The Sunday Recap – Down the Rabbit Hole 19

​This week I’d like to focus on the Twitter section of the Sunday Recap. My guess is that this part of the post is often overlooked as readers seek out weightier material. While Twitter is indeed full of fluff, the Tweets found here are intended to broaden and or challenge the assumptions of the reader. Have a look, you might be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Pick of the Week

Ari Paul’s ten part reflection on lending your Bitcoin for interest – you might need to re-assess BlockFi’s 6% offer:


The skillset required to understand crypto is broad:

Most educated people fail to

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Seem like its trying so hard to push higher. Seem like there some price support around 3770 as one of the candle selloff and quickly got push back up. Despite it making higher highs on the price, stoch doesn’t support it. Likely to force push for 4000 zone testing the triangle top maybe spikes fake breakout shadow (making like a double top) before selling off again back into the triangle.
News: (Current) | (Upcoming)
Short term moving average (day candle) :
Network Value to Transactions Ratio :118
Total marketcap :134
Dominance :51.6
Bitfinex Margin Long/Short Volume Ratio :
Depth Chart : (S) | (R)
Weekly Timeframe :

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BREAKING NEWS // Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto

Have you ever wondered? Have you asked yourself? Do you go nights without sleep pondering about this very question?

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

I am here to answer that question! Satoshi Nakamoto is this man below.

Slikovni rezultat za Craig Wright

Now that you have been thoroughly bamboozled by my clickbait i shall commence with my post.
Just to be clear, Satoshi is most definitely not this man above. The man above is a fraud whack job….. Which leads me to the topic of the day.

What is it about cryptocurrencies that they attract weirdos and so many morally corrupt egomaniacs of questionable sanity and mental health?

Is this a question that kept you up at night? Because that one is at least as interesting as finding out who Satoshi is. (Well maybe not, lol.)
There have been pages and pages written about Craig Wright and the fraud he is. Technical incompetence, faked documents, forged signatures, plagiarism, etc.
He is mostly a joke that gets attention.
But lets move on…

Povezana slika

Tone Vays. I literally cant think of a more obnoxious little weasel. He reminds me a bit of Wormtongue from Lord of the rings or Gargamel from the Smurfs.
I just cant stand the guy. I cant stand listening to him talk. I cant stand his domineering pushy behavior. I cant stand that awful haircut of his. He seems like the guy that has no friends and lives in a basement apartment sitting at his PC all day writing mean comments in a Youtube comment section.

How about someone more fun?

Povezana slika

John McAfee. What can you say about the guy that pays girls to defecate in his mouth and is running for president of the United States from his yacht, while running from the IRS?
All you can say is:

Sometimes heros dont wear capes!

I could talk about Roger Ver next or Brock Pierce, but theres really no need. You get my point. The faces of crypto are very strange indeed.

How about we go a bit closer to home?

Slikovni rezultat za jerry banfield

Jerry Banfield.
You all remember that guy, dont you? Self-fellatio, half naked vlogs, ridiculous claims, scammy behavior, spooky looking eyes.
If i believed in aliens id bet he was one.
Very strange…..
But where ever you look around here you find weirdos. I just ran into one very strange individual that is somehow a “community leader” on Whaleshares.
I wouldnt let him lead my neighbors dogs to the park.

And i hate my neighbor and his dogs.

On Steemit, same thing… There was drama a few days ago between two narcissistic whales. Bullies and type of folks that enjoy hurting others.
All you need to do is take a minute and look around to see what surrounds you. I could name a dozen more individuals that are influential but stand out for being people that you would actively avoid in real life.

Is crypto a digital “New World” where the degenerate, shunned, socially rejected try to finally play out their fantasies of grandeur at the expense of the normal folks?

Where they can finally be important in one way or another and achieve something that they can finally be proud of?

I think so. I think that while IRL those kinds of people make up a small percentage of the overall population, here, in the crypto world, the NORMAL to WEIRDO ratio is much closer to being 1:1.

So really… Try and stay safe, because you never know where another Jerry or a McAfee could be lurking. Lol

Ill see you around.

My TIMM Trading Pit Commentary – Wk Of 3/4/19

TIMM (Traders’ & Investors’ Mentor Market) provides the tools analysts need to share their insights in a central location, TIMM becomes a market where traders and investors can shop for the insights they’re looking for.The Trading Pits are, in some ways, the main meeting place for TIMM. Here you will see folks sharing insights and asking questions about markets.

Commentary from this past week includes:

Gold daily demand held…even through non-farm payroll.

You see what I mean about that better zone on the YM.

US dollar in 4 hr supply.

Back from the gym, stopped out of trade,

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A Bounce is not just a bounce

BTC took a big dip less than a day ago. Unlike other recent dips, it didn’t stay there for long…

The recent BTC dip was significant in size: A drop from around $3894 to $3742 (a $152 difference – BitMex prices) within an hour is a relatively major drop. On any other day, a 3.9% drop in BTC price would be a considered a bad day. This day was different.

Whereas the norm for BTC is to stay at the new level after a sudden price drop or rise, BTC started recovering instantly: regaining and then passing the starting level (of the

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A Break Above $4 and a new BULL may have began… $EOS

Litecoin has already done it folks, could EOS be next. I am watching the two horizontal lines as support as these NEED to hold, but above I am watching the $4 level. This is the 200 day MA. Price must cross this (obviously) for the 200 day MA to start trending back up…and once this happen a new bull has begun.

EOS is one of the cryptos that I like the must and I will likely be accumulating this into and up too the $8 range. Rising 200 day MA usually show strength and factual evidence that the asset is

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Brian Wilson Meets Vit Jedlicka at Anarchapulco 2019

Crypto Daily’s Brian Wilson was lucky enough to attend the 2019 Anarchapulco conference in Acapulco, Mexico last month. The conference brought together a bunch of like-minded libertarians in order to allow for open, honest and transparent debate within topics surrounding anarchy.

Of course, cryptocurrency falls into this – a decentralised form of value not owned or facilitated by banks or central governments, in its full essence, crypto is an anarchists dream which is why Anarchapulco hosted it’s very own crypto stage, featuring prolific individuals drafted in to discuss the beauty of crypto and blockchain technology.

We had the opportunity to meet some of these speakers, namely Vit Jedlicka, the Founder and President of the Free Republic of Liberland and a very regular guest at the annual Anarchapulco events.

Vit is the self-proclaimed president of the Freest Country on Earth, the Vit Jedlicka of Liberland and also features within a podcast series on the Anarchast website. The Free Republic of Liberland is a micronation between Croatia and Serbia and was established during the Croatia-Serbia border dispute, giving Vit the chance to offer some great insight into his views for a liberated planet.

Take a look at the video to find out more about Vit and Brian’s experience at the event and gain some wonderful insight into Vit and his great work.

BITCOIN: Volume is rising

Yeah! the market is experimenting a substantial increase on the Trading volume. The value today, more than 11 Billion USD, is similar to the values played by the end of December 2017 and, in my opinion, this is good, very good!

After having passed one year with an average
of less than 5B USD, since mid of February the trading volume has had a
clear increase trend and we are now in the values we all want to see.

Additionally, it is obvious for any TA analyst and Pattern Recognizing user that we are entering in another interesting area which would clarify

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Apparently North Korea holds at least $600 million in cryptocurrencies // Stolen

Just picked up an article online discussing the possibility of North Korea holding around $600 million in stolen crypto from exchanges in Asia. I cant verify if this is true or fake news but i still find it hilarious.
If its true…. not only are you being dumb for holding your funds on a centralized exchange but apparently your “stupidity” can lead to your money being used to fund a totalitarian regime that kills god knows how many people every year.

Because you were irresponsible with your money, your Bitcoin is now being used to buy bullets for Kim Jong Un.

Fun thought, isnt it. lol

Theres this hacker group called ” Lazarus” that is apparently working for North Korea to hit various targets. Theyve hit various banks but their main targets are crypto exchanges since most have piss poor security.

Kim aint a stupid guy, far from it. What he does is spread these hackers around the world, sends them to China, Europe where they pose as construction workers or whatnot and do their dirty deeds from there. And what better target is there then crypto exchanges?
Using crypto, NK can avoid sanctions and by using privacy coins remain mostly untraceable. Now that they have stolen this much, whats stopping them from double spending a number of shitcoins you can “hack” for a few thousand dollars. Ethereum classic, Dash, Bitcoin Diamond, Verge, etc…

Honestly if i were them, if i stole $600 million and i didnt care about anything except stealing more, id just invest something like $20 million of the stolen money into hacking every single top 50 market cap shitcoin. Id hit them all at the same time. Because why not?

My point is:

Educate yourself on what you buy and keep your crypto in your wallet.

Keep on!

Crypto Contest March 9: Status Report XXVI

In this report I will look how my analysis worked for the month of January 2019. There were 31 contests in January. I have already paid out all of them. The analysis was correct three times. The analysis was wrong six times. The cryptocurrency was in a range 22 times.

The correct ones were the following:

Crypto Contest January 4: Byteball BytesCrypto Contest January 14: AgrelloCrypto Contest January 15: VIBE

In these contests the range option won:

Crypto Contest January 1: NeosCoinCrypto Contest January 2: ArbidexCrypto Contest January 3: EOSCrypto Contest January 5: Loom NetworkCrypto Contest January 6: Status Report XXIVCrypto Contest January 7:

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