Crypto Analysis Report 3-10-19…Theta Is Breaking Out

Blockchain technology will become life-changing and will be deemed as one of the greatest inventions of modern times. We are seeing application solving real world problems right under our eyes and noses.

Theta, a user-powered decentralized video content streaming platform will revolutionizes the way video content is distributed across the Internet.

Video content contributes toward a multibillion-dollar industry, but in spite of understanding its extreme importance, the existing distribution of network infrastructure that provides support to video content is not immune from the critical flaws, causing a major disruption in the proper operation of video content industry.

Due to

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LITECOIN: one more push up before correction

LITECOIN is following the expectations regarding  “Money Flow” also according to the Elliot Waves Theory. 

LTC/USD Trading pair is of course very related with how BITCOIN  does, as any other altcoin but, in the case of LITECOIN, it looks to me that this market is much less manipulated, with less artificial movements driving the price action…

The following is the Chart on which I sketched the waves, FIBO levels and 50/200 Day-Moving Averages:

As you can see, LITECOIN is very close to get
the crossing of both, 50 and 200 Day Moving Averages, which, in my
opinion, will confirm the REVERSAL

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Bit Brain’s not-so-little guide to Holochain – Part 1

My complete guide to Holochain (HOT). It’s not a blockchain, but it is a cryptocurrency.

On the 1st of this Month I published a short post in which I explained that I had been rather busy, busy entering a blogging competition. The topic was “Holochain”. Being myself, I wrote a rather detailed article. Unfortunately, as per the rules of the competition, I was not allowed to publish it anywhere else until after the competition. Good news! The competition is now over and I can share my guide to Holochain with you!

Before I do that; my congratulations to all the winners and

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STEEM Price Touched Our First Price Target – What Next?

Okay, if you have read listened to my price analysis of steem on the scaredy cat investor show over on MSPWaves, then you know the price points we were looking for on steem.
Steem once again charted well technically and we surpassed the first resistance at the 40-45 cent area to touch the first upside target.
Rebound Off The Target
I’ve noticed that when steem makes a push higher it tends to have that big upper wick bounce off the next upside target.  We are seeing it today so far.

Looking at the chart you can see we finally busted out of the lower

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BITCOIN – 10 Mar

On 4hr chart, it did went higher to test near 4000 but tampered down. Possible to still try again for 4000 zone while consolidating around 3870 zone
News: (Current) | (Upcoming)
Short term moving average (day candle) :
Network Value to Transactions Ratio :118
Total marketcap :134
Dominance :51.5
Bitfinex Margin Long/Short Volume Ratio :
Depth Chart : (S) | (R)
Weekly Timeframe :

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Steem Test First Level of Resistance of Many, the big one

Steem spikes to above 0.55 overnight and is presently finding trouble at the declining 200 day MA. This is the first large level of resistance after the grind and spike and is very important. Assets do not trend higher if the 200 day MA is declining. That is simple logic.

If Steem can get over this line in the sand we will be testing the MAJOR BREAKDOWN ZONE OF 0.80ish. This is where the fun starts. If Steem and many other crypto’s can get above the major capitulation zones then we have a new bull market commencing.

Very constructive action

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Crypto Contest March 10: QASH

QASH (Bitfinex: QSHUSD) has broken out of the triangle pattern in the weekly chart.

(Chart courtesy of (log scale))

Elliott Wave Analysis

In Elliott Wave terms, QASH began a wave one advance in November 2017. The red wave one (blue sub-waves i-ii-iii-iv-v) finished in January 2018, and the red wave two (blue sub-waves a-b-c) correction ended in February this year. If this wave count is correct, QASH should be heading next towards the January 2018 peak in the red wave three.

(Chart courtesy of (log scale))


QASH is the native token of the Liquid trading platform. You can view their February AMA below.


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This proves one thing. You just cant know these things for sure.

Like every morning i checked the STEEM page on Coinmarketcap. And one more day STEEM has been in the green. In a week STEEM has added $35 million to its market cap which is a formidable gain. It begs the question as to why that is happening. Could it be that folks are falsely expecting SMT test net on 15. March? Is it a recovery thats happening now that the STINC FUD has died down a bit? Was Steem in the oversold category? Are Korean exchanges the culprit?

Truth of the matter is that you cant know for sure.

If you can at all.
Great to see, though im still 40% down on my investment

Its hard to guess where we will end up going forward but im sure we wont see a major movement without the whole market recovering. Dont get me wrong. I firmly believe that STEEM has a place in the top 15 with double its Market cap, but im not sure we will see that happen. Thats actually around the price i would need to break even.
Not with all the shady business going on right now with the crypto exchanges, the favoritism and the politics of it all.
You come to crypto to escape all that just to find more of it.
But i trust that over time things will change.
You cant hype up failed projects or projects with low potential indefinitely. Even if you could, you just cant hype them up into long term success stories, no matter how hard you might try.

Anyways… Ill see you round.

Despite Earning, Nio Still Has A Bright Future

Six month ago, I talked about Tesla’s nemesis, Nio,

Move Over Tesla, Here Come Nio

The newest competition is Nio. Nio manufactures and markets electric vehicles. Nio already has a vehicle in production and they have delivered over 1,000 units under EP9, EVE, and ES8 brand names.

Nio was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Shanghai, China and already has financial backing from Baidu and Tencent. This past week, Nio had an initial public offering on the New York stock exchange. They plan to use the money to ramp up production of their current ES8 and launch new vehicles in China first

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