A trip to Dubai with Zonethree6 and enjoy a VIP Ticket of One Africa Music Festival

Hello everyone, Do you want to go to Dubai before celebrating the Xmas. Then this is you lucky day to join the Zonethree6 team and make a trip to Dubai. Spending 5 days thus from 13th of November to 18November and attend the One Africa Music Festival. To join this wonder offer you will have make a payment of GH 8,000 cedis thus 1,453.22usd.If you want more enquires contact +2335547729272 / +233545500300. Then reserve your sit for this wonder full occassion. Thank you dont miss this because it will be fun.

Arsenal Kudos

Arsenal won their opening game in the Europa League. They won by 3 goals to 0 as their opponent had a red card. They took the lead from the first half . They were leading by 1-0. Then after the first half they added another 2 goals to the 1 making it 3 to secure their 3 points.

Victory For Manchester United in their First Match (Europa League)

Manchester United played Astana yesterday. United used 5 academy players and it was actually not a good option for the Coach to do. The team is not in the good form. We always struggle to score goals and you are also playing this Academy players. Play the Senior players win the match once and for all. Just looking at the way we were suffering to score goal and luckly for use we had 1 goal from the Natural Finisher Greenwood. Manchester City wont do this mistake any where he will make sure he score you more and more. Manchester United should man up well.

Lazio Lost their First Match In Europa League

Hello everyone good day today is another day for all. Yesterday, All Europa League Matches went on and it was fire. Seeing Lazio lost to this team was heart breaking. They played draw in the first half and took it to the second half at the die minute of the game then Lazio made them score them. I was sad because I predicted that Lazio will win the match but unfortunately it didnt happen. Hope their Next Match they will try and Win.

There is need for more awareness on the posting of CP contents on Uptrennd (My Suggestion)

For the sake of people who don’t know, CP means Copy-Pasted. I have seen a lot of people including myself post only links without including any description of what they are posting on this platform. I am also guilty of that but that was as a result of my ignorance not until I saw the post published by @Victoria and @Luke about how to post CP contents. 

I really love the idea and I think that will sure help bring in more quality to Uptrennd. We don’t want shit post here of course. I promise to take my time to put in some changes in the subsequent contents that I will be posting. 

My suggestion 

I would suggest that more awareness should be created by the Uptrennd team so as to get this things to more users. Many of us are only posting those things because we are ignorant. I would suggest there should be a guide on how to post CP contents pinned somewhere on the platform user interface where it can be easily accessed by any new users. 

The quality of contents on a social media platform really matters a lot and I think this should be treated with urgency. However, I will also try as much as possible to promote this to other people as much as I can. 

Maybe a hypertext like the one in the image shown above that read “For CP contents, write a minimum of 45 words to explain the link share” can be made included in the box like that. I think that will sure solve the issue ignorance concerning sharing CP contents. 

Here is a complete guide by @luke and @Victoria on how to post CP contents

Link 1​​​

Link 2

Taking down our terrace roof – part II

A few months ago I started tearing down a portion of the roof that covers our terrace. The wood used in its construction was untreated and this meant that all manner of creatures had started making it their home.

The main beam holding up half of the roof had started sagging to the point that the houses previous owner propped it up with another wooden pole, which was jammed between the beam and a stair. This made me feel incredibly uneasy.

A rotting mess

As the wood was untreated the beam near the end, which got wet any time it rained, was completely rotten. It was right near the road and I was very worried that the tiles on it would fall off and into the road, leading to an accident.

This too had a pole propping it up. Here you can see the sad state it was in.

This was how far I got for a while, with the tiles off, the immediate danger was out of the way. Much of the weight had been removed from the main beam so I had bought some time, as you may know I focussed on redoing the kitchen and bathroom downstairs to prepare it for when my mother-in-law moved in.

Some progress, rotten to the core

Fast forward two months and I started taking some of the wooden beams down, not an easy task when you are so high and working on top of a ladder on the terrace.

I took the above photo to show my wife just exactly how rotten and weakened the main beam was. I got quite a surprise when looking at it from this angle.

I had managed to take the end bean off and it practically crumbled in my hands as I took it down. If not for the pole holding it up it would have fallen down a long time ago.

I managed to get two beams down in a day, but working so near the edge of the terrace meant my nerves were shot. I was very glad to be down from the ladder for a while.

A little while later ( a few days) I put a different light up outside so that I could disconnect the ones fixed to the beams. With the tiles off I did not want water to go into them and cause a short. Better safe than sorry.

As life has it I got not one but two freelance deals so I had to take a break from the DIY stuff for a while and sort out the two clients.