BNB, LTC and EOS: three major cryptos leading the rise

I have been talked about this 3 cryptos since weeks ago already.

These three are the most bullish cryptos right now among the major ones.

Their approach to the “GOLDEN CROSS” or the cross of the 50 Day Moving Average through the 200 Day Moving Average was so clear to happen in the short time that I already estimated the dates for this event to happen just by extrapolating both trends.

In the case of BINANCE COIN [BNB], It accomplished the prediction as I expected on March the third:

BINANCE may have completed already 5th wave up and so, the 1st big wave

BINANCE [BNB]: Golden Cross reached

As anticipated 10 days ago at this post, today BINANCE COIN has reached the expected point on which markets used to confirm the “reversal” trend, the GOLDEN CROSS.

For me this is a clear indication of Bulls back to the action, of course, only regarding this Coin.

As you can see in the image, there are 5 waves completed, the price reached the target of 12 USD and seems BNB is starting to build the correspondent correction.

An ABC correction used to get completion in the territory of the previous 4th wave, in this case, this territory is 61.8 % of the total

BITCOIN: Resuming the Rise

Today there are 5 Billion USD more inside the Total Market Cap and 24h Volume of BITCOIN increasing to the 8.5b$, as a result, everything in GREEN again!

Is not that beauty?

Right Now BITCOIN is fighting in order to cross one known resistance. It is an important test, not crucial but important indeed.

In my opinion, I doubt BITCOIN is going to be able to cross this resistance line (Secondary) in this current rise. Mainly, because I think everybody can clearly identify this seems to be the completion of the 5th wave up and being the 1st wave so strong and the

STEEM: Imagine…

Do you remember the glorious days of early January 2018?

Yes, those days when the market was at its ATH…

Those days on which BITCOIN was priced more than 16000 USD, ETH 1100 USD and EOS 12 USD?

At that time STEEM was placed, at the 36th position of the Total Market Cap.

The price was 6.41 USD and the Market Cap was 1.58 B$…and that was not the maximum price achieved by STEEM since it touched the 9 USD mark…

BITCOIN had 276 b$, 174 times more than the STEEM Market Cap at that time.

What a craziness, isn’t it?

Do you think those times