

Welcome to Two Minute Crypto. Well, two friends of mine have dropped back in after a long absence. Volume and volatility. These guys are often inseparable though volatility seemed to drop off the radar for a while there. Anyway, they are back together.

Ok, back to business. The twin metrics of volume and volatility have returned to the crypto market.