No idea what to write about // One of those posts

Do i post a meme, do i write how i love some song, do i gossip a bit? I dont know. I just know i dont feel productive today.

Its one of those days you just want to grab a cold beer and lay around but are too lazy to go to the supermarket and get one, or 5.
When you think about watching a show on Netflix but cant be bothered to scroll through the menus with your remote control.

I just might write this post in increments of 10 minutes…
Just watched the Joker trailer on youtube. It looks pretty damn awesome. Joaquin Phoenix looks amazing as the Joker. I hate when something is overhyped before it comes out (ADA @enforcer48 :P) but i have to say that he might be on par with Ledger. Yes, i said it!

Look at that psychotic face. Troubled childhood. Deranged behavior. Awkward demeanor. Beautiful! Give him half a million SP and he will be a twin. (Whoops) haha

What else. Watched a animated show on Netflix yesterday. Its called “Love, death + robots”.
The Netflix promo looked awesome, the aesthetics looked awesome. What i didnt know is that the show producers were screwed in the head. lol
To keep it short, the show feels like it was made by M. Night Shyamalan on steroids! First episode i watched i was amazed as to how bonkers it was.. The show is absolutely mental. A series of animated 15 minutes shorts with self contained storylines with each being memorable for a unique reason. Directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool) and produced by David Fincher.

What else? Made some vegetable soup, tastes like you would imagine it would. Im really bad at cooking haha.… But at least i didnt add kale. Kale tastes awful, but i have to say something that is indeed a very strange statement to make: It can look awesome when you have a talent for photography. Huh? 😀

I have no idea why this photo attracted me so much, but ive been sneakpeeking it for the last couple days for some strange reason. Tell me this doesnt look gorgeous.

No idea what else to write about so Ill see you around.
Keep on! 😀

Litecoin On First European ETP

Today, the first EU exchange-traded products (ETPs) will be available to EU investors to buy and sell XRP and Litecoin.  Nordic Growth Market is a Stockholm-based firm owned by Boerse Stuttgart, Germany’s second-largest exchange and will give EU investors access to these digital assets through a regulated exchange.

NGM’s deputy CEO Tommy Fransson said: “This is first and foremost a win for investors, especially those in Sweden who have demonstrated such strong support of prior crypto offerings. As an industry, it is important for us to listen, though with caution, to the requests of our investors and respond in kind.”He added:


On 4hr chart, looks like it in no mans land hovering this 5000 zone. Big triangle top still acting as the middle ground for both the bull and bear, one side have to give way next few candle as the consolidation coil, which one will it be ? More bias towards down side to at least retest the 200 MA on daily around 4500~4400 zone. Yesterday candle close off the TD9, possible reversal ahead.
Margin long still higher than shorts.
News: (Current) | (Upcoming)
Short term moving average (day candle) :
Network Value to Transactions Ratio :115
Total marketcap :176
Dominance :50.4
Bitfinex Margin Long/Short Volume

Litecoin Strength Is showing the Way

Relative strength is so important in analyzing bullish and rising markets. Crypto is no different. I am looking st the assets that led us off the bottom which is mainly Litecoin and EOS. Litecoin is the strongest member of the major crypto assets and looking st the chart I have to admit the grind looks ripe.

You can see the igniting bar and constant higher lows and grinding towards highs. I believe you are going to see this back to highs coming out of this small base here.

The trend is your friend, and this is just beginning.

Crypto Contest April 5: Status Report XXVII

In this report I will look how my analysis worked for the month of February 2019. There were 26 contests in February. I have already paid out all of them. The analysis was correct five times. The analysis was wrong one time. The cryptocurrency was in a range 20 times.
The correct ones were the following:

Crypto Contest February 5: Metronome
Crypto Contest February 8: Ethereum
Crypto Contest February 21: Qtum
Crypto Contest February 23: Tezos
Crypto Contest February 25: Enjin Coin

In these contests the range option won:

Crypto Contest February 3: TenX
Crypto Contest February 4: Metaverse ETP
Crypto Contest February 6: Status Report XXV
Crypto Contest February 7:

Chinese regulator approves first foreign titles in more than a year

Chinese regulator approves first foreign titles in more than a year (SCMP)

  • More than a year after the nine-month freeze has ended, the State Administration of Press and Publications (SAPP) published a list of 30 newly licensed foreign online games, including titles submitted by Tencent, NetEase and Perfect World.
  • While China has been approving games on a fairly regular basis, there were some concerns that licenses were only being granted to certain genres of games, or based solely on domestic IP. This new release clearly dispels that risk.
  • The SAPP is currently faced with a backlog of multiple thousand games waiting for approval, and two of the world’s most popular Battle Royale titles (Fortnite and PUBG) are still waiting to be cleared for in-game purchases.

Analysis & Comments

  • As a reminder, I see considerable upside for the Western developers from releasing their IP in China via Tencent and/or NetEase. At the moment I treat this as a free option.
  • Note that Ubisoft is waiting for approval for Rainbow Six Siege in China. The game is already a hit amongst Chinese gamers playing via Steam, but it is only possible to see considerable monetisation when publishing and marketing with a domestic player (Tencent).
  • Previous analysis suggests hat if Ubisoft can sell just 1.5-2m units in China for each of its 3-4 games released each year, and Tencent takes a 50% revenue share, I estimate this could add €9 (over 10% of current value) to the base-case valuation.
  • Activision Blizzard is also hoping to release a Call of Duty mobile game in partnership with Tencent.

Ubisoft Stock Price

Short Sellers Are Out To Get Lyft

Three days ago, I wrote about Lyft and the Greenshoe Option

Wall Street Secrets Revealed #7 – The Greenshoe Option

But the Greenshoe option is really a price stabilizer, to ensure that price doesn’t fall below the IPO price.  When a company’s stock price falls below the IPO price, the IPO is considered “broken,” the company and investors are disappointed and the lead underwriter suffers reputational damage.So if the company’s stock price breaks or falls below the IPO price, the underwriters will buy shares back from the market at the IPO price, which helps to stabilize the price and also removes shares

? Daily Crypto News, April, 5th?

  • Chairman J. Christopher Giancarlo – Regulating the Blockchain;
  • Bitcoin Faces Price Pullback Amid Extremely Overbought Conditions;
  • Russian Gas Giant Gazprom to Use Blockchain in Gas Supply Agreements;
  • New Bitfury Joint Project to Manage Medical Data Permissions With Blockchain Tech;
  • Coinsquare Crypto Exchange Launches Canadian Dollar-Backed Stablecoin;
  • ? Daily Crypto Calendar, April, 5th?
  • STEEM Trading Update

Welcome to the Daily Crypto News: A complete Press Review, Coin Calendar and Trading Analysis. Enjoy!

? Chairman J. Christopher Giancarlo – Regulating the Blockchain

Chairman J. Christopher Giancarlo of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission joins host Nolan Bauerle for an exit interview covering his time at the CFTC, the future of blockchain regulation, and the origins of the nickname “CryptoDad.”

? The SEC Just Released Its Long-Awaited Crypto Token Guidance

Bitcoin’s quick drop from a 4.5-month high of $5,345 to levels below $5,000 validates the extremely overbought readings on the 14-day relative strength index.

BTC could consolidate around $5,000 with a negative bias over the next day or two. A pullback back to key support levels at $4,672 and $4,565 (200-hour MA) can’t be ruled out.

The longer-term outlook will remain bullish as long as bitcoin’s price holds above the former resistance-turned-support of $4,236.

? Russian Gas Giant Gazprom to Use Blockchain in Gas Supply Agreements

The Russian prime minister has welcomed an initiative to use blockchain in agreements over gas supplies by the country’s state-owned gas giant Gazprom, local finance news outlet Vestifinance reports on April 4. The news agency operates under Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (RTR), a major TV channel.

The head of Russia’s state-owned gas giant Gazprom, Alexey Miller, has met with Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev to report on the development of applications powered by distributed ledger technology (DLT).

According to Miller, Gazprom has carried out substantive work with Russia’s state-owned bank Gazprombank, and has developed a prototype model that will enable contracts to be made automatically using blockchain technology. The platform intends to allow data sharing between all the participants of a certain contract, as well as to improve the security of data, Miller explained.

? New Bitfury Joint Project to Manage Medical Data Permissions With Blockchain Tech

The Bitfury Group and blockchain-powered medical data marketplace Longenesis have jointly launched production of a blockchain-based consent management system for the healthcare industry. The development was announced in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on April 4.

Per the release, the new product addresses issues with the management of user consent for ongoing and upcoming research endeavors, compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), as well as streamlining data collection for medical research.

? Coinsquare Crypto Exchange Launches Canadian Dollar-Backed Stablecoin

Coinsquare, one of Canada’s top crypto exchanges, will  be launching a stablecoin backed by the Canadian dollar dubbed eCAD, according to a press release on April 4.

The new coin will purportedly be backed at a 1:1 ratio with Canadian dollars. Coinsquare states that the new coin will be a reliable and stable store of value that provides investors with an alternative to similar coins backed by the United States dollar. Cole Diamond, CEO of Coinsquare said:

“The launch of eCAD will create the first transparent, affordable, and secure way of transferring value in Canada and beyond, without the risk of instability in the traditional cryptocurrency market.”


? Daily Crypto Calendar, April, 5th?

“… Our Thai partner bank chose Everex to present the remittance/payments case via innovative blockchain technology…,” between April 2-5.


“In just a month we are launching the secret weapon to enable ppl to play Dapps without a technical barrier on #IOST.”

“Public release of all the platform designs/screens.”

“#EthereumClassic community-wide conference call surrounding the next network upgrade ECIP1054 named Atlantis.”


STEEM Trading Update by my friend @cryptopassion

Here is the chart of yesterday :


Here is the current chart :


Yesterday I was happy to see the resistance line at 0.49 finally broken but it has been very short before we broke down again. This correction is due to the BTC correction so no drama neither except that the correction is more powerfull on the STEEM than on the BTC while the UP are also less powerfull on the STEEM also. It is not a so good period for the STEEM currently, let’s hope we will some improvements soon.


Last Updates

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How The US Non-Farm Payroll Report Might Affect The GBP/USD

The infamous US March jobs report is scheduled for Friday at 8:30 am eastern time.   According to a MarketWatch article, they are expecting the GBPUSD and AUDSUD to react the most based on an unexpected numbers.“In the event the jobs and crucially wages data beat expectations, then we would favor looking for short-term bullish setups on the dollar against the likes of the British pound given the ongoing Brexit uncertainty in the U.K.,” wrote Matt Weller, currency analyst at upside in the greenback could be a double-whammy for sterling bears. Despite putting together three winning sessions to begin the

Ethereum Price: Predictable and Under Performing

Did everyone have some fun the past 48 hours with the crypto move?  If ETH is your favorite coin then maybe it wasn’t all that fun.
Failed Breakout
Ethereum did make a push and even pressed through it’s big resistance level.  However, unlike BTC and LTC it did not maintain and level up.
Looking at the chart in this post you can see ETH blasted through, well maybe blasted isn’t the right word, it pushed through the 168 area resistance, but unfortunately could not close above it and came tumbling back down with the rest of the market in last night’s profit taking