High Quality Content or an advertisement tabloid?

I am watching the trending page at steemit…

Hey, we managed to fire out all of those bid-bod abusers!!!

That’s really great!

More steem returning to the reward pool to be used on high quality posts!!!

But wait, is it what I see now what we all expect as a high quality content?

From top to bottom:

This is what I see now at the trending page…

Huge eSteem iOS 2.2 update now available to Apple users , Ok, great, I am very happy with this new and I am using it unstoppably since yesterday…thanks @esteem !

Compact Broadcast Node: Low Cost Infrastructure to support Keychain, Splinterlands, Steem Engine  , excellent for… developers?

Bitcoin Prediction – Price TARGET Discussed | Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis | Week 1,  , Not bad this video about trading… I like it…perhaps a little bit overpaid I would say

Can a non-technical, non commercial project be supported on Steem? The Steem ecoVillage  … Great! More Ideas, more developments… I love the message about “Create An Off-Grid Community Based on the Gift Economy!”… I will read it carefully when I will have some spare part…

The Bismuth Governance Shift, Part 2 … what the heck is…?! buuff…too much for me, sorry, no opinion here…

The First Blockchain Shooting Game is Here! … this is funny, a good idea of an ETH blockchain-based game … the good thing here is that the author burned some SBD to be on the trending page in order to promote this post and decided to refuse rewards, which is intelligent under the point of view of an advertisement use-case…

BISMUTH CHESS 960 Tournament – Friday, 6th 19:00 UTC … another advertisement about a Chess tournament… just a few lines…poor content in… I would say it is also overpaid due to bid-bots use…

Congratulations to the Winner of the Steem Fest ticket sponsored by Blocktrades and Steem  … 90 USD to announce the winner of the steem Fest ticket sponsored by blocktrades… buufff, is this high quality? This is an example of…?

OCD Content Creator Onboarding Program (Apply here) … same here?

BUZZi Top Creator / Top Posts Rewards Event… 89 STU

Advertisement, rear advertisement rear advertisement…. 8 out of the 10 top trending posts are advertisements… I had to scroll down a few times in order to see something interesting and attractive, opinion posts, steem related topics… not bad, not bad…

Today I did not find anything downvotable on top of the trending page but either I have not seen anything remarkable under what I expect to be considered as a High Quality content on top…

If a newby/investor comes and tries to check in TRENDING what do you think he will do after? … I might be wrong but I think that most likely he will close the tab and open the bloody FACEBOOK again…

Fortunately I have my own “feed” and the tribes, in particular, STEEMLEO and SPORTSTALK and, sometimes also PHOTOSTREEM and LIFESTYLE… there I can find the topics I like more and, if I am lazy I can enjoy some nice pics and provide some BEER tokens to the people I engage with…

Yes man, I am able to consider one PIC a high quality content post if I like it and it invites me to interact with the creator.

We don’t only need Master Degree steemians for any speciality to post on the steem and share ideas, opinions, feelings, find solutions, help and ask for help… For me, besides the content, QUALITY means also ENGAGEMENT and I am not sure that now this property is better promoted…

Perhaps, we have to find another TRENDING filter now… one for creators and another for advertisers…


Source of the Image:

“Tabloid April13 | Supermarket” by Bibi De Carli is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 

Check out Vite

What is Vite?

Vite is a generalised decentralized application platform that has the capacity to provide full support for a set of smart contracts, each of which is a state machine with independent state and different operational logic, which can communicate by message delivery. In general, the system is a transactional state machine.


Vite is a platform that possess the prerequisite or necessity highly required for industrial applications in relation to high transaction rate, scalability, optimum security and a period between the initiation of transaction and the occurence. The Vite platform has a built-in native token known as Vite Token, which can be used to make payment for asset exchange transaction. The Vite Coin is already listed on CoinMarketCap.

Mode of Operation
The structure of ledger used by Vite is DAG, and accounts are fully responsible for the grouping of transactions in that ledger. Which in turn helps to input the throughput of the system alongside other notable structures. The Vite team noticed that the DAG ledger doesn’t provide optimum security, and they make available the Snapshot Chain Structure which can help to make up for that deficiency.

The Vite platform is known for its great features of scalability and high performance which is provided by the HDPoS consensus algorithm, which is responsible for making the writing and confirmation of transactions to occur at a different time.

An improvement is brought upon the description through the compatibilty function of Vite VM with EVM, creating an extension of the smart contract language from solidity. An improvement in the rate of transaction and scalability in the system is implemented as a result of an improvement brought upon the Vite design and that notable improvement is the introduction and acceptance of a asynchronous Event Driven Artichecture, which communicates information through messages between smart contracts.

A complete value system is formed by Vite based on the Loopring protocol function, which trigger Vite to provide support for the issuance of digital assets by users with an inclusion of its own built-in native tokens, cross chain value transfer and exchange of tokens. Light users that do not trade frequently on Vite are spared from paying high transaction fees or gas charges due to the resource allocation that Vite acquire by quotas.

Summary features of Vite
High Throughput
Optimum Security
High Performance
Low Delay
Value Circulation
Contract Scheduling
Name Service
Contract Update
Block Pruning

Generally, Vite is tri-dimensional in nature because it has a high-performance decentralized platform, a multi-token wallet which is decentralized for the managament of your digital assets, and a decentralized exchange to carry out trading of digital assets.

Earn some Vite Coin through Airdrop
Vite is currently holding an airdrop where you can Claim free 10 Vite Coin on a daily basis. I am including this so that my fellow trybalist will earn some free Vite Coin which is worth $0.04 per Vite as at the time of writing this post.

  1. Download Vite wallet from here https://growth.vite.net/share?inviteCode=1heENDln&lang=en
  2. Create an Account
  3. Switch to a 12 or 24 keyword phrase and make sure you back it up by writing it down.
  4. Go to the last tab at the bottom and click “Invite friends and win Vite”
  5. Insert my invite code “1heENDln” and we will both get 10 vite each instantly.
  6. Immediately you are done with that, wait for about an hour. You can minimize or exit the Vite App.
  7. After the time is elapsed, move to the 2nd tab at the bottom and click on “pick up now” to claim ur free Vite.
  8. You can go back to claim free 10 Vites Coin after every 24 hours.

Final Thoughts
I see Vite as a very promising project that will help promote the blockchain and cryptocurrecy industry at large. Let’s watch out for them.

The FIFA FIFpro is out now

The list of fifa fifpro is out and Manchester City had most of it players in the list. It is a nice deal and nice move for those players to join.

Why Neymar wasn’t able to join Barcelona

Hello every Luis Suarez just came out to say something about why Neymar Jnr wasnt able to join Barcelona before the transfer window close. He said Neymar really wanted to join Barcelona but the bid that PSG gave to them was really huge and they couldnt affored to pay that sum of money. They tried to negotiate and add players to make the bid successful but it also didnt work out so right now the transfer window has been closed and Neymar couldnt join the Barcelona team but lets see if they will allow him to play their next match. Thank you for your time have a great day.

Chelsea New Kit

Hello everyone, How is everything going on. Chelsea just released their 3 kits which is their new kits and their new kits has been added to the fifa 20 game. The colour of the kits is black. It is a black top with a black shorts with their orange socks. It such a nice jersey. Congrats to the chelsea team.

🗞 Daily Crypto News, September, 5th💰

  • UN Official: Crypto Makes Policing Child Trafficking ‘Exceptionally Difficult’ ;
  • Bitcoin Short of Bull Target Despite Five Days of Price Gains ;
  • China’s Crypto Competitor Is Being Built in a Secret Office with Restricted Access ;
  • Square, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin ‘Not Functional as a Currency’ ;
  • Foundation Uses Blockchain and Crypto to Help Save the Brazilian Amazon ;
  • 📑 Daily Crypto Calendar, September, 5th💰
  • STEEM Trading Update

Welcome to the Daily Crypto News: A complete Press Review, Coin Calendar and Trading Analysis. Enjoy!

🗞 UN Official: Crypto Makes Policing Child Trafficking ‘Exceptionally Difficult’

A top United Nations (UN) official said cryptocurrencies are making international efforts to combat terrorist financing, money laundering and cyber-crime “exceptionally difficult.”

Neil Walsh, chief of the Cybercrime and Anti-Money Laundering arm of the UN’s Office on Drugs and Crime, said that the anonymizing and pseudo-anonymizing attributes of cryptocurrencies provide a “new layer of secrecy that favors the criminals,” when speaking to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Linda Mottram.

Specifically, Walsh raised concerns about the role cryptocurrencies play in the clandestine child trafficking industry.

“In the past, when we looked at some of the really big high-threat areas like kids getting abused online, it had to be paid for and now, with the use of cryptocurrencies, it’s exceptionally difficult for investigators to track that and try and manage that risk down,” Walsh said.

🗞 Bitcoin Short of Bull Target Despite Five Days of Price Gains


Bitcoin’s five-day winning run, the longest in a month, has neutralized the short-term bearish view. A UTC close above the lower high of $10,956 created on Aug. 20 is needed for a bullish revival.

Volumes picked up on Tuesday, adding credence to Monday’s triangle breakout on the daily chart. So, a rise to $10,956 may be on the cards.

The probability of a move above $10,956 would weaken if the prices drop below key the crucial support at $10,286 on the hourly chart. Acceptance below that level could yield a deeper drop into four figures.

🗞 China’s Crypto Competitor Is Being Built in a Secret Office with Restricted Access

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) is charging full speed ahead with its digital currency plans, hoping to beat Facebook’s Libra to market.

A dedicated team from the central bank’s Digital Currency Research Lab is now developing the system in a closed-door environment, away from the PBoC’s downtown Beijing headquarters, a person close to the bank told CoinDesk. 

The team has been working in this separate location since early summer so they could fully concentrate on the project, this person said.

The work has been expedited as Facebook unveiled in June its vision for Libra, a global cryptocurrency to facilitate payments, the source added. 

🗞 Square, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin ‘Not Functional as a Currency’

Square and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has said Bitcoin (BTC) will continue to be adopted more widely, but it is still too early to consider it a currency.

Make Bitcoin more usable and accessible as a currency

On Sept. 4, the outspoken Bitcoin advocate told the Australian Financial Review that he is convinced the No.

1 cryptocurrency will continue to be adopted more widely. However, Dorsey added:

“It’s not functional as a currency. The peaks and troughs are like an investment asset and are equivalent to gold. What we need to do is make it more usable and accessible as a currency, but it’s not there yet.”

🗞 Foundation Uses Blockchain and Crypto to Help Save the Brazilian Amazon

Rainforest Foundation US is a New York-based, non-profit NGO working in Central and South America, which is now hoping to support anti-deforestation efforts with crypto and blockchain tech.

Deforestation and fires in the Brazilian Amazon

On Sept. 4, the Rainforest Foundation reached out to the crypto and blockchain community to ask for their support to fight against deforestation and forest fires in Brazil. The post on the foundation’s website states:

“Since Bolsonaro took office in January, deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon is up 75% and forest fires in the Brazilian Amazon have doubled compared to the past year. As guardians of our rainforests, its animals and its people, we are working with The Giving Block to form a coalition of crypto sponsors, donors and media partners who will help stop this devastation.”

The Rainforest Foundation says that it is accepting cryptocurrency donations in Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and other cryptocurrencies.


📑 Daily Crypto Calendar, September, 5th💰

“SDF and the Blockchain Innovation Associates are teaming up for a Meetup in Manhattan on Thursday, September 5!”

“We’ll have good tech, good people, and good food – come get excited with us and learn how to build on our protocols!”

Team updates from the following divisions: Engineering, Node network, Product/UX, Helpdesk, Legal, BD, Marketing, CEO Closing thoughts, AMA.

Casual Monolith community meetup at Hyde Park, Thursday 05 September, 06:30 PM.

“AMA on September 5th 09:00 AM GMT+7”


STEEM Trading Update by my friend @cryptopassion

Here is the chart of yersterday :


Here is the current chart :


The STEEM has still difficulties to progress, even during the UP of the BTC. We are slowly progressing towards the resistance line at 0.18$. If we don’t have an increase of volume and volatility, we have no chanc at all to break this resistance line and we have a high risk of rejection during the test of this line. Let’s see if we will start to see more volume on the STEEM because currently is really low and without any volatility.


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