Alternatives to improve the low rewards

6509 SP and increasing, this is the value of my account in STEEM POWER while in USD it is about 1280$ according to Steempeak.

I would not say that this amount of STEEM POWER is low… I am a consolidated and a proud DOLPHIN who has been working hard and investing in the worst time ever to do so and still doing it.

However my rewards today are almost half those of seven days ago…due to the NOT-SO-FAIR-AT-ALL Non-linear Rewards curve…

I have read that, right now, it is almost impossible to get rewarded by upvoting comments… and also that Bid-bots use are really required if you want to earn “anything” from your Hard-work…

Read this post written by the wizard @steemchiller , dev and owner of STEEMWORLD:

O maybe you are interested on reading this one from @blockchainstudio , who is another outstanding dev you must follow:

Before HF21, I personally was not a fun of maximizing my earnings nor by upvoting “succulent” comments neither by using Bid-bots and, of course, they are not in my present or future plans.

My plan is to continue working, engaging and searching for opportunities of building my STEEM POWER. I am buying again short amounts of STEEM, mainly using BITVAVO and I am planning to power-up some tomorrow, following the traditional SPUD5 day (STEEM POWER UP DAY) set by @streetstyle. By the way, if you want to try out BITVAVO and you want to help me growth my account, here you have my referral, .

One alternative that I am using lately in order to mitigate a little the reduction of my rewards is @drugwars , I am playing this game once a day and it is currently providing me a relief in DWD (DrugWars Dollars) which is an Steem-engine token currently worth 0.03 Steem/token at the named market. If you play well you can earn a lot of DWD and so STEEM.

(I have a referral also for @drugwars , let me know at comments if you are interested on trying out the game and I will help you building your “empire” by giving you some good resources)

Then, I am always doing an “audit” of my STEEM-ENGINE Wallet, on a weekly basis.

I usually stake half of the tokens of those TRIBES that I am interested on, i.e LEO, PAL, SPORTS, PHOTO… with the rest I simply sell them.

This evening has been “harvesting” Time for me at the Steem-Engine market and I get 43 STEEMP in just one week:

As you can see, there are always options for growing your account, now it is just a question of changing a little bit your habits till now as a consequence of the #newsteem rules…which, by the way, I hope will be better balanced in the near future by another adjusting Hardfork, specially regarding what I think is an UNFAIR new rewarding curve.


Probably the most important new about crypto I have read lately.

Ahhhhh, what an amazing country!

Just one week ago that I came back from a holiday trip at Portugal, mostly at Algarve and Lisbon area.

Chatting with my wife we both agreed that Portugal had surprised us in many aspects…

There we found an exemplary country in my opinion, excellent gastronomy, beautiful and clean beaches, preserved nature, modern and efficient infrastructure, healthy industry…

It gave us the impression that the country is emerging from the European economic crisis in a more efficient way than the rest of the southern countries …

… and not only at the traditional levels of the economy….

The Portugal Tax Authority has a very clear approach regarding BITCOIN and CRYPTOCURRENCIES:

“Cryptocurrency trading and payments in Portugal are exempted from tax”

Read the Authority Rule here (Portuguese language) and a more synthetic new here .

Do you think Spain and the rest of European countries will learn from Portugal’s Example?


The Fall of Price Is not the End of CryptoCurrency



If you check the current price of most of the Crypto currency you will see that the price of the crypto has really dropped down. Most people think that when the price drops that will be the end of it then they will start to dump the token/crypto onto the market. The more you drop the crypto onto the market the more the price will drop but the more you buy from the market the more the price will go up. Taking Steem as an example when steem was launch the price was not up to $1 but during 2018 the price of shoot up to $8. Why did that happen, alot of people bought the crypto and started to invest in it. This brings me to how people got to know about the platform. They got to know it through promotion of the platform. The whales of the platform who has more stake and more views on different platform should try and promote the platform to others this is how the platform can grow but we all sit and look at the platform to develop by it self it wont just happen like that because people have to invest in it before we can see growth in the platform. Before the price will shoot up, you could see that alot of people was actively posting on the platform but as soon as the price dropped they all stopped posting. This also get back to the whales. They should try as much as they can to support people on the platform rather than just holding the stake and doing nothing. Some also turn out to power down and withdraw the steem. If we want to see a growth in the price of the steem we all should try and dedicated to the platform and help it to grow like we use to do it way back in 2017-2018. And there we can se some changes coming through.

Alexis Sanchez move is Successful Now

The Chile Striker has now finished his loan deal and is now moving to Inter Millan to continue his football career there. When he came to Manchester United he was not able to perform well because of some small injuries that he was facing. But before he was being brought into the team team much was being expected from him but he couldnt produce more for the team scoring 3 premier league goals was a lost for his side because as such a striker he should have scored more goals for Manchester United. The move to inter Millan is good for him to build up his form there. Meeting his team mate Romelu Lukaku will also give him more morale to play with him. Inter Millan wanted to buy Alexis Sanchez but Manchester United remove that offer from the deal so when the Loan deal ends that will be the end they cant buy him. So now Alexis Sanchez is an Inter Millan Player.

Cristiano Ronaldo Hope to Play One team with Messi One Day

Hello everyone good morning. How was your night, Hope everything went on well. Yesterday the UEFA Champions League Draw was made and then they presented some awards to the UEFA Best players in some positions in football. Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi was around and they asked Cristiano Ronaldo some questions and he answered the question and I felt so happy. He was like, he has missed playing in Spain because when he use to play in Spain, Messi was giving him competition in Spain and he was also given messi competition which made the football game so healthy and it was pushing them forward as they were doing that. They dont have any bad relationship but it is a good one and he is also hoping to dine with him because that has not happen yet. He will be very much happy to dine with Messi and it will surely happen also they have to play one team. Just Imagine Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi Playing one team whom are going to set a your target player to tackle. Any time they meet any team they will scored them lol. Thank you for your time have a great day.