Two Minute Crypto – Deciphering China’s Blockchain Play – Part 1 of 5

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China’s Blockchain Play – Part 1 of 5

The real division is not between conservatives and revolutionaries but between authoritarians and libertarians.

― George Orwell

Welcome to Two Minute Crypto. This instalment sees the
start of a 5-part series examining China’s recent shift in its public stance towards

  • Part 1 Focuses on the rationale
    driving this apparent change.
  • Part 2 Outlines why, in particular,
    this is good for Bitcoin.
  • Part 3 Examines the long-term outlook
    for China-based blockchain projects.
  • Part 4 Discusses the wider
    implications of China’s involvement in blockchain development and
  • Part 5 Outlines the opportunities and
    risks that now present themselves to crypto investors.

Why blockchain and Why now?

On October 25TH President Xi publicly
stated China’s desire to lead the world in both blockchain development and
implementation. His endorsement was both broad and enthusiastic. In the following
days and weeks, local authorities and media cemented this embrace of blockchain
with the release of instructional blockchain materials, further endorsement by
central bank officials, the suppression of anti-blockchain threads on social
media, and the removal of crypto mining from the list of activities the ruling
party would like to see eliminated.

In one sense, the move to portraying blockchain in a
more positive light is very easily explained. The Central Bank of China (CBC)
have long announced their plans to roll-out a state-controlled cryptocurrency.
Clearly cleaning up the image of blockchain is an important prerequisite before
introducing this system.

However, at a deeper level, China’s embrace of
blockchain can be understood and summed up with one word – control. Ruling
since 1949 the Communist Party of China (CPC) has but one core principle –
continued hegemony over the Chinese nation. Each and every policy is driven by
this directive. Blockchain is no exception. Indeed, blockchain is a godsend to
this authoritarian regime that already exhibits great control over most aspects
of society whether that be political, financial or social.

A centralized blockchain or series of blockchains will
facilitate the parties’ expansion ever deeper in the lives of its citizens. The
marriage of money to surveillance as facilitated by a unified blockchain
database of transactions will serve to substantially deepen its level of
control over the actions of the Chinese people. A state-issued cryptocurrency
will be monitored and permissioned – dissent already difficult will both be easier
to root out and of course, suppress.

Any domestically derived economic benefits of blockchain
are simply added value – it is first and foremost a tool of control. Doubtless,
China’s pending rollout of its Social Credit System will be intimately
integrated with blockchain. Rewards and penalties will be easy to track, administer
and iterate on. Granular control is the goal of every authoritarian regime and
time and again the CCP has demonstrated its enduring focus on remaining both in
power and in ever greater realized control. China’s homegrown and eminently
successful companies all tow the line. Data is not in any sense private and the
rights of the citizens are entirely subsumed by the ‘needs’ of the party.
We-Chat, Weibo, Tencent and so on serve to prop up the regime as they routinely
hand-over their customer’s data. It’s hard to overstate the extent to which
this data mining has aided the CPC in retaining its reins on power.

Public announcements of economic growth and pushing
the horizon for the sake of science are mere window-dressing to the
identifiable purpose of blockchain in the Chinese context -control and ever
more of it.

An understanding of the core philosophy that drives
the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) removes much of the mystery behind its stance
towards blockchain. Is it really any surprise at all the Bitcoin hasn’t been
similarly embraced and endorsed?

Next week will examine this clear Chinese government distinction
between blockchain and Bitcoin, highlighting the long-term positive this
provides for the distributed, decentralized network this is Bitcoin.

Thanks for listening.

XEM technical analysis

XEM seen from the temporality of 1W we can observe as the structure of candles is within range zone, which I have delimited by the light blue rectangle, the price has correctly tested the zone of demand in 1W located in the 0.00000437 forming a double floor pattern as a signal of reversal of trend, so we could find in the short term an upward impulse towards our first target of gain located in the 0.00000675, which is our first key zone to take into account for the next movement, if this happens we could find resistance in that zone and correct by means of a test of the high range located in the 0.00000555 to later continue to rise by our second objective of gains located within the range of the price of the 0.00000675 – 0.00000882.

XEM seen from the temporality of 1D we can observe more closely the current movement of candles where we see how the offer was accepted in the 0.00000555 after the escape of the minor figure that we see in the graph above indicated by the two diagonals dark blue color, this has caused the price to retreat into the area of demand where the structure has formed this double floor that should be a strong signal for the bulls to go for an upward movement towards our target located at 0.00000675, for this to happen we need the price in 1D to hold HL and find a strong impulse to buy into the high range of the rectangle, otherwise, the price could be oscillating even longer within this zone.

In conclusion, XEM shows an excellent chart with high bullish probabilities that has not yet been exploited within the bullish price flight in the BTC pairs that we have seen in other currencies during these days, therefore, in the short term we could see the price of this currency have a strong momentum, the current conditions are conducive to it, we just need the volume to see this possible scenario, otherwise, the price could continue to accumulate longer, therefore, I recommend to be very attentive to the action of the price in 1D to choose the best buy position and always remember to place their stop loss to avoid possible invalidations during the movement.

As I always say, you have to be aware of the movement, invalidations can occur, there is no 100% reliable analysis, take your own precautions when trading.

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Cryptocurrency Drama (Part 2)

This post will make little sense if you have not already read “Cryptocurrency Drama”. Read that first before continuing here.

ACT 2 – The Present

Scene 1

Bit Brain is seen entering the same store as before. The store is very busy inside, though the town outside seems almost like a wasteland. Tumble-weeds blow across the main road
and many buildings stand abandoned.

Welcome back sir! It’s been quite a few months since we last saw you!

Thanks Ernie. I’m afraid that I don’t come into town often these days, most of the time I just stay on the other side of the river with my tribe, the Timmites. There doesn’t seem to be any freely available BTC around at the moment, and that which I have, I am struggling to use. Last year I bought three horses for 1 BTC, this year just one horse costs 1 BTC!

Sadly that is true. You see, while you were away, a large pack of bears marauded their way through our town! They trashed all of our stores and wrecked a lot of the valuables inside. Our store is worth but a fraction of what it once was. Some of the smaller buildings around here were completely flattened, their owners packed up and left, everything inside them was lost.

That’s terrible to hear! I suppose that the reality of being part of a dangerous frontier adventure is that we stand to gain high potential rewards, but at the cost of high potential risk.

Agreed. Is there anything specific I might help you with today sir?

Well actually Ernie, I was rather hoping that you might. You see I took my CPU to one of your little franchises on the other side of the river last week, but they declined it. They said that it was unable to transact with the your network.

Oh dear sir, I‘m afraid that your CPU must have been negatively affected by the EIDOS!

What’s an EIDOS?

The Entrepreneurial-Intentioned Destructive-Outcome Suggestions is the massive suggestion box located in the entrance foyer of our store. EIDOS causes so many suggestions to be submitted that our entire franchise has become completely dedicated to them. Basically, our network of stores has gone into “suggestion mode”.

That’s a good thing because now it shows how many suggestions we can handle!

Soon we will be completely revamping our store, we call it “Version 2.0”. It’s very exciting that we can handle so many suggestions already and we don’t even have our Version 2.0-optimised
store yet!

But Ernie, my CPU doesn’t work. I can’t access your network of stores at all. Despite having deposited way more than the minimum, I’m locked out of the system!

Well you see, we’ve grown so much that our store is even catching up to Enormous Trade Holdings, the biggest name in the business, apart from Bank Toppling Currency of course! We have so many customers using the suggestion box that there is almost no capacity for anything else right now, but we see that level of activity as being a good thing.

But what about the guaranteed access to your store that you promised me? That was the reason I got the CPU in the first place.
Wasn’t it?

Well yes, but we weren’t in suggestion mode then. Now that we are, you can see the true cost of using our network. That’s a good thing, because now we all have a more accurate idea of what it really costs to reserve access to our network of stores.

But then you misled people with the whole “guaranteed access” story! You had enormous hidden costs waiting down the line! Ernie this is beginning to remind me of how the banks operate…

So you’re telling me that I’m locked out forever and that it’s just too bad?

Noooo sir! Of course not!

All you need to do is to increase the size of the deposit on your CPU.

By how much? How big is this hidden cost to “guaranteed access” that you conveniently never mentioned before?

Prices have risen roughly 100 000 times.

*visibly shocked*

*still mumbling*
But it doesn’t really matter anyway, since you can’t access the network to deposit more onto your CPU…
…because you don’t have enough CPU to get CPU.

Are you kidding me? I can’t get CPU because I don’t have enough CPU? So I am locked out forever!

Noooo sir! Of course not!
You can use just borrow somebody else’s CPU for a while!

*getting wary*
But wouldn’t that be a lengthy and laborious process? How would I find someone? How would that even work in practical terms? How do I even do that? Please, help me here!

*visibly brightening up and going back into full “salesman mode”*
You can use Ridiculously Extended Xerographics!

Dare I even ask what “Xerographics” means?

Xerographics, it’s a copying technique, so basically Ridiculously Extended Xerographics – or REX – allows you to lend the same CPU to different people over and over again, hence the copying analogy. You get paid interest for lending out your CPU.

But that’s a ridiculously extended process just to be able to conduct a normal transaction on a shopping network!

Well, not really. We don’t see it that way, it’s a good thing.
*suddenly Ernie returns to his far more demure state*
Well, to be perfectly honest, there is a little snag with REX too. There still has to be CPU on REX that is available to be lent out.
*Ernie looks downright miserable*
Currently there isn’t any left…

… because everybody is already borrowing all the CPU for EIDOS, right?

*Brightening up again*
Correct. Almost all the resources on REX and in this store are completely dedicated to EIDOS. But it shows the system works! You must see how many suggestions we process each day! It’s a good thing!

Ernie, thanks for the explanation, but I’d very much like to speak to your manager.

Very well sir, let me see if the Director of Automated Networks is available.