Taking down our terrace roof – part III

The following series of photo’s took place over the period of a few days. It took me a while to get into a rhythm, but once I found it I got work done quickly.

One down many to go

The first of the not so rotten beams was the hardest, again with it’s proximity to the road, standing at the top of a ladder on the edge of the terrace…

Nonetheless I got it down and did not fall off the ladder. I had an idea to get the beams off relatively safely, meaning they would not fall on top of me as I took them down. It did not work out exactly as I had planned, however I did learn I was overcomplicating things. My next attempt was much simplified.

Looking at the wood in the photo, it really does not look bad, on closer inspection you can notice how many holes it has in it caused by bugs boring into t and eating it up from the inside.

I have a camera!

I remembered and started photographing some of my progress again.

Here I had taken off all of the smaller supports that the tiles were packed onto, I was determined to get this down and soon!

I wanted it done before the rain started in earnest, which would make working on top of the terrace much too treacherous.

A few beams down, many to go. At this point I managed to get two down a day, after work. It’s some pretty heavy lifting and the afternoon sun had me perspiring profusely. Lifting those beams of while balancing on a ladder also did not help.

If you are going to do it alone…

You may as well be smart, or have a plan.

My plan was to have a treated pole tied to the beams adjacent to the one I was removing. This allowed me to cut it, once I had cut through it rested neatly on the pole. This gave me a chance to get off of the ladder, put down the tools, reposition the ladder to climb it and start moving the beam down.

Bit by bit, beam by bean I repeated the same process, getting 3 done in a day. Still not fast enough.

This long pole was starting to loosen up a bit though as the weight it had to carry got less and less. I would end up tying it to the railing so we would not bump it over accidentally.

Slower than going in circles

I have seen a few people on YouTube and the like using cordless tools that I would never have had thought would be worthwhile.

One such tool is a cordless circular saw. Such a tool needs speed and torque, right? Batteries simply cannot deliver the Volts and Amps needed for sustained high speed and torque.

I bought this tool a while back on a whim and thought this would be a good test of its usefulness.

At first I tried to cut the full depth in one cut, but it jammed quite often and started smoking pretty quickly.

I let it cool down, thinking I had just let all the magic smoke out, whe it cooled I tried again, this time cutting no deeper than 10mm a time.

Unfortunately it is quite unwieldy standing on top of a ladder and still trying to make a straight cut with this tool where the battery is hanging off like a tumour.

I could get through at most two beams before the battery was completely drained. I always leave the battery to cool down and rest for a while before charging it up again. Eventually I tried to just use a handsaw.

And whammo, in one afternoon I took down the remaining four beams, much easier. My arm was jelly at the end of it, but one big part was done.

Now I had to figure out how to bring down a huge rotted beam hanging a meter plus away from a floor!


Every nap comes to an end.

Camera ~ LensNikon D3400 DSLR ~ 55-200 mm

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My Journey on Steemit


I always love to share my experience on things that I have done or been through. My journey on steemit has been a lovely one. It all started in the year May 2018. I was in school and my Senior Brother @desmond41 called me on phone and told me that he will show me a blogging platform to blog on it but before that I use to send him some stories then he will post on his blog. So he created the account for me and did everything for me. So he came over to my hall in legon and took me through the process on how to go about on the platform and follow everthing but I did it for quite a while and stopped. Later on I Came back again and started blogging again. I am also a fun of football so I start blogging about football but before that I wasnt actually earning that much on so i told him I am not earn and he encourage me to post I will by all means get there so I continue posting. Later on I had some steem and then Sent him the steem for him to withdraw it for that was my first wow of then I got hooked up on the platform. So he then came to me and showed me a curation platform and I joined. That is what has been holding me now. So if anyone too will like to put me an auto upvote to get something small I will be appreciated. My journey on steemit has been a cool and tough one but it is all part of the platform because nothing is earned on a silver platter. Always work hard for it. Have a great day.

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy birthday to me. I thank the God almighty for adding one year to my years. I am really thankful. To is the greatest day for and I dont want to celebrate this birthday alone. I would like to celebrate it with all my friends on steemit. Here is the first place I posted about my birthday meaning I love all my friends here. And hope you say a word of prayer and also wish me well in all the things I will do in life. When I came here you all accepted me as a family and you have been with me for a very long time so I would like to say thank you. The party has just begun here and we will celebrate the party here on steemit so grab your account and show some love on your post wishing me a happy birthday. Thank you in advance for wishing me a happy birthday. Also all kinds of gift is accepted and thanks to everyone. More blessing shower on me….

EOS v1.8 has been Launched


We have all been waiting for this moment and here it comes eos v1.8. But there has been another moment that we have also been waiting for thus the Voice platform. It was annouced that when they launch the eos v1.8 that will be the time voice.com will be launched and I have been waiting patiently to hear a good news that the voice platform has been launched. But I still havent heard any news on that. But I hope the Voice platform is on it way coming and it will be up in no time probably before the week ends we will know what is going on with Voice. Now that the v1.8 of Eos has been launched are we supposed to expect some rise in the crypto or anything concerning eos? This is a question to the eos champs. I want to know the next step for eos so that If I will advice someone to invest in it I will know how to go about it. Steem on the other had is doing well in the promotion of steem because I have seen more tweet about steem on twitter and I am very happy to say that steem will get back to it normal price and even move up high that it was in 2018. We should all hope for better for steem. The Number 1 decentralized community. Much Love for Steemit.com..

FIFA Best Players and Coaches Awards 2019


The fifa best player for the male was given to Messi for his good work done during last year. During the Voting Lionel Messi Voted on Sadio Mane as his first option Cristiano Ronaldo as his second Option and Frankie de Jong as his last option. But
Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t vote for Messi. His option was Mattjis de Ligt, Frankie de Jong and Kylian Mbappe. But at the Long Run Messi was being Awarded as the Fifa Mens Best Player. This is the 6th time Messi has been awarded as the Fifa Mens Best Player of the Year. The best Coach also went to Jurgen Klopp thus the Liverpool coach as he was competing with Pep Guardiola the Manchester City coach and Mauricio Pochettino the Tottenham coach. Last year was a great season for Liverpool as they worked so hard to win the Champions League and the Coach really did well so he really deserves it. When you move on to the Goalkeeper, Alisson was the Best Male goalkeeper of the year over Ederson and Marc-Andre ter Stegen. The puskas Goal of the year was also given to Daniel Zsori. From the outstanding goal he scored during their match as he came in as a substitute. There were a lot of awards that were given to more players. I will added some of them to my next post so just watch out for more. And thank you for your time have a great day.