Another Tidbit of Wisdom… $AAPL

Markets are hard. No one has ever denied that. The second you think you are performing well and do not stick to a strict set of rules is likely around the same time (or seconds) that the market smacks you right in the face.

In order to succeed in the market across ALL time frames you have to get the trend right. Well your in luck. We are at a very pivotal point in the US Equity Market that the trend will be decided soon enough (more than likely). $AAPL is going to be our prime example here in analyzing

Being Ambitiously Lazy and Having Success

How can someone be both ambitious and lazy, wouldn’t one effectively cancel out the other?
Ambitiously Lazy
Most people consider me ambitious, they also consider me to be a hard worker. They have this idea that I’m hustling all the time because I have the ambition to pursue multiple things.
This may have been true in my twenties, but in my early forties – not so much!
Don’t get me wrong, I still bust my butt. However it’s selective and only with things that I can be lazy with after they are established.
Real Estate – You have all seen me post about real estate investing.

Bitcoin Hitting New 2019 Highs!

Bitcoin bulls have continued to impress, hitting another new 2019 high today of $9,430. Daily volume is steady.

Shorts have spiked nearly 50% in the last 10 days. This would suggest bitcoin may have more room to run in the form of a short squeeze.

Looking at the CME Futures chart, we’ve discussed the gap between $7,200 and $7,450. We’ve got another fresh gap between $8,500 and $9,050. Probability is price will eventually drop to close these gaps. That said, it doesn’t mean bitcoin won’t continue up first.

In today’s video I discuss where price may be heading next, key areas to watch,

STRAT technical analysis

STRAT seen from the temporality of 1D we can observe how the price remains within the range of accumulation indicated in the graph within the green rectangle, we can also observe in the major figure as it has come forming a parallel channel, I have indicated it in blue color to differentiate it from the descending wedge in red color, where we see that the previous candle when touching the resistance to found offer that has pushed the price down.

STRAT seen from the temporality of 4H we can observe more closely the zone of accumulation, we see the bearish impulse

BITCOIN – 17 Jun

On 4hr chart, doing it’s consolidation as mentioned. lets see if it test 9600 or 10k zone.
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Short term moving average (day candle) :
Network Value to Transactions Ratio :
Total marketcap :
Dominance :
Bitfinex Margin Long/Short Volume Ratio :
Depth Chart : (S) | (R)
Weekly Timeframe :

Pembina Pipeline…A Potential Long Term Investment

Most stocks pay their investors quarterly at best. That makes it a bit more challenging for those who rely on these payments to cover their monthly bills. While they can choose to invest in three sets of stocks that are on different payment cycles, an easier way to generate a consistent monthly income stream is to invest in a stock that pays a dividend every 30 days.While a few stocks pay monthly, one enticing option worth considering is Canadian midstream company Pembina Pipeline (NYSE: PBA).Pembina Pipeline pays out only about 57% of that stable cash flow to investors in support

We bought a house. With a yard!

We recently passed the three year mark, living in Portugal and living without a place for ourselves in the sun. Whilst we were getting settled here we spent a short time at my brother-in-law’s house, then rented a flat, then stayed in the middle of a village, Condeixa-a-Nova. For the vast majority of the last three years we have not had a yard, something both my wife and I grew up with and missed terribly.

Just recently we finalised the purchase of a house with a fair sized yard, we had been searching for a number of months trying to find something we could afford and that had a fair bit of space as we would like to start growing some of our own food.

Here you can see, the place we bought had been left alone for a while. There was someone living in the place, but he was there just to keep it occupied and no maintenance was done on the grounds.

Heres another shot, showing the length of the grass. We met a man who’s in-law’s own the house across from us, he recommended the guy he uses to cut grass with a tractor. The section thats been cut below was as the tractor made it’s way through the grass.

Our house in the background and a happy son who now has a big yard to play in!
There’s a patch that we told the guy with the tractor to leave, it had vines planted and there was still wire in the thick of the grass. Some of the wire got tangled in his cutter and we spent some time trying to get the mess untangled. We will be trimming that manually.

A view of our back yard. I am over the moon with where we are, as there are a number of trees nearby and very few neighbours. It’s fantastic!

I started digging a hole, to throw the garden refuse and food scraps so we could start composting it. I am embarrassed to say how long it took me to dig this wide and deep. I have reached down to what is mostly clay so am struggling a lot to dig it even deeper.

So after a few years of (not so) patiently waiting we finally have a place where we can try and settle down, where the kids can play till the sun goes down and we can try get some good food growing. There is still so much to be done but it’s way better for us than simply flopping down behind a TV or a computer!

Altcoin Buying Masterplan (it’s working…)

I often share information about the coins I hold and buy. While I sometimes categorise or group them, I rarely look at my portfolio as a whole and explain it in broad terms.

This post is to explain the broad rationale behind why I buy what I buy. It’s to give you an idea of why I am focusing my altcoin investments where I am, and perhaps an idea of how that is working for me so far.

Turn back the clock

Little story of my crypto history:

Like many crypto investors, I was doing very well in 2017. Not wanting him to miss

Crypto Analysis Report 6-17-19…Look For Catalysts To Push Bitcoin Higher

Bitcoin, which has been rallying hard over recent months, has hit a fresh year-to-date high, breaking the psychological $9,000 level for the second time this year and leaving investors eyeing the $10,000 mark.Bitcoin and cryptocurrency sentiment has been boosted recently by news social media giant Facebook is looking to create its own cryptocurrency, with details of the Palo Alto company’s plans expected to be fully revealed on Tuesday this week.Meanwhile, bitcoin traders and investors are looking ahead to next year’s bitcoin halvening event which will see the daily bitcoin supply cut by half overnight, with some predicting this will cause

…”the early bird catches the worms”

yep, I don’t like to wake up early but some times it has its advantages…

This Saturday we have had an unexpected event in the factory of superconducting magnets in Marghera (Venice) … for all that I had to take the plane earlier today and I had to get up at 4:30 AM … I’m devastated…

A couple of positive things though:

  • I’ve seen the sun rise … although breaking my sleep again in the plane LOL
  • The car rental company has given me to test this “beast” …


It is really an “spartan car” with some Air Conditioning and a nice Stereo equipment.

The front side is impressive:

I tried it on the short journey between Venice and Marghera, and I have to say that I arrived at the factory as if I had drunk a bottle of “Valpolicella Red Wine” only myself … which, by the way, is an excellent wine but I feel dizzy…

This car shakes like a vibrator, it is so soft that you feel any irregularity of the road in your body… I don’t know, perhaps I am so tired…I will explain my feelings about the car maybe tomorrow when I get back to the airport.