BITCOIN: Carefully excited…

And finally, here we have BITCOIN approaching to the most important Resistance Level of the Chart. The range between 6050 and 6400 USD. 

The 50 Day Moving Average in a consistent upwards trend which is nice and positive but….

But what happens with the Total Market Cap? Is it increasing because investors are coming, new FIAT is entering? or…

…is it the pure consequence of the Altcoin “Drainage”?

I’m afraid that the last is the most likely…

Yes, BITCOIN is increasing but most ALTCOINS are in full free-falling mode, and I am not speaking only about our beloved STEEM.

This “positive” trend on BITCOIN is only

Blue Apron Will Get Delisted

Blue Apron Holdings, Inc. operates direct-to-consumer platform that delivers original recipes, and fresh and seasonal ingredients. It also operates In addition, the company offers Blue Apron Wine, a direct-to-consumer wine delivery service that sells wines, which can be paired with its meals; and supplies poultry, beef, and lamb.

Blue Apron is responsible for pioneering meal kits to the masses and went public in 2017.  What they didn’t realize is the barriers to entry were low and quickly faced increasing competition.

After Amazon bought Whole Foods, two weeks after Blue Apron went public, Amazon announced it was entering the meal kit business. Amazon

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