…”the early bird catches the worms”

yep, I don’t like to wake up early but some times it has its advantages…

This Saturday we have had an unexpected event in the factory of superconducting magnets in Marghera (Venice) … for all that I had to take the plane earlier today and I had to get up at 4:30 AM … I’m devastated…

A couple of positive things though:

  • I’ve seen the sun rise … although breaking my sleep again in the plane LOL
  • The car rental company has given me to test this “beast” …


It is really an “spartan car” with some Air Conditioning and a nice Stereo equipment.

The front side is impressive:

I tried it on the short journey between Venice and Marghera, and I have to say that I arrived at the factory as if I had drunk a bottle of “Valpolicella Red Wine” only myself … which, by the way, is an excellent wine but I feel dizzy…

This car shakes like a vibrator, it is so soft that you feel any irregularity of the road in your body… I don’t know, perhaps I am so tired…I will explain my feelings about the car maybe tomorrow when I get back to the airport.


Bears were out growling earlier this morning…

2 hours later and we are going green from the open. This trade war headlines BS needs to stop. I can’t make this up, I leave DC, we are tanking and the trade deal is a zero(not happening). Then I land 2 hours later and the deal might happen this week, and we are ripping back to highs. Stay tuned for the close and don’t chase either.

Bears you really didn’t think you were breaking this line the first time did you??

Off to Serbia for the Weekend !

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Hello dear Steemians,

I am off to Belgrade, Serbia for the weekend. We are having a weekend to celebrate a good friend of mine getting married !

I’ll catch up with the crazy CryptoWorld and all of you beginning of next Week.

If you want to follow my adventures through pictures, follow my account: @lemon-shot (on @appics it even looks better :D).



Busy Weekend on my Airbnb Business

We are starting the Easter weekend called “Semana Santa” in Mexico and both of my Airbnb units are full of people. It’s wonderful to meet new people, yes, it can be very stressing and the work accumulates. Only this past week we have hosted seven groups and it can turn very demanding if you host one group after another.

At the moment Gris and I are in charge of the cleaning, my mom also helps if she has time and my dad is in charge of cleaning the pool. We are doing very good and winning extra money definitely is worth the extra effort. In the near future we would like to hire a person that can help us with the cleaning, that would be great we would only be in charge of the administration.

Today we welcomed to groups that will stay until Sunday. Next week we have three groups confirmed and that will make April a wonderful month. We are winning more money that the one we would win if we were renting the house on the traditional way, almost the double.

Let me share some photos of the Bungalow we are renting:

We are enjoying this Airbnb adventure, it’s not something that I would like to do all my life and Steem is my main project but at the moment this activity is paying us more and it’s a great way to save money to invest it on Steem Power.

More $BA Bad News

Boeing is down another 1.6% today with some news about fallen through contracts and deliveries being slashed. This has been a massive leader for the S&P and the Dow in the Mega Bull run and I am on the side BA is done. The “bitcoin like” parabolic rise is unsustainable and I believe the Max Rise stops here.

If BA gives back 360 and the MA there then stick a fork in it and bail. A hell of a run.

Atop – Landscapephotography

In the midst of hills in the Painted Desert, South Australia.

Camera ~ LensNikon D3400 DSLR ~ 18-55 mm

Thanks for having a look ?

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Road Side – Landscapephotography

A long road to somewhere..

DSC_0096 edit.jpg

Click on the image to view in full screen.

Camera ~ LensNikon D3400 DSLR ~ 18-55 mm

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Four Industries To Explore For Crypto Utility

Join the forum discussion on this postThe most puzzling thing about cryptocurrency as of early 2019 may just be that it’s still not widely used. The notion that it would rapidly replace standard currency was always a fantasy, but many expected that it would at least be somewhat widely used by now as an alternative. Instead, it can be somewhat difficult to find opportunities to spend cryptocurrency, if you would like to do so, unless you’re already familiar with the specific companies and markets that accept it.
Because there are still plenty of people who would like to put cryptocurrency