Bond Analysis Report 9/6/19 – Price Will Continue To Go Higher

Central banks have delivered 32 interest-rate cuts globally this year as a worsening U.S.-China trade war drags down global economic growth. Swap markets suggest we’re not even at the halfway mark for cuts yet.

Traders are expecting much more. Over the next 12 months, interest-rate swap markets have priced in around 58 more rate cuts, assuming central banks maintain their current trajectories in easing. Those cuts could total another 16% in global reductions.


And when it comes to the US, the Equity and Bond markets have already priced in further rate cuts.  The Fed’s target rate range is between 2% and 2.25% after a cut of 25 basis points in July.  If Fed Powell doesn’t continue to cut rates, many on Wall Street (and Trump) are saying the Feds will cause the next recession.  A big part of this thesis is when the Feds raised rates four times in 2018 with the last one causing that massive sell-off in December (Merry Christmas).

The US Feds are in a tough spot because the US economy is actually still growing…just at a slower pace.  The economy expanded by 2% in the second quarter and consumer confidence is still near all-time highs. Based on the historical correlation between the stock market and consumer confidence once the index hits 100, consumer confidence may be about to dip, which could hit the retail space hard and evidently the stock market.


But what’s going on around the world can’t be ignored, the global economy is slowing down.  And probably more important, the invert yield curve can’t be ignored either because it’s only predicted the last 5 or 6 recessions.

And so, from a fundamental standpoint, based on the continued rate cuts around the world, I expect the 10 yr bond to continue to move higher over time. However, from a technical standpoint, price is currently in a monthly supply zone. The chart suggests price will pull back, before moving higher.

On the daily chart, price should at least stall at these levels, if not react and move higher.

This post is my personal opinion. I’m not a financial advisor, this isn’t financial advise. Do your own research before making investment decisions.

U.N. flags need to cut meat to curb land use impact on global warming

U.N. flags need to cut meat to curb land use impact on global warming (Reuters)

  • According to a recent report by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), global meat consumption must be reduced to curb global warming and alleviate strains on stretched land and water resources.
  • As human use directly affects more than 70% of the global ice-free land surface, plant-based foods and sustainable animal-sourced foods could free up several million square kilometres of land by 2050 and cut harmful emissions.
  • Last year’s report called for rapid changes across society to keep the temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, while this year’s report states that “[t]he window for making these changes is closing fast. If there is further delay in reducing emissions, we will miss the opportunity to successfully manage the climate change transition in the land sector.”

Analysis and Comments

  • According to the report, agriculture, forestry and other land use activities accounted for 23% of total net man-made GHG emissions during 2007-2016 (excluding pre- and post-production activity in the food system).
  • While the IPCC stops short from actually telling people to go meat-free, it does advocate the benefits of a more plant-based alternative diet, which may be seen as a positive for players in this space (although this is not exactly news).
  • The Guardian published a highly critical response to the IPCC’s land and climate report (saying that it “irresponsibly understates the true carbon cost of our meat and dairy habits”), which includes a number of very interesting figures – well worth a read!  

Beyond Meat’s Share Price

? Daily Crypto News, September, 7th?

  • Blockchain Startup DappRadar Raises $2.33M From Naspers, ;
  • Ethereum’s Istanbul Hard Fork Implementation Delayed to Early October ;
  • The State of Security Token Regulations in Asia ;
  • Fed Chair Says Agency Monitoring Crypto But Not Developing Its Own ;
  • How Celsius Turned Its Crypto ICO Into a Billion-Dollar Lending Business ;
  • ? Daily Crypto Calendar, September, 7th?
  • STEEM Trading Update

Welcome to the Daily Crypto News: A complete Press Review, Coin Calendar and Trading Analysis. Enjoy!

? Blockchain Startup DappRadar Raises $2.33M From Naspers,

Lithuanian blockchain startup DappRadar, a platform for discovering and analyzing blockchain-based decentralized applications (DApps), announced it raised $2.33 million in seed funding.
$2.33 million to expand services 

On Sept. 5, DappRadar announced the closing of a $2.33 million seeding round, which was led by Naspers, a South African-based global internet and media group. Ventures, a venture capital fund and subsidiary of, and Angel Invest Berlin were also among the participants.

? Ethereum’s Istanbul Hard Fork Implementation Delayed to Early October

Ethereum’s testnet activation of the Istanbul hard fork has been pushed back to early October, according to the community manager of the Ethereum Foundation, Hudson Jameson.

According to CoinDesk on Sept. 6, Jameson said on a developers’ call that the testnet launch of the hard fork is now scheduled to take place in the beginning of October.

He added:

“For anyone listening in who doesn’t know how this works, we pick a block number that we estimate to be around the 2nd of October. […] However, that might be one or two days behind or forward from that date based on how fast blocks are produced between now and then.”

? The State of Security Token Regulations in Asia

Since the cryptocurrency boom and initial coin offering craze of 2017, many countries in Asia have taken steps to clarify their regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies and security tokens.

In this article, we focus on the three countries that have the clearest regulations in place regarding digital assets, though there is still more work to be done.

Click on this link to see updated regulations in Thailand, Hong-Kong and Singapore

? Fed Chair Says Agency Monitoring Crypto But Not Developing Its Own

Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve Jerome Powell said that the United States Federal Reserve is monitoring digital currencies carefully, but not working on its own at the moment.
Speaking at a forum in Zurich, Switzerland, on Sept. 6, Powell addressed the issue of cryptocurrencies, arguing that central banks would likely will not release their own digital currency in the near future.

Powell added that cryptocurrencies raise a range of concerns including cyber security issues:
“If you think about one currency that was for the United States, it would really need to be cyber secure because it’s one thing to be able to counterfeit paper currency, it’s another thing to hack into a cyber currency and create, with a computer, however much of it you want.”

? How Celsius Turned Its Crypto ICO Into a Billion-Dollar Lending Business

 The Takeaway:
Crypto lending startup Celsius raised $50 million in a token sale in 2018.

Lending volume has surged since then, with 10,415 Celsius users taking out fiat loans after locking in crypto collateral.

BitGo confirmed to CoinDesk that it held $1 billion worth of crypto deposits from Celsius over the past year.

CEL tokens are trading for roughly the same price today as they were last autumn, shortly after the token sale.

So far, Celsius says it has not been contacted by any regulatory body with concerns about CEL tokens.


? Daily Crypto Calendar, September, 7th?

The announcement for Vexanium Dapps Competition 2019 winner!

“Deep reorg protection is coming. Testnet until end of August 2019. Mainnet September 6th 2019.”

“The event will be the first of the EXANTE series on DeFi, decentralized finance.”

Shanghai Blockchain Technological Innovation Summit from 9:00 – 17:00.

“Xensor will be listed in IDAX exchange on September 6th, 2019”


STEEM Trading Update by my friend @cryptopassion

Here is the chart of yersterday :


Here is the current chart :


Till now and also due to the BTC correction, the UP that we had yesterday is becoming a simple PUMP and DUMP. We almost lost all the UP of yesterday so yeah, just consider it as a false signal. I traced for you the low on the STEEM around 0.155$. It is really possible that we go touch it quiet soon. Let’s see if we will have a bounce on that level.


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Crypto Contest September 7: Dragon Coins

Dragon Coins (HitBTC: DRGBTC) has broken out of the triangle pattern in the four-hour chart.

(Chart courtesy of (log scale))

Elliott Wave Analysis

In Elliott Wave terms, Dragon Coins began a wave one advance on August 19. The red wave one (blue sub-waves i-ii-iii-iv-v) finished on August 30, and the red wave two (blue sub-waves a-b-c) correction ended on September 5. If this wave count is correct, Dragon Coins should be heading next towards the August 30 peak in the red wave three.

(Chart courtesy of (log scale))

Zooming out in the daily chart, I believe Dragon Coins is currently in the red wave three (blue sub-wave iii). The red wave three began on August 19.

(Chart courtesy of (log scale))


Dragon is a blockchain solution for the entertainment industry. You can watch the economics of Dragon Coin below.

(Sources: Dragon Coins and YouTube)

How can I vote? Where is the contest?

You can vote by following this link.