Is TWTR a Buy Here?

TWTR has beaten earnings expectation on the bottom line and met the expectations on the top line, but is coming into market open down 8+%. I would say this is surprising given the price action, but I am not surprised at all. TWTR has a tendency to run up prior to earnings…and shit the bed no matter if the earnings are good or not.
I have been a longterm supporter of TWTR, and in fact have been o nthe platform for multiple years. I think it will continue to grow and has finally righted the ship after “being drunk” for multiple

WLS has a Bidder on the tape!…Support over 1.00 BTS

Whaleshares has a bidder on the tape! WLS is a fork of STEEM and has made some unique changes and growing in their own way. Whaleshares seems to be gaining traction and many have voiced their opinion that they “like” whaleshares better. Only time will tell and I believe there is a place for both! Logging on to bitshares I noticed something below…

Whaleshares has a bidder! Someone wants some WLS, about 45000 of them in fact. They are sitting on the bid as you can see in the photo.
They do not want to pay up for these considering the liquidity

$SPX Weekly Outlook : Neutral $QQQ $IWM $DJI

There is no sugar coating this rally off the lows when the plunge protection team stepped in on the night of Christmas Eve. This has been vicious and the BEST January start to the market all time (which is a very long time).

You have to be respectful of the rate of change in this increase off the lows. I am fairly certain that we are approaching an area where we should see 1 of 2 things. 1. A substantial pullback at least into the 2540 SPX area or even lower to continue the bear. OR 2. Some sideways action that

My One Year Anniversary On Steem

Today, January 30th 2019, I have reached my one year anniversary on Steem.

Hello SteemIt, I’m Rolland, Crypto, Forex, Futures, Options, Stocks, Wealth Building Enthusiast

I joined the Community after investing in several Cryptos and after watching to @JerryBanfield, @TitusFrost and @BrandonFrye   on Youtube talking about Steem.

The boom and bust we all experienced reminds me of how the Internet was in the late 90s and early 2000s.  I believe at this time and still believe that the Crypto space, including Steem has a bright future.

The main reason I joined Steem was it seemed like great forum to share how I viewed the Markets because

Get. On. The. Blockchain. Rocketship.

It is such a good thing for the ecosystem and crypto itself that bitcoin an cryptocurrencies are not in the news every hour of every day like they were in 2017. This makes it so much easier for the blockchain believers to concentrate and help evolve the technology, rather than constantly hear from people gambling and tweet hating everywhere about crypto. It is actually pleasant. It is possible that the crypto stars are beginning to align again.

First off, bitcoin is not technically broken until it goes under 1150. This is quite crazy but you can see in the past bubbles

Intraday Analysis: SPX Pressing The Upside Range

Over the last several days the S&P 500 has been a bit range bound.  Looking at a shorter time frame, such as the hourly chart we can see this trading action and that the index at this moment is trying to breakout to the upside.
Market Action
The opening bell was 30 minutes ago and despite disappointing earnings from yet another bank, JP Morgan this time, the SPX is pressing higher.

As you can see in the hourly chart above, price action has been stuck in a range the past five trading sessions and the index is now pressing the upside of that

SPX Bulls Showing Resilience

After quite the bounce last night and some negative news one could think the bears would come roaring down and sell off the market for at least a day, but the bulls seem to remain strong recently.
Bank Miss, China Down
This morning we got the first of what will be many banks reporting their fourth quarter results.  Citi kicked it off with a miss on revenue, which seems to be the expected tone for the banks this earning season from the pundits.
Additionally, data out of China sparked worries over a global slowdown as their import/export numbers were lower than expected.
Don’t Skip

@Steemit is Powering Down…Everything…Longterm GREAT THING $STEEM #crypto

Well folks, I believe the time of Make it or Break It may not be upon us in the Steem ecosystem. @Steemit has decided to start its’ power down of 34 Million Steem Power as you can see below.

They then send a memo to say they are moving the Steem to “secure wallets”. I call absolute bullshit on this reasoning. They are powering down to pay for the company and expenses, and likely also for some more research and expenditures. I presently have some mixed feelings about this situation…
Normally when The Majority stake holder starts selling LARGE amounts (it is

The Gold Trade $GLD $GDX $SLV $NUGT

Gold has been absolutely DESTROYED over the past couple years, and quite frankly been a big, fat, waste of mental capital. Well the wind and times may be changing for the pet yellow rock. Take a look…

I am taking a look at the GLD etf to make it easy and it is very liquid for any person who wants gold exposure (I personally advocate buying the physical metal). Notice how the monster rally took place while price was trading ABOVE the 200 weekly MA (blue line). Since the top we have been under this indicator for the majority of time

Have Investors Been Bird Boxed? Open Your Eyes! $SPX $IWM $GDX $TLT $GLD

The lack of emotion and worry in the market today is insane. There are so many investors and talking heads that are so sure the market bottom has been made and 2019 is going to be like 2017. Many believe that the bulk of the volatility is behind us…This is EXACTLY what markets do. They find a way to get the herd complacent and then BOOM! The market resets before anyone has a chance to get out.
Did you know the volatility in 2018 was not even in the top 20% of the most volatile years in the past 70+ years?