Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.

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Im a huge boxing fan. Been paying attention to the heavy division for as long as i can remember. Even during its low days. Above all boxers ive been a fan of Tyson Fury.
Wilder is a big puncher, Joshua is a fine looking chap but in the end your boxing skill is what matters.

I used to be a basketball player and during that time i had a number of guys telling me i should try out boxing. Being 6ft5 i had a fairly long reach and i was fairly athletic at the time. At the time lol. At amateur levels height, reach and athleticism were huge advantages.
But i never could stomach it. Even if i could avoid 99% of the punches, even if i could beat the crap out of the other guy i knew i could still get clipped and that never feels nice.

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I considered it for a while, but getting into it until one faithful evening in Zagreb during my college days when some retard got kicked out of a club, climbed up on the fence and started flailing around, changed my mind.
If i explained his reasoning (No explanation, he was a retard) its because im from Split and i lived in Zagreb (im actually born there) and the football clubs from each city hate each other. Its dumb but whatever.

This guy gets pissed because he is kicked from the club during the “Split nights” in “Roko and Akademija” (club name) and starts flailing and clips me on the nose. Ive had a few to drink so i literally dont feel it. Well, i do kind of.

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I feel my face getting warmer, being from a warmer climate, never before experiencing sub-zero temperatures, blood surging into my nose. I turn around and by friends are looking at me like what the hell is going on. Im completely clueless, blood pouring down my face..
It was december and i had this nice black Cashmere coat my father gave me and i see blood pouring over it.

Holly crap!

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Once i realized what was happening my roommate has already jumped over the fence, he is fighting 3 of the guys there, the rest of us running out, the bouncers not letting us leave, hes throwing rocks, fighting …. and thats when i realize that boxing wasnt really for me. haha

I could toss all those little fuckers half across the parking lot, squish their little faces, but i just wasnt crazy enough to slap the bouncer and jump across the fence and pick a fight with 3 other guys that could have had guns, knives, etc. My roommate was that kind of guy.
But then again my roommate was the kind of guy to drive a BMW backward 80 km/h, on the freeway drunk after his prom. Crazy fucking guy. lol.

But its those situations that make you realize what you want in life…

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Funny story…

Afterwards we took the tram back to our apartment and we were sitting there, my roommate face completely bloody, he cut his hand during the fight and he smeared his face in blood as war paint (i shit you not). The blood dried off, and a cute girl was sitting in 3 am, looked at him, in a empty tram back to “Borongaj” (@runicar will know haha) and he did the Croatian equivalent of the Joey pick up line:

How you doin?

I laugh out loud at that image, whenever i think about it. haha

What was i on about????

Lol. Boxing. The upset that happened. YES!!!

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Joshua looked like that guy that doesnt have that killer instinct. That doesnt have something to prove. My roommate was a flimsy guy, skinny, but he always had something to prove.

In my moment, i didnt have that drive so i knew fighting wasnt for me.
But Ruiz like my roommate wanted to prove something. He wanted “it”, he would do anything to get it and he did.
He won over the current most dominant champ with his flabby gut and short stature.

Just goes to show you that all you need is will…

And that is it. It seems NIKE was right. “Just do it!”. lol.
Weird world we live in. But thats what makes it interesting.

Ofc, Joshua is going to KO him in the first round next time around, but thats not the point. lol

NEO technical analysis

NEO seen from the temporality of 1D we can observe how the price maintains an upward movement inside an ascending wedge, one would expect that the price will find rebound just in the support located in the 1477, as we see it marked in the graph of above with a horizontal red color, to continue with the upward setup, the price should follow the trajectory that I have drawn in the image, this is a classic movement of 7 touches inside the setup, the minima to maintain a position each time higher in inclination (signal that new bulls are incorporated

BITCOIN: Expected correction on-going

Still trying to understand what is causing the drop on the market these days?

I quit already from searching the reasons long time ago, I am only stick to the Psychological aspect of the market…news supporting the different scenarios often comes later on…

For “common mortals” as we are, it is really difficult to anticipate your next move based only in news and rumors, actually what usually happens is that rumors and news come in a weirdly and sudden manner and they are only reachable in a first chance for only a few…

Normally, when you read about a rumor, the rise or

Bitcoin, EOS, ETH, LTC, BNB, BAT and XRP Analysis: Bulls Trying to Hang On

In my last couple updates, I discussed the real possibility bitcoin was topping out. It’s now decisively broken below the $8,150 support. The next area of support is $7,550.

Price is currently below the 21 Day EMA. If a daily candle opens and closes below the 21 day EMA, I’d likely signal more downside to come and possibly the start of a larger correction.

In today’s video I analyze Bitcoin, EOS, BNB, BAT, LTC, ETH and XRP. We’ll discuss where prices may be heading next, key areas to watch, possible buy/sell targets and so much more. I hope you find it helpful.


Box Got Crushed – Part 2

Three months ago, I wrote about Box’s fourth quarter earnings.

Box Got Crushed

One of the highlights of the earnings announcement was the dismal outlook Box reported. One of their biggest competitors is Microsoft Corp’s OneDrive and SharePoint.  Thus, it will be difficult for Box to steal away SharePoint customers.  In addition, Microsoft is able to provide OneDrive and SharePoint to customers at a cheaper rate than Box.  Personally, I wasn’t surprised by the forecast and the chart suggested price would fall to monthly demand at $14.

Yesterday, Box reported their first quarter earnings.  Box beat on earnings and revenue estimates, but reported

So, “Voice” is a dud… When will we see STEEM recover?

So… Voice launched and the dreaded MEOS turned into a fail… Theres a saying in Croatia:

Tresla se brda rodio se miš.

Thats how i feel here. From all this hype all we end up with is nothing at all. A ERC20 idea similar to MINDS that will amount to nothing. Everyone is targeting STEEM because STEEM is the only platform that has mainstream appeal. During the ATH STEEMIT was a top 800 website in the world. That is something no other blockchain has come close to achieving.

You can fool a stupid investor to drop a few hundred k on a hyped project but you cant force a large number of people to buy into an idea just because you spent money on it. The mainstream doesnt care about your RAM and cryptokitties.

Steem ofc has its problems, many of them, one of them abusive SP holders, the other vote buyers and sellers but the price of steem will always recover because among the abusers there will always be a few of those with a lot of SP that care about Steem succeeding.

For every Bernie, FTG, Haejin, Chbartist, Fyrst there is a Theycallmedan, Acidyo, Blocktrades, etc… The platform doesnt have to be perfection, it only ever has to have decent folks on it to counter the abusers, not in votes, but rather in example.

Maybe we all just have this idea in our head that STEEM either has to be perfect or it fails… I dont believe that… There will always be those that abuse the system because the system itself is not perfect and it cannot ever be perfect. Human nature is in the way.

How well our platform does is on all of us. It doesnt matter that you can make more from bots, it doesnt matter that you can make more from circle jerks, self voting..etc.. What matters is what kind of person you are.

An “abuser” will always find a justification for acting like a “abuser”. A decent person doesnt need a justification to be decent.

What do you want to be?

Just a few thoughts. 😀


On 4hr chart, it did play out as mentioned in the previous posts testing the channel bottom and bull flag breakout line. Some buying support there, let’s see if the stoch oscillation can climb up slowly with the price. Big whale unloading slowly though.
News: (Current) | (Upcoming)
Short term moving average (day candle) :
Network Value to Transactions Ratio :123
Total marketcap :255
Dominance :55.6
Bitfinex Margin Long/Short Volume Ratio :
Depth Chart : (S) | (R)
Weekly Timeframe :

Facebook Has Some Real Problems Now

Shares of social network Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) slid as much as 9.3% on Monday. As of 3:24 p.m. EDT, the stock was down 7.5%.The stock’s pullback follows news that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was assigned jurisdiction to see whether Facebook’s dominance harms competition, The Wall Street Journal reported.“The FTC secured the rights to begin a potential investigation of Facebook and whether it has engaged in unlawful monopolistic practices,” wrote the Journal’s Brent Kendall and John D. McKinnon, citing people familiar with the matter.“The fact that the commission formally secured jurisdiction on those issues suggests it is considering even more

$NIO Failed Breakout turned into a Disaster

This is why you follow rules and pay attention to price. When things don’t act the way they should you just get out of the way and move on. NIO is a luxury electric car company (and service) that I had my eyes on. It was a new IPO as you can see above and broke up out of the initial IPO range. I liked it here.

Then…kaboom. News and earning cause it to rapidly give these levels back and create an ISLAND of bagholders above the range. I got out of the way here but I believe many have

Bitcoin Will Likely Consolidate or Pullback Over Coming Weeks

I know we all want to be bitcoin bulls right now, and sure price could push for 10k at anytime.  However, the orderly price action, the better for the long-term price action speaks otherwise and I’m going to walk that path.  I am the scaredycat after all!
The Weekly Chart Tells a Clear Story

Looking at the daily chart you really don’t see this.  When we look at the weekly the picture becomes clear.
After 5 straight weeks higher we got a nice doji candle last week.  This shows us indecision and that buyers may have run out of gas for a bit.