The Time vs. Money Decision

One of the fun decision dilemmas in life….
Time vs. Money
Here’s the thing, we all look at money with a sense of value. X amount of dollars get us X amount of services/goods in return. So when it comes to money, many of us want to save some of it by doing a few extra things ourselves.
This makes complete sense, get less services/goods spend less money.
Or does it?
The Value of Your Time
How come we do not think about how much our time is worth? Some of us do, but the majority of us don’t quantify this. However, that’s exactly what we

ScaredyCatGuide’s Personal Finance Allocation Tip

A personal finance tip for how to allocate income, the buckets I use and the percentages that go toward each.
It’s a video I did some time back, here is what I lay out:
Income Allocation
55% towards living expenses (mortgage, food, utilities, etc.)
20% toward long-term savings/rainy day fund (for emergencies or replacement of large ticket items)
10% for investing/passive income creation (investing in and acquiring income producing assets)
10% for fun time money (pure discretionary income to spend on anything you like!)
5% for learning and getting better (taking a class or a course, i.e, learning something new)

(^ awesome t-shirt, right?)
This is a ratio I

Investing Mantras I Live By

Investing mantras to live by.  These are something I like to share now and again and since it’s been close to a year it’s time to chat about them again.
Investing Mantras I live by:

If something more than doubles in price in one day – SELL HALF
Buy the dips, sell the rips!
Remember, nothing HAS to happen
You cannot be grateful and angry at the same time

Let’s quickly dig into these one by one….
If somethings doubles in price in one day (or even a few) selling half always makes sense.  Yeah, there are instances where something will triple or more, but there are

The value of a piece of paper…

Finally, after many months of study, exam preparation, training at the office, I don’t know how many liters of coffee ingested, failing one exam three months ago and affecting all my private environment and family… today, I have passed the PMP certification exam…

And the results have been surprising for me since I get a result far above the target which is outstanding taking into account that after failing the exam on February, when I thought I was very well prepared, I did not have so much good expectations this time…

Honestly, if I would have failed this time I don’t think I would do it again…it has been a complete “odyssey ” for my already overloaded old brain… and the examination fees are a little bit so high.

The money has not been a problem despite it is not cheap nor the exam fees neither the training documentation…The worst has been the invested time. I have studied every time I could, on the planes and airports, at the hotels, at the waiting rooms or even at the bathrooms…

I had to reject many appointments and activities during the last weeks because I spent the remaining hours after working and almost the whole weekend studying at the Public Library because at home, with two children fighting, was totally impossible to get focussed… Poor kids… also my attention on them has been lowered these days…

Now I am a “Certified Project Manager” which, it does not tell you so much about but it is very appreciated in the field where I work since 20 years ago already, engineering, besides that… Project Management is almost a philosophy of life, an orderly way of planning and doing things which I like…

From today I can resume my daily routine, be more with the family, plan for more social events and increase my Running activities which I have reduced a lot.

Do not forget: Perseverance and Determination are the keys of success.


Plagiarism! … or not?

Almost five years ago I participated together with my wife and my daughter on a competition called “The Family Run”. It consisted on a race among families on which, at that time, we finished the 2nds…

The thing is that now, they are organizing another one and they prepared all the advertisements and stuff in order to promote the event… the funny thing is that my wife found in one of the posters of the race someone familiar….

Yes! the guy of the right who is holding the hand of a child is MYSELF! I am famous!!!!

But, wait, this boy is not my daughter… and neither the lady is my wife!!!! WTF!!!

By one side is always good to see yourself in these kind of things… it is not the first time it happened to me, 3 years ago the organizers of Spanish Marathon Championship use my pic (FYI, which is the one of my profile…) in order to put it on the cover of their magazine… Frankly, I did not complaint at all…

But now, it is different, they modified my picture not only adding some effects but also removing my wife and daughter from the original…

I don’t remember if I signed anything regarding images rights there but… I think they should told me before, shouldn’t them?


Busy Weekend on my Airbnb Business

We are starting the Easter weekend called “Semana Santa” in Mexico and both of my Airbnb units are full of people. It’s wonderful to meet new people, yes, it can be very stressing and the work accumulates. Only this past week we have hosted seven groups and it can turn very demanding if you host one group after another.

At the moment Gris and I are in charge of the cleaning, my mom also helps if she has time and my dad is in charge of cleaning the pool. We are doing very good and winning extra money definitely is worth the extra effort. In the near future we would like to hire a person that can help us with the cleaning, that would be great we would only be in charge of the administration.

Today we welcomed to groups that will stay until Sunday. Next week we have three groups confirmed and that will make April a wonderful month. We are winning more money that the one we would win if we were renting the house on the traditional way, almost the double.

Let me share some photos of the Bungalow we are renting:

We are enjoying this Airbnb adventure, it’s not something that I would like to do all my life and Steem is my main project but at the moment this activity is paying us more and it’s a great way to save money to invest it on Steem Power.

One of those busy days. //

Been busy all day failing to catch up on my daily Whaleshares, Steemit replies. Didnt write my daily post which im doing right now. (The topic is apparently nothing lol) Need to do the daily Steem Monsters dailies and click things on Drug Wars to take more STEEM from crazy rich guys that threw hundreds if not thousands of STEEM at the game without thinking it through.
Just wanted to tell those folks:

Thank you for giving the rest of us free money.

hahaha. Enough already with the roasts and the told you so. lol
Im sure to piss some whale off eventually. haha

What else… Uhm..

Theres a steemian some of you folks know that might be coming back to Steem soon. Not sure when but i think once the weather gets better it might happen. Those are the immediate news.
Ill be busy the next few days so im not sure if ill be able to catch everything that is happening. Trying to complete a state exam so i can finally open my travel agency. Its actually 4 exams and i had one today already. Should pass it pretty easily..

Thats about it. Not much else to write about. I need to find another cause to support and another villain to yell at..


Need another target. Im starting to be repetitive. lol.

Ill see you around. 😉

The Time vs. Money Conundrum

I’ve talked many times before about the value of time vs. money.  Still I find myself at times falling into a trap and thinking, what the heck am I doing right now?
Property Turnover
Anytime I need to turnover a property to either get it rent ready for a new tenant or spruced up enough to list and sell I call my contractor.
He’s pretty decent and is a jack of all trades.  Problem is he is a one man wrecking crew, which means only one thing can be done at a time.
This is where I come in.  I decide to convert myself

RIP: The American Hustle

Has the American hustle died?  That is what made this country great.  Immigrants coming to create a land of better freedoms and opportunities.
However, after being settled as a country for some time now, you know post industrial revolution and now post tech revolution (the first one atleast) it seems we may not be falling into the land of the complacency.
Being on the grind is what made this country great.  No one expected anything, they went out and got it themselves.
Nowadays it seems there is quite a bit of the former.
Like I Owe You Something?
This is just a random example and

Life and Times of an Honest Business Man: No Good Deed Unpunished

Anyone who has ever done business for themselves knows that you rarely get 100% transparency in most transactions.
Business people have their best interest in mind, even if a win-win would make things better for everyone.
Don’t get me wrong, there are honest people out there going the extra mile, but they are not the majority
Maybe they should be, sometimes you can be too helpful and honest.  I’m guilty of it and it does lose me deals sometimes. I’d rather have the goodwill I suppose.
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Since I have gotten my real estate license for the purpose of selling some

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