United Crash with AZ will be light

Manchester United will be travelling to AZ to play the next match of the Europa league. Paul Pogba will miss this match same as Wan Bissaka the right back of Manchester United. These two players is among the key players of Manchester United. So if these players miss this match and the coach play Ashley Young then this means that by all means we will conceed a goal. The right back will be loose and same as the midfield as always. The attacking of Manchester United has been slow because of Rashford. So the best Result for Manchester United will be a draw. Because when I see the form of AZ they are actually picking it up small small. I will bring you more of the game on thursday so have a great day.


Looking out for the unsuspecting birds.

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Champions League Champions League

Today is another day for Champions league and today I will give a prediction of some of the matches. Today Chelsea has to win their match else they will be coming to Europa. Yesterday to Real Madrid found it difficult to comeback if it was not the VAR which went in their favour meanwhile it was an offside but they took the goal for them. With the Chelsea match any team will win the match i think same as the other matches so if you know you will stake a bet. The Last time same thing happened and most of the best spoiled but this week should be different so bet wisely and let win more money.

New Record for Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7)

Juventus won their match 3-0 as Cr7 scored the closing goal for his team Juventus. There was a record set by the former Real Madrid Star Raul. He has scored against 33 different teams in the Champions League during his career. CR7 scoring the final goal for Juventus has also leveled up the Record which was set by Raul. Now CR7 has also scored against 33 different Teams in the Champions league. Which he will still continue to score more goals and set new record. When you check on the Barcelona star Lionel Messi he too has scored against 32 different teams in the Champions League. Today Messi can level up with CR7 when he is able to scored against the Seria A team Inter Milan. This team has been a challenging team for Messi to score against. And now they are meeting them in the Champions league at Camp Nou. We will see how it will turn out. Champions League Day. Let us all get ready for the matches.

Tottenham Taking 7 goals at Home

Hello everyone, Today is another for all of us. Champions League continues. And Yesterday too some of the Champions League matches went on. Tottenham played played Bayern yesterday. During the first Half Tottenham showed Bayern that they will score them and took the lead with a nice strike from Son. Kimmich didnt allow that lead to proceed so he gave a nice placement straight to the net of Tottenham making it draw. The goal was really nice and fantastic. The way he dribbled the player and didnt move the ball again and placed it at the right bottom corner of the goal keeper, everyone in the room was clapping. Getting to the half time of the game. Lewandoski gave a nice skills which was marked by Champions league Instagram page as the Skills of the Day. And gave a nice pass but that one didnt go through so he has to come and struggle for the ball as the got the ball it was a nice turning with a shoot straight into the net. So when they went for Half Time Bayern was leading by 2 goals to 1. When they came back from the Half time Bayern added another 5 goals and then Tottenham scored 1 to their 1 making it 2. So when the match came to an end it was 7-2 against Tottenham. Thank you for your time more news coming.

Unusual Options Activity In Natural Gas ETF, UNG

Earlier this month I noticed natural gas hitting reaching a longer term base and reversing direction. 

Natural Gas Analysis Report 9/5/19 – A Bottom Has Been Put In

Natural gas put in a hammer, reversal candle, which usually occurs at the bottom of a down trend. On the daily chart, price formed a demand zone, on top of a demand zone.  Thus, the chart suggested to go long during a pull back to the daily demand zones with a target at the daily supply at $2.700.

Price never pull back, but did hit the daily supply and is falling now.  Because the demand zones were never hit, they are still in play.

The United States Natural Gas Fund (UNG) is an exchange-traded security designed to track percentage changes in the price of natural gas delivered to Henry Hub, Louisiana, the main U.S. benchmark for natural gas.

Yesterday I noticed that the Smart Money bought over 29,000 of the Nov 15 call options with a strike price at $21. 

Because UNG follows the natural gas futures, the charts look very similar.

And based on the seasonality of natural gas price acting bullish from the Fall to the Winter from a technical standpoint, but also from a fundamental standpoint, I love the trade.  Thus, the Smart Money should have no problems being profitable on this trade. 


This post is my personal opinion. I’m not a financial advisor, this isn’t financial advise. Do your own research before making investment decisions.

Two Minute Crypto – Earn Interest on Your Crypto? – There’s a Catch

Please click the link below to listen to the 56th episode of my weekly crypto podcast ‘Two Minute Crypto.’ These are intended to be short, single-topic ramblings on some aspect of the cryptosphere. Consider dropping a like and or a review on iTunes or Podbean if you enjoy the podcast. Comments and critiques welcome.





Earn Interest on Your Crypto? – There’s a Catch

Welcome to Two Minute crypto. Today’s episode delves into an on the face of it – appealing opportunity in crypto – interest!

The last eighteen months or so have seen the launch of a wide array of interest-earning products for crypto. Block-Fi, Maker Dai, Crypto.com, and Nexo are currently the market leaders but the space is intensely competitive with many other projects vying for market share. At first largely limited to Bitcoin many platforms now offer interest on Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Binance Coin and more. Indeed, not only are more options being added but rates are on the rise with 6% per annum a rough average for BTC. In general, there are no-lockups, further differentiating these products from legacy saving accounts. All sounds great, right?

Not your keys, not your Bitcoin.

I’m sure you’ve read that before – most of you will no doubt be aware that placing your crypto on an exchange opens you up to a loss of funds. However, this counter-party risk is no less applicable to lending platforms. Once you deposit your funds -they are now at risk. From cold storage and long-term control and security to an IOU from a third party for an interest payment. If like me, you view Bitcoin as extremely undervalued in the long-run, you need to ask yourself: Is the reward worth the risk? For myself, the answer is no. Perhaps in time once a project has achieved a certain level of market maturity and an established track record of managing risk and adversity – perhaps then I will consider placing a small portion of my BTC in their hands.

But what of insurance I hear you say? Many of these platforms tout insurance protection to the tune of a $100 million dollars. Surely this is enough? No, it isn’t. First and foremost, the terms and conditions of said insurance will likely defy your full understanding. To what extent you personally will be covered for loss in this, that or the other scenario will require a complex understanding of corporate law. Critically, even if the insurance does cover your loss – how long might you have to wait to recover our funds 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years? During all that time Bitcoin may accrue value but the policy will likely pay on value at loss. This might amount to pennies on the dollar of future BTC value.

Finally, will the insurance scale to the platform’s growth? Almost certainly no – so what started out as more than adequate coverage may over time fail to match the expansion of the assets stored on the platform. Such under-insurance would effectively reduce your cover to a marketing slogan.

Ultimately, this is an issue of trust. Placing your crypto on an interest-paying platform is an exercise in trust. Counter-party risk is anathema to the sovereignty that BTC offers – think long and hard before you make that trade.

Thanks for listening.