Intermarket Relative Strength Analysis Report For The Week Starting 5/12/19 – Part 2

Three days ago, I wrote,

Intermarket Relative Strength Analysis Report For The Week Starting 5/12/19

which talked about the major assets classes in the world, relative to the US dollar using just moving averages. Why the US dollar, because it’s still the most powerful currency in the world and   over half of all foreign currency reserves in the world are in US dollars.  The results were the following:

implying that Gold was showing strength relative to the US dollar going into this week.

Gold futures rose on Monday as investors increased bets the economy would weaken enough to cause the U.S. Federal Reserve to

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The Dollar and Decision Time

We are approaching the decision point for the US dollar. I am here to convince you that “We All Know How This Ends”…

The chart above shows the global reserve currencies dating back for centuries. You can see the PATTERN. ALL of them last between 80-110 years. This is a pattern, a cycle, a powerful market force that happens in this world that VERY LIKELY WILL repeat itself.

With the dollar we are currently sitting at 98 Years. This statistical pattern suggests that the end of the dollar is likely within the next decade. This is very important and truly displays

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Gartman Alert! “We are LONG of Equities…”

Hopefully this becomes a significant pattern of posts that will help everyone on fintwit, TIMM, and steem in the future. These will be known as “Gartman Alerts”
Here is the backstory…I have been following fintwit twitter for multiple years now and I honestly believe this correlation has stayed in tack for over 3 years. I beleive it work greater than 90% of the time and there are many that can vouch for this. The talking heads on TV are put on TV just to talk, they likely know less than many that just type in front of a keyboard and tweet

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Silver is the Key to Gold $SLV $GLD $SIL

Following up to my $GLD post earlier today I want to touch on silver. Silver is a riskier asset which usually leads Gold (up and down) and outperform gold (up and down). Lately silver is playing catch up and not necessarily leading, however it is sitting at a very precarious spot.

Silver  broke down below the lows of 2017 unlike gold. Silver then rebounded back into the wedge what I believe is shaping up to be a “failed breakdown”. These are very powerful signals.
If silver can get above 17.25 i believe it is going to propel all commodities higher and into

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Has Gold Finally Made the Long Awaited Bullish Turn? $GLD $GDX $NUGT

After almost a decade of waiting, has Gold finally made the turn? Gold has been in a bear market since topping before 2012 and has done noting but CHOPPED everyone up since 2013. As you can see the price has made it back to 2013 levels here over 1300. So where does it go from here?

Gold has made continuous higher lows since the bottom in late 2015. Following this there have been multiple substantial sells that price has absorbed such as Brexit, the Trump Election, and the volatility stretch and spike that occurred last year. Gold was stretch multiple time

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The Gold Trade $GLD $GDX $SLV $NUGT

Gold has been absolutely DESTROYED over the past couple years, and quite frankly been a big, fat, waste of mental capital. Well the wind and times may be changing for the pet yellow rock. Take a look…

I am taking a look at the GLD etf to make it easy and it is very liquid for any person who wants gold exposure (I personally advocate buying the physical metal). Notice how the monster rally took place while price was trading ABOVE the 200 weekly MA (blue line). Since the top we have been under this indicator for the majority of time

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