Survey says consumers avoid electric cars due to three myths: range, price, charging (electrek)

Survey says consumers avoid electric cars due to three myths: range, price, charging (electrek)

  • According to a new survey by Autolist, the top reasons for not buying an EV were range, price, and charging, with c. 40% of respondents concerned about these issues.
  • The author makes the argument that these concerns are outdated, as EV prices are already below US$30k (after fuel cost advantage), provide a range of ~250miles, and the are thousands of charging points every where in the US.
  • One of the positive insights from the survey is that the majority of consumers (55%) now said they would use an EV as their primary vehicle rather than as a secondary vehicle (which was previously the top answer).

Analysis and Comments

  • This article fits in well with the investor’s view as to the process by which EV uptake will occur
  • The short version is that, as the article highlights, the key issue around EV adoption will be familiarity. For most consumers, current EVs are perfectly suitable for day to day use. Most of us just don’t drive far enough to need to recharge more than once a day (as with the person in this story). So the key is getting people to try one.
  • This does not understate the charging infrastructure challenge; yes, there is a lot more that needs to be done to roll out charging stations, especially fast chargers. But this is a solvable problem.
  • As with similar innovations, the adoption curve starts slowly and then rapidly accelerates – we expect to hit this inflection sometime in the mid 2020s. Tailwinds to this include tougher emission standards & city centre driving restrictions & potential headwinds include cutting of subsidies and a lack of affordable model choice.

The article also makes an important point:

  • Auto makers don’t need to keep making the range further & further, if the cost is more expensive batteries & hence a very expensive EV. The alternative is cheaper shorter range EVs, possibly with a lease package that includes the occasional use of a petrol car for longer trips

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BTC analysis – 26 August

Until now I have been analysing the BTC movements from late June to date along these lines:

(Taken from this 5 August post):


But the price movements of the last few days are indicating that a channel (or possible flag) may not be the correct way to view BTC at the moment.

Instead, BTC now looks to be limited by the rising base of a converging triangle, as opposed to the descending base of a channel:

Made by Bit Brain with TradingView


The triangle itself is neither inherently bullish nor bearish, so in isolation it tells us nothing about the direction of future price movements. What it does do is give us a time: soon. Price is already in the breakout zone of the triangle, and should breakout any time between now and mid-September.

Previously I was of the opinion that the channel was probably part of a larger bull flag pattern.


But now it looks more likely to be a bull pennant:

Made by Bit Brain with TradingView

But now it looks more likely to be a bull pennant:

Since these two patterns predict the same bullish outcome, this doesn’t fundamentally change my medium-term outlook. This may make a difference to those trading the pattern, but as my blogging is generally geared towards investors, I consider that to be beyond the scope of this post. If you are a trader, then take a look at the posts or videos of an analyst such as Working2005 who regularly discusses crypto trading.

For my part I am not ready to see this “2019 bull run” continue yet. As I discussed in my recent “Crypto Market Cycles” series, I am still expecting a drop before we have another rise. This is somewhat contrary to what a bull pennant may indicate, but I have my reasons for saying so.

Volume is declining slowly but steadily, which puts BTC at risk of a sudden drop. Such a drop would tie in nicely with the information I discussed in “Crypto Market Cycles”, where I showed BTC to be trading at a higher price than what we would expect for a low-hype market:


I addition to this, I still believe that the current price movement (of the last couple of months) strongly resembles those of 2017:


…meaning that a strong and sudden dip could well occur soon. I am expecting such a dip. It is only after such a dip that I expect prices to climb again – as predicted by a bull pennant. This won’t necessarily be a “bull run” per se – just the following of the general BTC base trendline further upwards.

The bull run has yet to come…

Yours in crypto
Bit Brain

“The secret to success: find out where people are going and get there first”
~ Mark Twain

“Crypto does not require institutional investment to succeed; institutions require crypto investments to remain successful”
~ Bit Brain

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I’m Still Super Bullish On The Japanese Yen

Like every other economy in the world, the Japanese economy is slowing down.  But the Japan has one competitive advantage over most countries.  Japan is a very large exporter.  Now you might say China is a large exporter as well. But Japan has been one for many decades and as a result, has become the largest net creditor to the world.  So during times of uncertain, capital flows out of other currencies and into the Japanese yen, causing it to strengthen.  This is way the Yen is considered a safe haven currency.

With continued rife between the US and China, an inverted yield curve in the US, negative German bond rates, the Brexit deadline fast approaching, I remain super bullish on the Japanese Yen.  Lets go to the charts to see where the Yen might be headed next.

Monthly Chart (Curve Timeframe) – monthly supply is at 0.0103 and monthly demand at 0.00805.

Weekly Chart (Trend Timeframe) – the trend is sideways with upside momentum.

Daily Chart (Entry) – the chart suggests to go long if and once price breaches the the daily supply at 0.00953.

This post is my personal opinion. I’m not a financial advisor, this isn’t financial advise. Do your own research before making investment decisions.

? Daily Crypto News, August, 26th?

  • After Switzerland Visit, Crypto Concerns Remain for US Regulators
  • The Faketoshi Circus: Even Bitcoin Can’t Escape the Politics of Money ;
  • Burning Man & Crypto: Common Grounds ;
  • Binance hack victims set to receive lifetime VIP memberships ;
  • Using Fear & Greed Index to trade? Why not, it seems to work ! ;
  • ? Daily Crypto Calendar, August, 26th?
  • STEEM Trading Update

Welcome to the Daily Crypto News: A complete Press Review, Coin Calendar and Trading Analysis. Enjoy!

? After Switzerland Visit, Crypto Concerns Remain for US Regulators

Following a visit to Switzerland to meet with the country’s financial regulators, United States lawmakers are still concerned over Facebook’s proposed cryptocurrency project, Libra.

Meetings with multiple agencies

According to an official statement from Representative Maxine Waters published on Aug. 25, members of the U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee met with multiple regulatory agencies and lawmakers. These included the State Secretariat for International Financial Matters, the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner and the Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

As announced earlier this month, the representatives aimed to clarify how various Swiss authorities would regulate Libra and learn more about the status and magnitude of the project. Despite being helpful, Waters said of the meetings:

? The Faketoshi Circus: Even Bitcoin Can’t Escape the Politics of Money

In case you missed it, a new self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto came out of the woodwork last week, this one brandishing a “proof” based on numerology and an obsession with BCCI, the scandal-ridden bank that collapsed in 1991.

The widely debunked “reveal” from Bilal Khalid, aka James Caan – Khalid officially changed his name to that of the American actor – followed a host of equally absurd developments in a Florida court case against the other “Faketoshi,” Craig S. Wright. These included a hand-written note to the judge in which yet another person, one Debo Jurgen Etienne Guido, also laid claim to being bitcoin’s secret progenitor.

Sensible minds in the crypto community remind us that this is all a sideshow, that these competing claims to bitcoin’s creation ultimately mean nothing to its value proposition.

? Burning Man & Crypto: Common Grounds

It is a truth universally acknowledged that crypto aficionados love Burning Man.

Both the long-running festival in the Nevada desert and the bitcoin ethos revolve around openness to exploring new governance models with fewer rules.

Take me, for instance. I still have the colorful Burning Man ticket from 2010, when, like so many future bitcoiners, I went to camp in Black Rock City for a week in late August. Back then, I showed up with little more than a tent, a bikini and a Costco-sized bag of marshmallows to barter for supplies. There were no rules about how to trade these treats or attire myself, so in the free market of campgrounds I did quite well.

? Binance hack victims set to receive lifetime VIP memberships

Hackers have taken a toll on Binance.

In May, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange by volume suffered a hack that saw roughly $40 million of its reserve funds disappearing into thin air. 

Then, just earlier this month, the company became the subject of a blackmailing and extortion attempt from a hacker who allegedly gained access to several users’ photo IDs originally used for KYC purposes. The hacker demanded a bitcoin ransom in exchange for the photos remaining safe and unseen.

As a result, Binance today announced that the investigation into this latest breach remains ongoing. And that while the company maintains that many of the images are photoshopped or altered in some way, it now admits that some of the pictures correspond with those that it sent to a third party, which Binance contracted over a period of two months.

? Using Fear & Greed Index to trade? Why not, it seems to work !

The complete list of factors with their weighting

  • Volatility (25%)
  • Market Momentum/Volume (25%)
  • Social Media (15%)
  • Surveys (15%)
  • Dominance (10%)
  • Trends (10%)

For a full disclosure on what are these factors exactly referring to please go to their website

More analysis and thoughts here

We are seeing a very high level of fear (or low level of greed). I posted below a graph of their Fear & Greed Index followed by a graph of the Bitcoin Price.

In the last 18 months, the indicator dipped strongly 2 times before and when it did you can see the reaction by BTC a few weeks later !

To see this graph, go to my previous blog post


? Daily Crypto Calendar, August, 26th?

“ICON Foundation is excited to announce the Pre-Voting, starting on August 26th.”

“The mainnet token snapshot for ENG starts on this day. You must hold mainnet ENG to receive testENG you can use to stake testnet nodes.”

Mobile Payments Conference at Swissotel Chicago from Aug 26 – 28.

“The game continues until August 26th when we’ll randomly select first, second and third place winners:”

AXpire burns 20,000 AXPR as a part of burning percents of aXpire’s revenues.


STEEM Trading Update by my friend @cryptopassion

Here is the chart of yersterday :


Here is the current chart :


Today, we had an important UP in the direction of the 0.21$ resistance line. The rejection was quiet big as we can see that on the same candle, we almost touched that level to go directly lower after. Most of the time this kind of candle is a very bearish signal but let’s see what will happen in the coming hours. If the BTC is going to make a nice UP, I expect that we test quickly again that resistance line. In case of correction on the BTC, this will validate the bearish candle pattern.


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