More upvotes, less comments?


I do not know about you but I think we have lost something important lately due most likely to the new reward system…

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a complaint at all about the new code of STEEM but, in my opinion, since a couple of weeks ago the comments received on my posts have reduced in number drastically…

Honestly, I am not the kind of person willing to “earn” something by commenting but if I feel I have to express my opinion, feelings or gratitude I am commenting always, not expecting an upvote there but maybe building a good relationship with the author.

Perhaps, the aim of this attitude is to find authors-steemians that you like or you are mostly aligned with their thoughts and so, obtaining mutual “engagement” as a reward.

Aversely, having a look to the tool from @dragosroua , my level of “engagement” has increased substantially, being the quotient between upsteemers (people that have upvoted me lately) divided by my total number of followers of about 18% while 1 month ago was around 11%.

Suddenly I am receiving a lot of upvotes, sometimes more than a hundred per post despite 90% of them are at the dust level threshold, I think this is good fro me since there is people that likes my posts…

Also, another tool which evaluates the attention rate of an author is the SNAX rank. Here my rank is high, I suppose, since I am located at the 327th place of the steemians active and registered at the SNAX blockchain…

17 posts done in a week, 514 upvotes, 47 comments and 1 resteem…

17 posts and 47 comments in total, this is 2.7 comments per post, the majority of them are related with @actifit or BEER or@runningproject resteem service…

I think that, as an average, I am getting 1 or 2 comments lately per post while 1 month ago they were much more…

As a summary, HF21 / 22 has brought me more upvoters but also has taken the comments …
And it’s the second thing that I’m missing the most lately…

I have not changed my behavior in front of my commenters, I used to reply and give them and upvote on the majority of them and, sometimes, I offer some BEER token in order to balance the small lost on rewards due to the new rewarding system which for sure has something to do in order to explain the reduction of comments but, maybe, I was not expecting such a huge reduction at all.

Anyway, perhaps would be better to do this analysis in a better period of time, once we escape from the claws of the bears…

By my side, I am going to keep commenting, upvoting and supporting others since networking and engagement are the most valuable assets for the sake of oneself and the STEEM blockchain success.


Meet my beautiful younger sister

I took this particular picture while in church yesterday. She wouldn’t allow me rest so I had to take a photograph of her despite my low battery. She is very cute and playful as well.

Yesterday was cool since it was Sunday. I always love Sundays because it reminds us of the Lord’s day. The day to give all the glory and adoration to our Lord.

I hope you guys like this lovely pictures. The picture was taken with my Android mobile phone with specifications as Techno Pouvoir 3. Till I come your way next time. Thanks for checking them out.

Ripple (XRP) Price is a Fun Roller Coaster Ride!

Last week the price of ripple decided to wake up and take everyone for a little ride. After doing so it topped out quickly at a prior resistance and now has pulled back to flirt with prior support levels after falling through them briefly.

Is Ripple Worth Buying?

Mind you this is strictly a technical analysis view, whether you believe in the usefulness of ripple is a complete different topic.

Looking at the chart and recent price action this is what I see….

Spike in Volume With a Blow Off

If you look at the volume bars at the bottom of the chart you will see there was an uptick for the two or three days that price spiked higher. And spike is what it did topping out just shy of that 33 cent resistance level before pulling back.

Good news/Bad news of Pullback

So the good news is price pulled back on decreasing volume which is always a welcomed sign. The bad news is price pushed below the support area of 28 cents or so.

Where we stand now…

After a few down days we are seeing a green reversal candle and price is fighting with that 28 cent support area. It would be best if price closed above 28 cents, which would also create a bullish u-turn pattern for the price of ripple.

Bullish u-turn patterns are something I cover in these cryptocurrency trading videos.

If I were to get long, which I’m not saying I am…then the low of today’s candle is my stop loss. Upside target is that 33 cents to start with.

In Case there was Ever Any Doubt

Only a fool is supremely confident in themselves

(think of the politician of your choice as an example)

Even I (for all my arrogance, experience and intelligence) frequently question myself.

I predict a lot of upcoming doom and gloom for the fiat-based markets of this world. I know I’m not the only one who does this, but that doesn’t make me right. On the contrary: life has taught me that the majority are usually incorrect on any specific point-of-view.

The internet is packed full of conspiracy theories, some with merit, most without. I believe that it is important for me to “check my compass” often, to ensure that I have not strayed from the path of truth and down some rabbit hole dug by someone wearing a tinfoil hat.

So even when I say that financial markets are on the brink of collapse, that debt to GDP ratios are unsustainable, that control of interest rates and market liquidity is about to be lost, that major banks will go under, that the derivatives market has spiralled out of control, that lending is once again reckless and irresponsible – even though I can support all these statements (and many more!) with a long history of evidence, I have to stop and ask myself “Am I sure?”


I’m sure.

I’m sure I want to get out of fiat. I’m sure fiat markets are nearing the top of an enormous bubble. I’m sure that far too many people are making far too much money far too easily. I’m sure that it can’t last.

Today I want to share with you just one little shred of evidence, one which I accidentally happened to stumble upon yesterday.

I’m a car nut

Before I could gurgle my first words, I loved cars. I have been learning everything I possibly could about cars from as soon as I was first capable of communicating. That continues to this day. It was during the course of such a “learning session” yesterday that I read a very specific number, one I had heard before, many years ago…

Of all the cars I know and love, the supercars have always been my favourites. The supercars are the ultimate road machines, engineered above and beyond everything else, designed to define the limits of speed and handling. They are the benchmarks of the industry.

Growing up it was easy for me to know the supercars: there were so few of them. There was the Lamborghini Countach, The Porsche 959, the Ferrari Testarossa and… yeah that was about it.

And that’s the way it remained for some years. Eventually we started seeing cars capable of hitting magical figures in the 200 mph (320km/h) region: the Ferrari F40, Lamborghini Diablo, Jaguar XJ220 and Bugatti EB110. But while these cars were household names and the dream of every car-crazed kid, they didn’t sell well. 

The thing about the best cars in the world is that they are incredibly expensive.

  • Only 1311 Ferrari F40s were produced.
  • Porsche only produced 300 production model 959s – each of which it had to sell at about $225000 – less than half the cost of producing each car!
  • Lamborghini sold 2900 Diablos, but took over a decade to do so.
  • Despite being a critically claimed masterpiece, Jaguar failed to hit its 350 car target for the XJ220. It built only 281 cars – and then struggled to sell the last few. They remained on showroom floors three years after production ended.
  • The Bugatti EB110 was the fastest of the lot – you’ve probably never even heard of it. Only 139 were built before Bugatti went bankrupt in 1995.

There just wasn’t enough money around to keep so many supercars in production. Times were hard and even the best engineering money could buy was not enough to save some cars from being prematurely discontinued.

History is made

And then the car world changed forever

Prior to 1992, the title of “King of the Supercar World” was debatable. There was no clear leader of the pack, no definite winner. That changed…

In 1988 a Formula 1 car designer named Gordon Murray had an idea for a revolutionary new supercar. Fast forward four years and his vision was born as the McLaren F1 – publicly launched in May of 1992.

Now this is not a post about the McLaren F1. I could happily speak about the car all day, but I will try to refrain from doing so. 

What is important is that you realise just what a massive departure the F1 was from the supercars that came before it. Its technology was cutting edge with things like a carbon-fibre monocoque chassis and a gold-foil lined engine bay (for heat dispersal). It featured luxuries such as air-conditioning (very uncommon back then), a variety of unconventional lightweight but strong materials such as kevlar and titanium, and a seating arrangement whereby the driver sat in the middle of the vehicle, with a passenger seat slightly behind and to each side of him. The engine was a specially built BMW plant, revered to this day for being a conventional engine. Murray refused to use superchargers or turbochargers because of the way they affect the drivability of a vehicle.

The F1 immediately became the new benchmark, the indisputable “King of the Supercar World”. It set speed and acceleration records which remain impressive even by today’s standards. Even now, in 2019, there are few supercars that can match it, it’s still one of the fastest naturally aspirated cars ever built. In addition to that, it handled like a dream and of course it had the brakes necessary to match its extreme potential speed.

To this day the McLaren F1 remains a legend in the automotive world, probably the most advanced supercar ever created relative to its time period. It remained the benchmark production supercar for well over a decade, eventually the Koenigsegg CCR was able to better its performance figures in 2005. The F1 remains a highly sought after collectors item! 

McLaren only built 106 F1s.

Of those 106, 7 were prototypes and 28 were racecars.

It took McLaren six years to build and sell all the F1s, with production coming to an end in 1998.

106 cars. The best in the world. Six years. Virtually no competitors at the time.

…Twenty years later

In October 2018 McLaren announced a new car: the “Speedtail”. There have been other great McLarens in the last two decades, but the Speedtail is significant.


Because – and this is the figure that caught my eye yesterday – only 106 of them are going to be built.

Seen that number before?

These days supercars are a dime a dozen. I can literally name hundreds of them, including other recent McLarens such as the P1, the 720S  and the Senna. Competition is now extreme in the supercar domain, it’s not the three or four-horse race of yesteryear! In fact, the cars have become so advanced that the name “supercar” apparently no longer does them justice, with the more extreme of them now being known instead as “Hypercars”.

How does this related to our 106 Speedtails?

Like this: with all these many other cars available, all this choice of wonderful technology, with the McLaren Speedtail NOT being the revolution that the McLaren F1 once was, despite not being road legal or officially supported in the US and despite having a price tag of £2.1 Million (over $2.6 million), the Speedtail has already sold all 106 planned examples. Delivery isn’t even scheduled to begin until December 2020.

Clearly, something wrong with this picture!

What’s wrong?

You know what’s wrong, I’ve told you many times!

What’s wrong is that all those doom & gloom fiat scenarios are right! What did I say earlier?

“I’m sure fiat markets are nearing the top of an enormous bubble. I’m sure that far too many people are making far too much money far too easily. I’m sure it can’t last.”

The fact that McLaren redefined what a supercar is a quarter century ago, and then sold hardly any of them, and the fact that it churned out just another supercar (or hypercar if you prefer) today, and instantly sold all of them before they were even produced, is clearly indicative of a major problem!

I have no problem with people getting rich and making money, more power to them (though I do have a problem with it if they exploit others to achieve their wealth). I don’t mind people buying themselves nice toys, hey – with their money I would do the same! I just need people to realise that this is unsustainable: that such wealth isn’t real, that the piper has to be paid sooner or later.

As usual, I have already taken the trouble of playing devil’s advocate and of analysing the logical counter-argument: “What if the supercars of old didn’t sell because the world was in a recession at the time?”

It’s a valid question, and my answer is this:

What is a recession if not a reality check? What is a recession if not the reduction of hype to realistic base levels – those at which the economy can actually support itself in concrete terms, i.e. how much it really produces?

Remember, this isn’t Bitcoin we are talking about here! These are our wonderful government-sanctioned fiat currencies! Apparently they are better than gold; they replaced gold didn’t they? They threw away their gold backing to make the financial system even better, not so?

Surely such a great, well managed, official government system can’t dip below the levels of natural economic support – and indeed I would argue that that is the case. BUT, I would also argue that such systems can inflate WAY above their inherent value! Thanks to derivatives/inflation/fractional reserve banking/etc we have economies worth many times what they should be! We have mountains of alleged value supported by little to no base assets!

We have had recessions in the past. We have had financial crises, we have had banking panics. I put it to you, that never before have we been in such a perilous position. I put it to you, that never before have we supported so much on top of so little. Make no mistake ladies and gentlemen: we have not been in this position before. We don’t know what’s going to happen next and we have little to no control over it. We are sailing deep into uncharted waters – without a compass.

I do not see a repetition of the myriad little “economic crises” which litter the history of the last 100 years. I do not see just another dip on the financial charts. I see something revolutionary happening, an event for which few are prepared.

I don’t know when it will happen, the hairs on the back of my neck suggest “soon”. It could be that the economies of the world take another little dip and quickly recover – that will only make things worse in the long-term, for cataclysmic financial failure is almost certainly on the cards.


I’m not a soothsayer, I can’t tell the future. I’m correlating information, drawing deductions, and sharing with you my best guess of the path which lies ahead.

I strongly suggest hedging in concrete assets like property, precious metals – and now – cryptocurrencies. Crypto may not seem concrete to the layman, but it is built on something far better than what fiat money is! It’s not inherently corruptible and susceptible to the whims of the greedy, greed being what is causing the downfall of fiat as a whole.

I’ve said before that if fiat fails tomorrow, crypto may not yet be ready to pick up the slack. That’s debatable. But every day that passes, every day that fiat hangs on a little longer, crypto becomes more and more ready, and more likely to pick up the slack when fiat fails.

I’m planning accordingly. Do what you must.

Yours in crypto 

Bit Brain

Acknowledgement: featured image from Wikimedia Commons ( by robad0b [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]

“The secret to success: find out where people are going and get there first” 

~ Mark Twain

“Crypto does not require institutional investment to succeed; institutions require crypto investments to remain successful” 

~ Bit Brain

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How did you felt on your first Withdrawal

The best experience ever in my life on steemit is the day I first converted my crypto to fiat and got them in my mobile money. It was kind of wow this is really real. Because at first I taught it was fake because I have tried on most of the online making money site and anytime I try to withdraw the money I have earn they will tell me to perform a survey and other stuffs which makes the whole thing boring then I will stop. But when I got on steemit and withdrew some small amount of money into my mobile money i shouted wow. I will be here everyday. Just imagine the mood I will be in full of smiles and joy. Share with us the mood you were in when you made your first withdrawal on steemit. This is a short post thank you and will be waiting to hear your side.

Memories of Steemit Africa MeetUP

This is an unforgettable moment. The moment I wish it will comeback again steemit Africa Meetup. This is where the journey of most Ghanaians got to know the name steemit and what steemit can do for them. Listen to @Tj4real speaking about his experience on steemit, it was full of joy and was in a rush to get hooked up to the platform and enjoy the same as he did. And God being so Good It happened like that too. If this kind of promo and meetup keeps going on in Africa and other country i strongly beleive that steemit will get some light on and get back to the boom level of it price. Because it was after this time that I saw the steem price move up and I was like wow… Now I dont mostly hear of meetups. I will use this blog to plead with some of the whales who really want to see steemit boom back again to support meetups with the little they can so that others can go out to reach more people not through only social media but in person and talk to them about steemit and actually get them signed up instantly and show them how to go about on the platform. Afterwards when they post then the promo team will vote him or her for about two – three weeks by doing so the person will be hooked on to the platform and start to engage more. Please whales try and think of this and lets see how it will move.

Steemit Promotion on going

I started my steemit promotion way back when I was in school, and when I completed I have not stop promoting steemit because I know what this platform has done for me and what it is about to do for me so I always want to show others so that they enjoy want is about to come. I joined steemit way back in 2017. I was being laughed at when I started to blog on the platform because they said it was fake but I continue to do it later on they all realized that I was doing the right thing and they all joined me. I am saying this to tell you that if you are doing something and you listen or look at what others are saying you wont be able to progress or move a step forward. There are a lot of people out there who just want to here this platform and join. So lets us all hold hands and promote steemit like we use to do at first and everything will come back to normal I mean the price that is fallen. I will also like to plead with the whales and dolphins and those with high steem power to support some of the minors because if they say that they have earn even $1 it will serve as a motivation to post again because he or she might get $2 in his or her next post and it will also encourage them to make good post. But if they post and they are being ignored they will feel bad and wont like to post again. @Teamsteem, @pickokernel, @ackza, @bleepcoin, @surfyogi and many more actually helped me and not me alone most of the minnows in their post. Most at times I feel so happy to see Teamsteem liking my post, and this gives me more zeal to do more because if I do more than I did first he will vote again and it kept me going now we dont see such things happening all the whales are voting whales and the minnows are left behind and the minnow are the ones we have to push up to become whales and they will also help another minnows to become a whale and the platform will be growing. If the whales help whales they will be stack there and the growth of the platform will still be the same. Lets us all promote steemit to the fullest thank you for your time.

Today is Holiday In Ghana

Good morning everyone, Today is another day the Lord has made and we have to be glad and be happy in it. Today is a holiday actually I dont know the kind of holiday but am actually going to celebrate it. So I would like to use this opportunity to wish all my Ghanaians friends on steemit a happy holiday. They should enjoy but should keep in mind that the next day is not a holiday but they will either go to work or to to school. So when they are chilling they should limit it so that they dont spend the next day as a holiday too. Again I would like to take this opportunity to tell every Ghanaian who wants to travel to Dubai this November before Xmas that your opportunity has come. Join the Zonethree6 and take a tripe to Dubai and enjoy a VIP ticket to One Africa Music Festival and also party with them for 5 good days. They rate or payment is really less Gh8,000 or 1500usd. All your accommodation and feeding fees is inclusive in the amount you are paying. This is a wonder gift for you this November so make it a date to join Zonethree6 and take a trip to Dubai. If you want to book your sit just call the numbers on the flyer +233557729272 or +233545500300. Thank you.