BITCOIN: Let it flow

Ahhhhh! How I love this market!!! So emotional and intensive!

Just a three days ago I posted a projection of the total market cap that has become reality right now, we have reached 184 Billion USD. And this is the chart I posted:

Seems that a very big order was placed to buy
BITCOIN just at the Neck level and after the spontaneous long candle,
the rise is kept sufficiently strong to accomplish the target here…

What to do now? Should I sell some profits, should I do nothing? should I buy more?

Whatever the answer now is an “unknown” but I am going

Steem ALWAYS seems to lag, but about to GO!

I have no idea why. It is super irritating sometimes, but its the same story, same game. Steem seems to always lag while other alts are making gains and seems to go when other alts stop going. It never fails. Right now it has gone nowhere while LTC and EOS have rallied 50+%, but the chart looks promising.

It is time for Steem to play catch up. If Steem were to catch up to the other alts and their gains, you are looking at Steem to $0.75 easy! This is the place where most of all crypto finally broke down

Litecoin is Smashing Towards $100

The magnet is there now folks. The $100 magnet will commence and likely at least make someone pay this on this leg up. I have seen crazier things happen, so I would not be completely surprised if it blew right through it again. (I do not think it does on the first test).

The relative strength from LTC has been present for months and have been highlighted in multiple of my posts over the last 8 weeks. and it has proven once more, relative strength WINS AGAIN. LTC has ripped in 48 hours from 60 to 90+ up over 50%.

My iphone photography – test shot – flower and old fence post.

Ive been trying to decide for a while how to photograph this fence post so i thought i’d take a couple of test shots on my iphone. Hoping to stimulate ideas and decide whether to take it into the studio and photograph it with studio lights…

Taken with iphone SE. processed in photoshop CS6.

Unusual Options Activity In CSI 300 China A ETF, ASHR – Part 2

If you though the first quarter for the US equity markets were smoking, have must of not paid any attention to China’s Shanghai stock market, which has surged almost 30% 2019 and is the best performer of major markets globally.


Recently, the Caixin/Markit Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) rose to an eight-month high of 50.8 in March, beating the 49.9 forecast.


Beijing has taken steps to support the economy to combat slowing growth and counteract the US-China trade ware through billions of dollars in planned tax cuts and infrastructure spending…and it might be working.

New orders climbed to their highest level in four


On 4hr chart, big symmetrical triangle top still holding down the bulls. Divergence on price and stoch. Denial might cling on along the triangle top and consolidate. On daily, yesterday candle manage to close above 200 MA with volume after almost 1 year. Signs of bullishness but still cautious on the NVT and triangle. Possible to repeat the previous 2014-2015 after the downtrend break above 200 MA, consolidate then dip below
News: (Current) | (Upcoming)
Short term moving average (day candle) :
Network Value to Transactions Ratio :117
Total marketcap :175
Dominance :50.4
Bitfinex Margin Long/Short Volume Ratio :
Depth Chart : (S) | (R)
Weekly Timeframe

Best of TV // Ancient Aliens


I think i might have found myself a new awesome show to watch on TV.
There is basically only 4 programs i ever watch. I dont watch the news, i dont watch movies on TV, i dont watch reruns of Friends. (20 times was enough)
Im a football fan and i dont even watch that at home. I go to the pub.

The only time i turn my TV on is during dinner and only to watch watch the documentary channels. History channel, National Geographic, NatGeo, Discovery channel, etc.

Last few weeks i watched almost every day a docu-series called:
“Second World War in color” (or something similar).
But as all things the series came to an end. There are only so many second world war stories you can tell. We know, the bad guy shoots himself in the head at the end.

I was looking for something else that would peak my interest again and just today did i run into the perfect show for me.


Most of you have heard about this show. If not by watching the show, but from the memes that were popular at one time.


As much as i am a subscriber of what you would call “rational skepticism” and the show completely goes against my worldviews i could not have been more entertained.

Dont get me wrong, the show is completely bonkers and not a single thing they say has any basis in reality but the stretch they make from “mystery A” to “Its Aliens” is so brilliant that it cant not entertain you.

Im someone that loves mystery, fiction, high fantasy. Im a fan of old Greek mythology, Norse mythology, Christian mythology. Anything that gives a larger then life explanation of the world and makes extremely bold claims.
Theres something very magical in seeing how people perceive the world or used to perceive the world around them.
I felt that this show really fell right in there perfectly and i loved it right away.

The episode i watched today was about “dissapearing” islands. (I think it was season 6)
There was this island in Micronesia (i think) called “Sandy Island,” (you can look it up) and in the show instead of looking at more realistic conclusions like:

It was a human error in map making, the island never really existed….

They immediately went with (mind you, without any evidence whatsoever and not a single thing that would even point to alien presence):

Its an Alien base that is hidden by stealth technology where Alien ships come to refuel. (I kid you not)

And how am i not supposed to think this show is brilliant. 😀

Theres also this sentence the narrator keeps repeating that just makes me giggle every time. Its one of those sentences you pick when you play a drinking game.

Could it be possible that alien, dot dot dot….

Its pretty obvious why the show has to do that. The context isnt really changed, but with a presentation like this, what they can do with the narrative expands greatly.
Since this is a nonsense show, that has basically Mulder wannabes presenting the topics, if they claimed with any degree of certainty that “It was Aliens“, they would get a lot of backlash. Instead what they do is turn this into a “What if show”, or a “mystery show”.

Anyways. Just wanted to share that. lol.

So… have you guys seen this show, what did you think?
Have you been probed by aliens?
If you ran into an alien, would you want Mulder with you or Ripley?

haha. Ill see you around. Keep on Steeming and Whalesharing. 😀

Don’t Take My Word For It, Just Ask The Kroger Insiders

Three weeks ago, I wrote a post about the demise of Kroger Supermarket,

Kroger Is Getting Amazoned

And now it’s not just in the digital world that Kroger must compete against Amazon.  The Wall Street Journal reported last week that Amazon is planning to open dozens of grocery stores in several U.S. cities.Kroger is in the process of getting Amazoned…oh, I already said that, but need to emphasize this point before going to the monthly chart.

Corporate officers and members of the board of directors have deeper insight into a company’s operations than any analyst or hedge fund.  Quite simply, they are in

Crypto Contest April 3: ION

ION (Bittrex: IONUSD) has broken out of the triangle pattern in the weekly chart.

(Chart courtesy of (log scale))

Elliott Wave Analysis

In Elliott Wave terms, ION began a wave one advance in February 2017. The red wave one (blue sub-waves i-ii-iii-iv-v) finished in January 2018, and the red wave two (blue sub-waves a-b-c) correction ended in March this year. If this wave count is correct, ION should be heading next towards the January 2018 peak in the red wave three.

(Chart courtesy of (log scale))


Ionomy is combining gaming and masternodes. You can read their roadmap here.

(Sources: ION and Roadmap)

If you think this

Bitcoin – implications of the rise

This post builds on what I said yesterday in “Bitcoin – What’s Happening?“. Today I will once again use a pseudo-point form style to look at the most important aspects of the Bitcoin / Crypto market and its most recent happenings.


Last discussed in my post “A(nother) word on Bitcoin ETFs” two months ago, I have said over and over again how unnecessary ETFs are for Bitcoin or cryptocurrency success. The latest price movements prove me correct and will will prove me increasingly correct as time goes on. More on this later in this post.

Bull Trap

Yes this is a bull trap.

No you should not