STEEM is rising…

I wonder why…

But just by having a look at the @steemit account and its “operational” withdrawing account , aka @gsr-io, at Steemworld I think I get reason why.

@steemit haven’t stopped powering down… actually is transferring a big amount of liquid steem to @gsr-io , as usual, very regularly which is currently “storing” around 600000 Liquid Steem but…

You know what?

The last withdrawing operation straight to the exchanges from that account, @gsr-io , was placed on August the 12th…

No more transfers since then, and this is a great NEW because the frequency of these operations were set at least on a weekly basis if not in less time…

Consequences? Selling pressure is relaxing, people is buying maybe because Hardfork21 is approaching and that could create some expectatives…but the most important is that they stop selling…for the moment, remember that there are around 600000 Steem at the “Launching” account and around 2M Liquid Steem more ready to be transferred…

I hope they will keep for some days more the selling pressure low…however, they are not fools at all…

Sellers have to sell…



A watching neighbour.

Camera ~ LensNikon D3400 DSLR ~ 55-200 mm

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