Replacing a bath with a shower – part 2

This project is actually done, but I went on leave and stayed quite far away from the computer, pretty much because I was finishing this off!

With the bath removed, I moved onto taking out the sand that was behind it as well as the cement that had been cast around it. Fortunately most of it near the foot of the bath was quite weak, and was poured on top of tiles, so it chipped off quite quickly.

The rest took a fair bit more effort, more photos would have been great I know, but I was pretty focussed on getting part this step, so I could see some progress.

Here you can see I was taking measurements to try work out how many bricks and glass blocks to buy.

A day on and I had bought the bricks and 1 block, for checking sizing etc.

I have always found that holding something in your hands gives a much better sense of the dimensions and how it fits together with other pieces than just having its measurements.

This was my initial idea, the bricks all round form the ‘base’ of the shower, inside I wanted to cast a cement floor. Having arranged the bricks in this way I noticed that you have to step up quite high to get pas the bricks, seeing as it is for my mother-in-law, who has slipped getting into the bath before, I decided in practice this really was not going to work.

I played around with a number of configurations, having the bricks available to make changes and test if it worked help immensely, while the bath was in I had planned it out in my head, but saw quickly that in reality it did not work so well.

Real Estate Continues to Push Towards ALL TIME HIGHS

Real Estate has been relentless. During a time where NOTHING seems to be going anywhere in the US sectors and the global growth is SLOWING, Real Estate continues to push forward. I am looking at Real Estate at least testing the 94 area from the 2008 highs before pulling back. More Upside to Come.

Speaking of, I am selling my house now if you are in the market ?

Arsenal Is Back on their Feet

Hello everyone, Good day. Yesterday was a day for football matches. Arsenal was able to redeem themselves fast from the defeat they had in the first half of the game. Tottenham scored them 2-0 down. Harry Kane scored the second goal which was a penalty. At the end of the Match the come back worked well for the Arsenal team as they came back from the back to score 2 goals making 2-2. And sharing the points with tottenham. Actually I taught they have lost the match since they are down by 2 goals. This season epl is really tough because if the team is down by any number of goals they can come back and equalize making it a draw for both teams and if you dont take care they will even win the match. Thank you for your time have a great week.

Can US Equities Hold the World Up? Doubting it…

Global growth has been slowing for a while now. Many countries are making lower highs across the board and look awful with even worse incoming data. Yields are crashing. And the only thing left are US Equities. How long can they keep the world a float?

The Vix is sitting at 19 and has built a sideways base. This matches the bear flag of all the indices off the most recent highs. If the bulls have a chance, then they SMASH the Vix like they have the past 4 years to under 16. If the Vix spike, the equity bulls will be few and far between and a liquidity issue will be on our hands for the first time in a few years I am afraid.

Vix over 25 and you will start seeing air pockets. Let’s hope the bulls can hold the line.