Daily Crypto Digest – 012

There is no doubting this anymore. Crypto investing and trading has reached a new level when we compare activities of the past few months to recent weeks.

What was expected after the recent FUD news involving the Bitfinex saga and its issuing of Tether was to see another big fall in price breaking the upper resistance line to new low resistance? But as we have it, the line is thicker than it looks and we haven’t found the real pressure to suppress and breakthrough it yet or better maybe it may never be touched again going into the future.

This show of resilience is a good pointer that indicates a near significant upturn of the market. B1 June announcement and the awaited Bakkt approval are two of the major events many are speculating should ignite the long-awaited bull market that seems to be taking forever.

Until that happens, the present market condition is a thing to be happy about.

Some discussions you may find interesting and be part of

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I am seeing this more lately. It seems people are now more wary of how their crypto assets could be accessed in the event something bad happen to them. This discussion on Reddit has a good insight on many possibilities to go about this.

Do you agree linking blockchains together could decrease congestions on networks?

Tether makes another claim backing USDT amounts.


The owner of NYSE buys crypto custodian in a push to offer Bitcoin.

Are most workers not happy with their work after coming across cryptocurrency as this Man suggests? 

Bitfinex integrates a solution that informs traders of on-chain, social and development data for better trading decisions and experience.

Reports and Updates in the news.

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More use case for cryptocurrency and blockchain projects is the dream of every crypto enthusiasts. 

Bit by bit the dream is getting realized on a rapid basis.

If you are conversant with price action, you should notice a good spike in the price of the IOTA coin.

No, the spike wasn’t a result of ordinary trading activities, it was as a result of a recent bullish news about the partnership of IOTA with Jaguar Land Rovers.

The motor maker announced the use of verifiable Internet of things data (IOT) in cars to inform present road conditions and weather state from cars using the IOTA crypto coin to reward car owners.

Read the in-depth report on Coindesk.

More flexible approach to crypto is emerging in popular countries

Many countries deem crypto handling and investing a very risky move, and yes to some degree they are right. But the brutal strict regulation placed by some of these countries far outweighs the risk they pose.

Recently, it was reported that Russia is planning to test crypto in four of its region – an experiment to have a better overview of crypto investing and trading and its results.

Look more into this by continue reading on news.bitcoin.com.

Neo revitalized

If a popular story could be preached about NEO, then it is how its made many millionaires when the brand name NEO was adopted over the former “antshare” brand name.

The viral growth of NEO took a solid base through the introduction of an incentive mechanism to holders by introducing a supplementary token popularly known as ‘GAS’ which is monthly generated.

Despite this innovative stability mechanism, NEO suffers a big deal when the news broke of how very centralized the system is.

Now, NEO is turning a new leaf by launching an entirely new blockchain in the much awaited upcoming NEO 3.0.

Existing coins would be swapped with the newly created coins when the system goes live.

Read more about NEO 3.0 on Cointelegraph.

Other reports and updates in the news.

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Old twitter account @Bitcoininfo tipped a total of $10,000 in BCH to charities and random people on Twitter for a period of 48hours.

There is a significant decrease in cryptojacking after Coinhive mining service got shut down. 

Bitmain plans to develop better mining equipment to leapfrog competitors.

A popular anti-malware firm discovered over 152,000 infected Ethereum wallets.

24 countries discuss global standard for cryptocurrency regulation.

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Another great upgrade on Steemworld

Have you seen the last upgrade of Steemworld ?

Go there and check your curation rewards, you will see how efficient you are as a curator.

I find it tremendously useful, not for me in particular because I am trying to upvote content without expecting to get the maximum of curation rewards but I understand that this tool and the one developed by @holger80 ( Beempy ) are really good tools for passive investors willing to maximize their investment while upvoting.

Curation trails and their followers can get the most if the manager of the trail try to check those numbers as well.

This guy , @steemchiller is really a perfectionist! He seems to have plenty of plans for @steemworld which are really coming week after week and the best of all is that I have never had a problem or bug by using his app.

My congratulations to @steemchiller for this new upgrade.


They just messed up Game Of Thrones!!!

Image result for game of thrones


Im a huge fan of Game of thrones. Ever since i watched season one on a 10 by 10 cm screen on Virgin airlines LAX 8 years ago.

Still, i have to say that they “fucked it up”…

I knew it would happen. The books storyline is catching up to the series and there was no clear pointer for the writers to make this impeccable. G.R.R Martin would think through a battle like this for months. And the Hollywood writers will basically do anything for a $ because they are under-payed and unappreciated.

G.R.R Martin gave them pointers and they perversed everything.

All the main characters had plot armor and in a stupid way. There was no explanation to it. Even fat Sam was a better warrior then the damn unsullied. In what world does that make sense.

The direction was good, the set pieces were great, everything was too dark (but whatever), the battle was epic….


Extremely poorly thought out.

Its hard to even put everything on paper. The battle formations. The invincibility of some characters. The Night King resolution.

Where the hell does Arya come from?! She jumped on him from behind? Arent there a million wights behind him? And theres a 1 second death moment for someone being set up for 8 years?
Take the death of Gollum and the destruction of the ring… You could see all the emotions on Gollums face, the RING defiance to be destroyed when it is swimming in the lava. None of which was present here. The Night King is the new SNOKE!

And all we get to see from the Night King is that he falls apart into a million icicle pieces.

Such a brilliantly looking episode (At least the things i could actually see) but so poorly concluded.

Cant wait to read how G.R.R Martin concludes it.

Because this sucked.

Sir L. Butterfly out..


Bitcoin Analysis: Uncertainty After Tether/Bitfinex News

Bitcoin has held up relatively well since Tether/Bitfinex news broke. Price is currently above the $5,000 support, trading around $5,170.

The 21 day EMA is acting as strong support. A decisive break below (daily candle opening and closing) may indicate a larger drop is coming.

In today’s analysis I discuss where price may go from here, how I’m planning to trade and so much more. I hope you find it helpful.

Video Analysis:

If you don’t see the above video, navigate to TIMM (https://mentormarket.io/workin/) or Steemit in order to watch.

I hope this has been helpful. I’d be happy to answer any questions in the

BITCOIN – 29 Apr

On 4hr chart, narrow range consolidation building for the next move likely downside for the possible 2nd leg staircase pattern. On weekly, possible TD9 going TD13 reversal ahead. On weekly past 3 week candles got suppressed at the top resistance. Last week candle close possible like a shooting star. stoch price bear divergence on weekly chart.
News: (Current) | (Upcoming)
Short term moving average (day candle) :
Network Value to Transactions Ratio : 128
Total marketcap :168
Dominance :55
Bitfinex Margin Long/Short Volume Ratio :
Depth Chart : (S) | (R)
Weekly Timeframe :

Amazon Raises The Bar Again

Amazon reported
first-quarter last week.  Amazon reported
earnings of $7.09 per share which was over 100% higher year over year. Net
sales were $59.70 billion which reflected year-over-year growth of 17%.

Breaking down the revenue, North America revenues (60% of sales) increased 16.6% from the year-ago quarter to $35.81 billion. International revenues (27% of sales) increased 9% year over year to $16.19 billion. Amazon Web Services (AWS) revenues (13% of sales) surged 41.4% year over year to $7.69 billion.

On the news price broke the daily supply at $1910.

During the subsequent conference call, Amazon dropped a bombshell that could have far-reaching implications, not only for

Can Real Estate Break Out?

Real Estate is above a level that many thought would never be seen again a little over a decade ago. It has rebounded off the likely GENERATIONAL LOWS back in 2009 and is now making a move over key resistance levels of 83-84 (prior highs). If this were too hold I believe you can be LONG Real Estate for the foreseeable future. Bullish over 84, Bearish Under.

$TWTR is Bull Flagging!

After blowing through resistance on earnings with a 15%+ day, $TWTR has consolidated sideways and is now make a move back into the earnings high and gap fill to 42. With a move over these highs, we should be looking for some major continuation and just ride the bull. As you can see in the chart featured, we have broken up and a bull trend has truly began IMO.

Ripples in the fabric of XRP

Ripple is having a torrid time lately with FUD clearly affecting price. But is it just FUD, or is there more to it?

By now you know I’m no fan of Ripple. I’ve openly spoken about it and against it on multiple occasions, most notably in my series: “Ripple: we need to talk” (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3).

I have warned, over and over again, that Ripple is centralised, closely aligned with crypto’s arch-nemesis (banks) and is unsustainable. I’ve stated that it can’t be defined as a real cryptocurrency. In my eyes it is much the same as JP Morgan’s own coin offering. 


Tesla Disappoints Once Again

Tesla reported first quarter earnings last week.  The results missed both, earnings and revenue expectations.  Tesla lost $702 million or $4.10 in earnings compared to $494 million, or $2.90 a share, compared with a loss of $3.35 a share a year ago.

Tesla Inc’s stock price fell
5% on Friday and fell 14% for the week to its lowest since January 2017.

Daniel Ives of Wedbush cut his rating on Tesla TSLA to neutral from outperform, the equivalent of buy, in a scorching note that reflected equal amounts of frustration and despair.“In our 20 years of covering tech stocks on the Street we