Total Market cap 230B , but, what do you see on this chart?

What an amazing days we are living now!

BITCOIN willing to surpass 8000 USD right now and still there are people that is claiming for a Bull Trap coming?

Well, a correction shall come, that’s for sure, specially if we want to maintain a sustainable growth. But do you know what is shocking me most during this rise?

Have a second look at the daily chart of the Total Crypto Market cap:

Oh man! the Volume, the volume is massive!The crypto market is accelerating its growth a pace never seen before!

Only BITCOIN itself is moving 28 Billion$ of 24 hour volume and, despite some

BITCOIN: Carefully excited…

And finally, here we have BITCOIN approaching to the most important Resistance Level of the Chart. The range between 6050 and 6400 USD. 

The 50 Day Moving Average in a consistent upwards trend which is nice and positive but….

But what happens with the Total Market Cap? Is it increasing because investors are coming, new FIAT is entering? or…

…is it the pure consequence of the Altcoin “Drainage”?

I’m afraid that the last is the most likely…

Yes, BITCOIN is increasing but most ALTCOINS are in full free-falling mode, and I am not speaking only about our beloved STEEM.

This “positive” trend on BITCOIN is only

Can Real Estate Break Out?

Real Estate is above a level that many thought would never be seen again a little over a decade ago. It has rebounded off the likely GENERATIONAL LOWS back in 2009 and is now making a move over key resistance levels of 83-84 (prior highs). If this were too hold I believe you can be LONG Real Estate for the foreseeable future. Bullish over 84, Bearish Under.

TSLA is a STAY AWAY unless 260 is taken back

Sometimes the closing prices and charts give you a CLEAR understanding of supply and demand especially when considering assets on a long term timeframe. I have been a TSLA fan for years, not going to lie. I still like the company, I still like the vision, I still like the CEO, but I do not like the chart. This is unfortunate because I want TSLA to survive because I like the idea of Luxury Electric Cars. But You can’t just hop on the ship here…

The Chart is showing a disaster of a breakdown here. It has been range bound for

Will $TSLA succeed? Can Elon turn it around? Buy, Sell, or Run

Tesla. Some people love them, a lot more hate them. Which side are you on?

Tesla is on the struggle bus right now. It seems every day there is a car catching on fire, an employee quitting, a tweet, etc. that is negative on the market price. Deliveries continue to miss, more promises continue to be made. So the question is, does Tesla make it?

I think the chart will tell you. Right now we are at the low end of a MASSIVE range dating back to 2017. (This base reminds me of MCD, LULU, and DIS by the way.

It’s Clear They “Bought the Dip”

After flipping back bullish once the 200 day was taken back, we have continued the “V-shaped” rally back to all time highs. This rally has been incredible and the pain train continues to be higher. It appears that this “long in the tooth rally” may cause a massive short squeeze to the upside. The buyers are pressing and pressing and a volatility expansion up may be in the cards.

Looking at the long term formation it is VERY clear that they “bought the dip”. Check this out.

It’s quite incredible we have seen nothing like this in the last 10

A Needed and Wellness Deserved Breather

Crypto is down this morning especially the leaders such as EOS and LTC. The upside damage has been done to the bears and a well deserved breather is OKAY at this point. The major moving averages have been crossed and now we need them to hold. This is the time where you accumulate on the down days baby!

I am looking for EOS to not drop under $4 and to hold the prior resistance again. LTC is pulling back faster and the rest of the crypto space will follow. The only asset that isn’t that is of importance to me is

And there you have it folks… $QQQ All Time Highs

I said it was likely happening this week, and we are Wednesday. The Nasdaq has now hit an intraday all time high. Expect a chop from now until the end of summer. The IWM is not participating as much but I feel the SPX and NDX are up enough that the big boy bids put in for vacation will hold the market up for the next few months.

Once the 200 day MA was taken back my view shifted in real time and this was confirmed with the pullback and hold within days after the overtaking of the 200 MA.

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At the limit of the Market sustainability

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Just looking the simple chart provided by Coinmarketcap … Seems we are right now in the border of another decisive moment. There is a Head and Shoulder pattern flying over the crypto market and the recent decrease in volume does not help so much to sustain the growth:

Market has reached an amazing value of 186 Billion recently but now is struggling at the 170 Billion area…if this trend holds longer and the market overpasses the 167 Billion I am afraid we are going to see again a drop to the 145 Billion, a total market cap value previous to this

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