US Equity Market 2019 1st Quarter Review

The equity markets are by designed made to go up over time.  The first quarter of 2019 was no exception. The S&P 500 rose 13% (red line) this quarter and had its best start to a year since 1998.  The Dow gained 11% (blue line).  Nasdaq rallied 16% (green line), while the small-caps Russell was up 14% (purple line).

Helping the Nasdaq rally was Apple and Microsoft, both up 20%.


And there is room of Apple to continue to rise to the daily supply at $205.

One of the unlikely winners of the quarter was Xerox, yes, the copier and fax company.

Higher Lows…Break is Imminent

Bitcoin has been putting in higher lows over the last couple of weeks and months. We are approaching 3 month highs and building a triangle with higher lows pressing against 4200 Resistance.

This is beyond obvious (as long as the price action remains the same) this results in a bust through the resistance level. Stay the course here. I am expecting crypto to start making some big moves across the entire sector in the coming weeks. Litecoin and EOS have led the troops, it’s now time to extend it and many catch up!

Is Bitcoin Price Teasing Us Again?

In recent days Bitcoin has creeped up toward the top of the trading range that it’s been stuck in for many months now.
Being we saw several alts level up in the past month it is easy to get excited that maybe, just maybe bitcoin will now do the same.
Looking at the chart things are a bit quiet though with volume rather light.  It will probably take a wave of buyers to come in and push this thing, where that comes from I am not sure.
Either way price is flirting with the opening/closing price highs that we have seen twice this

Drug Wars tip #1 // How to stop anyone from attacking you ever. COM week 666

You all heard about the No 1. most glorious STEEM game on STEEM. I will not go into unnecessary detail but i have to say:

Drug Wars is the da bomb. Its the 100 proof alcohol homeless people crave. Its the steroids dumb bodybuilder bouncers crave. Its the sushi Ninjas love.

Damn, arent stereotypes amazing!

At least they didnt try to make the spy unit a reference to James Bond. Looks like Johnny English, has 0 attack, always dies on his first mission.
Haha. What kind of weak ass spy is that? Why even have him wear a suit? Oh no, wait… I get it… He knows he will die 100% when you send him on a mission so hes already wearing a suit for his funeral. #ThinkingAhead!

But thats nor here nor there. Im trying to teach you how to stop anyone from attacking you ever.

So theres this guy that attacked my alt account yesterday. Whooped my ass.

Screenshot (331).png

When everything is summed up, he ended up being 80k alcohol in plus while destroying my team that is worth around 500k in resources. Alrite. Thats cool. He came out in the plus.
But that made me kind of mad. Wiped my whole team for 10 hours of alcohol production!?!
Hell no!

So what i did is the following. I didnt want to destroy his whole team, because that “wouldnt be fair” (didnt want to be a complete dick) but what i did do is be a slightly less jerk and destroy only double the resources he spent on his units then he gained from me.

Screenshot (332).png

I sent a few hundred more Rowdies afterwards.

Now consider this! Who in their right mind would attack you for resources if they knew that you would just destroy double the unit worth of resources they stole from you. No one!

Its a fool proof tactic.

This deserves to be a comedy openmic entry due to Drug Wars being ridiculously bad to the point of laughter. This is not how you set up your battles system, ffs. lol

Keep on Steeming/Whalesharing and doing drugs.. Because doing drugs is much better then playing Drug Wars. Youll live a healthier life.

Forex Analysis Report 3/31/19 – Eyeing A Position Trade In GBP/AUD – Part 2

On Friday, the House of Commons rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s EU Withdrawal Agreement for a third.  Now the UK will receive from the EU an Article 50 extension until April 12.  At that point, PM May will have to choose between requesting a much longer extension that would require participation in the EU parliament elections or a so-called no deal Brexit.  As expected, the British Pound dropped due to further uncertainty.

As a result, the GBP/AUD dropped as well and right into my daily demand zone that I have been waiting for. But just to recap the trade set-up

Am i going crazy?// TRON is starting to look interesting.

Slikovni rezultat za going crazy

Ever since i got on twitter to spread the STEEM gospel in a very aggressive, Spanish inquisition kind of way, where ever i go, the face of a tiny, narrow shoulder Asian follows me. Justin Sun is popping up where ever i turn.

Look, i know Justin Sun looks like a sleazy salesman with questionable knowledge of cryptocurrencies (he has a
Bachelor of Arts in History) but he has been knocking it out of the park lately. He is slowly becoming the face of crypto. When Satoshi is an enigma, the spot is ripe for the taking.

1 mil twitter followers, Tesla giveaways, purchasing Bittorent, spanking Vitalik daily.

Hes in the spotlight 24/7 while Ned is nowhere to be seen. Ned who?
TRON right now is mostly worthless unsustainable gambling dapp ponzies and faked transaction volume but its pretty clear that Justin realizes that and is working to change it.

Theres this IRL law i run across where ever i look:

The less talented the person is in the area they want to excel at, the harder they work to succeed.

While TRON just might be all the negative things folks are saying about it, the “dude” is making moves.

Povezana slika

While Nedboy is picking at his guitar and his nose, Justin is getting people on his side. I mean, ill understand if @ned cant give away a Tesla, but dammit, he can at least scrape up the STEEM for 2 Nissan Micra!

Ill see you around. Keep on Tronning!

Can Shaq Save Papa John???

A little less than a year ago, John Schnatter, the founder and former public face of pizza chain Papa John’s stuck his nose in the national anthem protests debate in the NFL, then indirectly blamed the league for Papa John’s slowing sales. Than in during a May conference call in 2018, Schnatter was asked how he would distance himself from racist groups online. He responded by downplaying the significance of his NFL statement. “Colonel Sanders called blacks n—–s,” Schnatter said, before complaining that Sanders never faced public backlash.

A month later John Schnatter appeared in court to testify against the Papa

Crypto Contest March 31: Project Pai

Project Pai (Huobi: PAIUSDT) has broken out of the triangle pattern in the daily chart.

(Chart courtesy of (log scale))

Elliott Wave Analysis

In Elliott Wave terms, Pai began a wave one advance on February 8. The red wave one finished on February 24, and the red wave two correction ended on February 26. The red wave three advance finished on March 9, and the red wave four correction ended on March 17. If this wave count is correct, Pai should be heading next towards the March 9 peak in the red wave five.

(Chart courtesy of (log scale))


Project Pai is founded on

Crypto Analysis Report 3-30-19…I’m Liking The Price Action On Bitcoin

Trading options allows investors to bet whether the price of the best-known cryptocurrency will reach a certain level at a set point in time, and looking at one of the most popular trades on the books, a sharp rally in 2019 is unlikely. “We have a $10k September expiry, which is currently priced with a 5 delta,” said Goh, speaking about one of the larger trades in the options market.

That was probably “a bullish trade that was made last year when investors were still discussing the short-term possibility of making new highs,” said Goh. But, according to options traders,

The Sunday Recap – Down the Rabbit Hole 22

Rumbles in the market, volumes up, alts popping and BTC pushing 4.1k. Too early to call a change of trend and beware a massive bull-trap in the making. Regardless, the market side of things has picked up pace. Fake volumes are finally being called out and ‘trustworthy’ exchanges beginning to gain recognition for doing the ‘minimum’. Lots of developments from Cardano finally getting hardware support to Initial Exchange Offerings beginning to gain steam.

Pick of the Week

Messari’s true volume data feed. Useful for anyone wishing to track crypto volume development absent a sea of wash trading. The good news is the