Will Bakkt Awaken Bitcoin From It’s Slumber?

About a week ago I pointed out the descending triangle bitcoin price was saddle within. Since that time price action has gotten tighter and tighter.

Generally so sort of catalyst props a push either higher or lower to break out of the formation.

Bakkt Launches Tomorrow

I don’t know that this will cause a spark or not immediately, but it could have some impact over the course of a few days as positions are established.

The beauty of Bakkt is….

There actually has to be bitcoin used to physically settle futures contracts. As opposed to cash settlement where no bitcoin ever needs to actually be in play.

So, even though one can use margin for futures positions. At the end of the day (or contract I should say) physical bitcoin is technically supposed to be delivered.

Given that institutions generally play in the futures market and Bakkt will also provide custody accounts it makes sense that this will drive more demand for bitcoin investing.

I guess we will see come this time next week what kind of impact it has.

A great Start for Liverpool

Is liverpool going to end the season with unbeaten. Why am I saying so, they have played 6 matches without a lost or a draw. They have won all their matches leading the table with 18 points and has opened a gab of 5 point between the second position team which is Manchester City. The table of Epl has really turn upside down seeing Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester United at the 7th, 8th and 10th position and seeing Westham prgress to the top 5 of the epl table. Liverpool next match is with Sheffield United that is also a straight win for them. If they dont open a big gab between them and Manchester City, Manchester City might close the gab and then lead the table. Because right now they are leading more goals and if you make them lead the tabe they might not drop points again.

What A comeback from Arsenal

Arsenal is still playing their match and before they went on break for a peep talk they were down by 1 goal to 0. They were also having a red card. After the peep talk they equalize but couldnt keep the draw and conceeded another one making Aston Villa lead them. They kept on fighting on hard to get the 3 points secured and low and behold they got it in the 80th minute of the game, they equalized in the 81st minute of the game and added another one to it making it 3-2 in the 84th minute of the game. Now Arsenal is leading 3-2 and the game is nearly over for them to take home the 3 point. This actually a great fight and a wonderful game from Arsenal. They have really fight a good fight and they are taking home the 3 points. Well done the Ganas

Chelsea is Also down by 2-1

The ongoing match of Chelsea vs Liverpool is still ongoing but I would like to bring you some bring talk on the game. Liverpool are playing ball same as Chelsea. Chelsea can surprise everyone by their 2-0 down in the first half and come back and score Liverpool 3-2 or the game can result in a draw. Chelseas had great chances in the first half but they were not able to make good use of it. They had a goal in the first half too but VAR says it was an offside. Liverpool can score Chelsea more if they attack more and create good chances. I will bring you the full highlights of the game when the match ends on 90mins. Thank you for your time. Stay bless.

Manchester United Losing Again to Westham United

Manchester United game was a straight lost for United because looking at the squad they used to play it wasnt encouraging at all. Most of the key players were down on injury and had to play some players they were not supposed to play. At the long run what was expected to happen happened. Losing on 2 goals down. The game play today wasnt encouraging at all. The second goal was from the wall they made. Instead of arranging the tall ones from where they keeper has not covered they rather arrange it the other way round so it will be easy for a good free kick taker to raise the ball over the short players to the far corner and score. All the same better luck next time for Manchester United we have to really work hard on our midfield. Today the midfield was broken down and all the balls were flowing into the half of Manchester United. Any counter they get our midfield will be empty no one to tackle then the defenders has to come forward small to cover up. This will actually make it result in a lost. Congrat to Westham for their Win today.

Ethereum Price Looking Bullish After Recent Move

The price move of Ethereum the past week has been quite bullish. Last week I wrote a post covering the positive signs I saw from price coupled with some upside targets.

Luckily it played out and Ethereum pushed higher reaching all but the 230 target on this first move.

Orderly Push Higher w/ Constructive Pullback

I love what I am seeing from price right now. If you look at the chart in this post you can see after the aggressive push higher we are seeing a nice little pullback.

This is constructive for two reasons:

  • Volume was rising on the move up and is declining on the move down (though on a whole volume still isn’t very high)
  • After stretching away, price is having an orderly pullback to allow the 10 day moving average to catch up (which I am using as a guide for re-entry)

As much as I’d like to see price touch the 10 day moving average and then push higher, it doesn’t always work that way. It could turnaround at any moment and push higher or come down even more. In the end, we need price to maintain above 202 for the price action to remain in a bullish tone.

As for upside targets. That 230 area is the next target. If price breaks above there then it has a shot at establishing in that prior range that has upside up to 273.

Is Alt Season Here?

Alot of people are claiming alt season is here. Well, I hope they are correct, but if we don’t get a second leg in this move by Ethereum and other alts then all it was is a bounce.

Here’s hope for another push!