Electric Unicorn: Bus Maker Proterra May Hit $1 Billion Valuation With New Funding Round

Unicorn: Bus Maker Proterra May Hit $1 Billion Valuation With New Funding Round

  • US-based electric bus maker Proterra, which may be looking to go public, is planning another fundraising round that is likely to push the company to a unicorn-class valuation of US$1bn.
  • The company supplies transit buses to cities across the US and employs a number of former Tesla engineers and executives.
  • The private equity sale (which the company registered on August 2nd) could raise up to US$75m in support of the company’s planned expansion beyond transit buses and into a new business unit aimed at selling EV components such as its batteries and motors.

Analysis and Comments

  • The bus sector is the easiest to electrify because of the predetermined nature of the driving routes which makes it easier and less costly to set up charging points. This explains why 60% of the bus fleet in Chinese cities is already electric.  
  • The bus sector contributes 10% to road related emissions despite being less than 1% in terms of the vehicle fleet. Electrification of bus fleets in Europe and the US will likely speed up over the next 5 years.
  • Chinese companies such as BYD will likely capture the bulk of the international electric bus market, especially short range city buses (also called transit buses). This will be because of their clear cost advantage versus western OEMs. Companies like Proterra are hence focussing on higher value longer range electric buses.      

? Daily Crypto News, August, 19th?

  • Santander to Connect Latin America to Ripple-Powered Remittance Service ;
  • Alive, Thriving and Totally Unauthorized: Inside the Underground Market for Telegram’s Cryptocurrency ;
  • Binance Reveals ‘Venus’ — Its Own Project to Rival Facebook’s Libra ;
  • Bitcoin Price Bullish Wedge Forms Pointing to $11K
  • Crypto Wallet ZenGo Now Supports Facebook’s Libra Testnet ;
  • ? Daily Crypto Calendar, August, 19th?
  • STEEM Trading Update

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? Santander to Connect Latin America to Ripple-Powered Remittance Service

Spanish megabank Santander Group is expanding its use of Ripple’s technology.

The bank is building a “payment corridor” that would let customers in Latin America send money to the U.S. instantly for free via One Pay FX, a mobile app that uses Ripple’s xCurrent software, officials told CoinDesk.

Currently, only customers in the U.K. and Spain can send money to the U.S. over One Pay FX. While the bank would not reveal how many Latin American countries it plans to connect to the corridor, Santander serves Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Mexico.

Like Santander’s DLT efforts to date, the new payment capability will not involve XRP, the cryptocurrency that Ripple periodically sells to fund operations and that powers its separate xRapid product.

Last year, Santander introduced One Pay FX in four countries that account for more than half the bank’s profits: Spain, the U.K., Brazil and Poland.

? Alive, Thriving and Totally Unauthorized: Inside the Underground Market for Telegram’s Cryptocurrency

The Takeaway:

Telegram’s long-awaited blockchain, Telegram Open Network, is said to be scheduled to launch Oct. 31, but the yet-to-be-issued gram tokens are already trading in an unauthorized secondary market.

Telegram has yet to publicly or formally acknowledge the project, but investors in last year’s $1.7 billion token offering, widely publicized in the press, are selling their gram allocations via OTC desks, exchanges and special-purpose vehicles.

Purchasing tokens this way might be risky, investors warn, as Telegram specifically prohibited investors from re-selling their allocations under penalty of terminating the purchase contract.
Secondary buyers may end up with nothing.

? Binance Reveals ‘Venus’ — Its Own Project to Rival Facebook’s Libra

Top cryptocurrency exchange Binance is launching an open blockchain project “Venus” focused on developing localized stablecoins worldwide.

In an announcement published today, Aug. 19, the exchange argues it is well-positioned to launch such a currency ecosystem in light of its existing public chain technology, Binance Chain, wide user base and already established global compliance measures.

Leveraging existing know-how

The exchange says it is seeking partnerships with governments, corporations, technology firms, and other cryptocurrency and blockchain projects in order to develop a new currency ecosystem that will empower both developed and developing countries

? Bitcoin Price Bullish Wedge Forms Pointing to $11K, Says Trader

Bitcoin (BTC) price was returning to bullish form on Aug. 19 as markets look to break out from last week’s sideways trading. 

Market visualization

Bitcoin price builds on $10K support

Data from Coin360 revealed Bitcoin challenging $11,000 in morning trading as Monday delivered almost 5% gains.
Markets appeared to be reacting to news cryptocurrency exchange Binance was planning to release its own version of Facebook’s Libra digital currency, in what is also a direct response to China’s central bank.
At press time, BTC/USD was circling $10,650, capping daily gains of 4.9%, while weekly progress still totalled 5.5% losses.

Bitcoin 7-day price chart

? Crypto Wallet ZenGo Now Supports Facebook’s Libra Testnet

On Aug. 18, the developers of ZenGo, a non-custodial keyless cryptocurrency wallet solution, announced that their app now supports Facebook’s Libra testnet.

Experimenting with Libra

According to the announcement, now users “can send and receive Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, Libra, just like any other cryptocurrency in ZenGo.” The developers also noted that the “testnet funds don’t hold any real value and are only for testing purposes.” The post explains:

“If you would like to experiment with Libra, you can turn on Libra testnet from the Account tab in the wallet. Once you turn on the feature, make sure your wallet is backed up, and we’ll send you your first Libra. Facebook is developing its own wallet Calibra, but it’s not publicly available yet. When it does become available it will be a custodial wallet, meaning that Facebook will have full control over the funds stored in it. But that will not be the only option. That’s why we’re offering Libra in ZenGo a non-custodial that people will have the option to choose.”


? Daily Crypto Calendar, August, 19th?

Xensor will be listed in Bithumb Global exchange on August 19, 2019.

Web3 Summit is organized around a single rallying call: to facilitate a fully functional and user-friendly decentralized web.

“We’re going to launch Vexanium Whitepaper 2.0 (Bahasa & Mandarin) on 19th August 2019.”

“Big news coming this Monday for Project Hydro!”

“PegNet Mining goes live Monday August 19th 17:00 UTC!”


STEEM Trading Update by my friend @cryptopassion

Here is the chart of yersterday :


Here is the current chart :


Nothing really new for the STEEM, as the BTC, the moves are very limited and we didn’t even touched the resistance line at at 0.18$. We are closed of it so I would be really interested to see if we can try to break it or not. The worst scenario would be a touch on that line foloowed by a new drop. Let’s hope it won’t happen.


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Chelsea Played Draw Yesterday

Hello everyone Good morning, How are you all doing hope you are all doing great. Today is another day for sports. Chelsea Played Leicester Yesterday and it was really a tough match which resulted in a draw 1-1. When they started the game in the first half. The newly signed player for Chelsea called Mount scored the first goal for Chelsea and then took that to the close of the first half. When they came back from the second half Leciester also prove themselves that they will win they are also they and equalized in the 69mins of the match. Both teams had alot of Chances but couldnt convert it into a goal so at the end of the 90mins it was 1-1. Both of them took away 1points each. Today Manchester United will be facing Wolves it will also a be a big game because last season this team worried most of the big team and also in epl games now we dont under rate any team. But for my prediction for todays match Manchester United will win by 3-0. And it will be a great win for us because the worry of the defense has now been solved so nothing to worry at the back again what we are now worrying about is the midfield and the Attacking. Lets all wait to watch the Manchester United match. Thank you for your time have a great day.