FANG Stocks Don’t Have Nothing On Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. – Part 2

Five months ago I wrote a post about Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc titled,

FANG Stocks Don’t Have Nothing On Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.

Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc., a medical device company, designs, develops, and commercializes various products for people with insulin-dependent diabetes in the United States.

More than 100 million U.S. adults are now living with diabetes or prediabetes, according to a new report released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Tandem Diabetes Care’s products include t:slim X2 with Basal IQ, t:slim X2 with Control IQ, and the t:sport insulin delivery system and mobile health offerings. Tandem Diabetes Care (TNDM)

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The Grind Continues… $SPX $NDX

The US Market acros the board has now closed UP TEN WEEKS IN A ROW. Just incredible. Again this goes to show why the things and people change but the market stays the same. Market continues to fool the majority and it has been around alot longer than we have. After being bearish for the 4th quarter of 2018 and calling the bounce on Christmas Eve, it is safe to safe that the extension of this rally I have missed. Even with gold rocketing higher the first two months of the year, the equity markets just grinded higher. Now we

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Holo what?

Despite evidence to the contrary, no I did not drop off the face of the Earth after writing my last article.

I’ve actually been blogging, more so than usual, just not in my usual place.

About a week ago I published my first article on Trybe. Don’t worry I published it here first, you didn’t miss out on anything!

TIMM and Trybe have a working relationship. As Timmians we were encouraged to participate in this Trybe-based competition.

That’s what I’ve been up to these last few days. I finally submitted my article a few hours ago; wish me luck!

The competition is an interesting

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Steem Price Analysis: Please Don’t Do It Again!

A little over a month ago the price of steem ran up into the low 40 cent area.  It tested the top of this range we have been stuck and then just as it looked to break, woosh we got a bearish u-turn pattern and back down we went to the middle of the range.
New Move, Same Story?
If you look at the daily chart in this post you can see we are right back to that spot again, that same area that is circled in gold from a month ago.
At this point, things are looking eerily similar.
There is still plenty

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Square Is No Circle

I would think Square needs no introduction but, Square, Inc. provides payment and point-of-sale solutions in the United States and internationally. The company’s commerce ecosystem includes point-of-sale software and hardware that enables sellers to turn mobile and computing devices into payment and point-of-sale solutions.

Square announced earnings this past week. The company reported stronger-than-expected fourth-quarter financial results, but disappointed investors when they forecast their numbers for the first quarter.  On the news the stock price dropped after hours and opened right in a daily demand zone this morning.

I have come to like Square over the last 12 months, not because

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Centralized exchanges are parasites and you really cant trust “Coinmarketcap” numbers.

Ill try and keep this short. As you folks already know there is this extremely developed dependence of Crypto on crypto exchanges. This dependence is so perverse that getting listed/unlisted can make or break a crypto project.

And of course, since crypto exchanges arent regulated they completely abuse that fact doing what is basically stealing. Falsely presenting financial information based on which they charge crypto projects disgustingly large fees.

Im not well versed in financial law, but even what they are doing isnt criminal activity, its fraudulent and unethical.

Very simply put:

Out of the top 25 BTC pairs on Coinmarketcap only 2 arent massively inflating volume according to

Apparently only Binance, Bitfinex and Liquid are legit. How does this fit in with market analysis when there are exchanges that have actual volume at only 1% of reported volume?


Bold italic with the biggest heading.

There is simply no denying that centralized exchanges are parasites that pray on new projects and take advantage of them.

Data suggests that an average project spent over $50,000 in listing fees to exchanges on the advisory list (of this year. This totals over $100 million stolen in 2018 via listing fees, with some exchanges making over $1 million from this alone.

If im honest i wouldnt even trust that Binance and Bitfinex arent doing shady things when you look at everyone else. Still, the list (if you decide to trust it. Cant trust nothing nowadays) absolves them.

It simply amazes me that after 10 years of bitcoin we are so dependent on centralized fraudulent institutions. And in crypto of all things. Isnt that something we wanted to escape? Something we are fed up with?

Anyways, as always, scammers can go to hell.

Ill see you around.

Unusual Options Activity In GE

Two month ago, I talked about how GE had bottomed and a close above the $8 level would confirm that bottom,

Has GE Bottomed???

But before considering going long, the conviction for me would be if price can pull back to the daily demand at $6.75, then take out the $8 level, the bottom in GE would be more convincing at that point.

One month ago, I talked about since price closed above $8, the next two levels I was targeting was daily supply at $10 and $11.50.

Has GE Bottomed??? – Part 2

Both levels were hit, but now price

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Crypto Contest March 1: Ripio Credit Network

Ripio Credit Network (Binance: RCNBTC) has broken out of the triangle pattern in the weekly chart.

(Chart courtesy of (log scale))

Elliott Wave Analysis

In Elliott Wave terms, RCN began a wave one advance in August 2018. The red wave one (blue sub-waves i-ii-iii-iv-v) finished in October 2018, and the red wave two (blue sub-waves a-b-c) correction ended in January this year. If this wave count is correct, RCN should be heading next towards the October 2018 peak in the red wave three.

(Chart courtesy of (log scale))


Ripio Credit Network is a global credit network based on cosigned smart contracts. Proof Suite reviewed

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🗞 Daily Crypto News, March, 1st 💰

  • Facebook Plans Cryptocurrency Launch in First Half of 2019: NYT Report ;
  • Ethereum Upgrades as Hard Forks Activate on Blockchain ;
  • Ripple Head of Markets: XRP Token Listing Was ‘Coinbase’s Independent Decision’ ;
  • Big Four Auditor PwC Trials Blockchain System for Verifying Employee Credentials ;
  • Kraken Offers $100K Reward for Help Finding Quadrigacx Funds ;
  • 📑 Daily Crypto Calendar, March, 1st💰
  • STEEM Trading Update

Welcome to the Daily Crypto News: A complete Press Review, Coin Calendar and Trading Analysis. Enjoy!

🗞 Facebook Plans Cryptocurrency Launch in First Half of 2019: NYT Report

Facebook is talking to exchanges about potentially listing a cryptocurrency.

That’s the main finding from a New York Times story published Thursday on several efforts to introduce native cryptocurrencies to widely used messaging platforms. The Times reports that Signal and Telegram are also planning to roll out tokens over the next 12 months.
Citing “four people briefed on the negotiations,” the Times reports that Facebook has told exchanges it expects to get a product out in the first half of 2019.

🗞 Ethereum Upgrades as Hard Forks Activate on Blockchain

Two long-anticipated upgrades appear to have officially activated on the ethereum blockchain, the world’s second-largest by market value, without incident.

At 19:57 (UTC), the sixth and seventh system-wide upgrades to the software, dubbed Constantinople and St. Petersburg, respectively, rolled out on the main network at block number 7,280,000. As seen on blockchain monitoring website Fork Monitor, there is so far no evidence of a chain split that would suggest a portion of ethereum users are still running an older ethereum software.

Past hard forks of the ethereum blockchain have encountered such setbacks, most notably in 2016 with ethereum classic, a group that continued running an older software instance when a controversial upgrade was introduced.

🗞 Ripple Head of Markets: XRP Token Listing Was ‘Coinbase’s Independent Decision’

Blockchain payment network Ripple did not influence United States cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase’s decision to list XRP, a senior executive claimed on social media on Feb. 27.

As part of a Twitter debate involving United Kingdom-based entrepreneur and investor Alistair Milne, Ripple’s head of markets, Miguel Vias, broke ranks with previous correspondence from Ripple about Coinbase.

Milne had written to the company asking for comment on rumors, which assert that Ripple either paid or offered an incentive to Coinbase in order to list XRP on its professional trading platform, Coinbase Pro.

🗞 Big Four Auditor PwC Trials Blockchain System for Verifying Employee Credentials

Big Four audit and consultancy firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is conducting a trial of its new blockchain-powered platform for ensuring the integrity of employee credentials. The trial, launched in partnership with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS), was announced in a PwC press release published on Feb. 28.

PwC’s “Smart Credentials” platform, earlier unveiled on Feb. 13, implements blockchain to issue, store and securely share digital certificates for employees’ professional qualifications.

For the trial with ICAS, PwC employees, who have qualified as chartered accountants at the Institute within the past two years, are being issued with a blockchain-based certificate from ICAS that becomes part of their unique digital wallet.

🗞 Kraken Offers $100K Reward for Help Finding Quadrigacx Funds

The San Francisco crypto exchange Kraken has announced the company is offering a $100,000 reward in exchange for a solid lead toward finding the missing Quadrigacx coins. Kraken has explained the company wants to bring more “awareness and attention” to the case and hopefully locate some of the lost funds.

Kraken Offers $100K for Help Finding Quadrigacx Funds


📑 Daily Crypto Calendar, March, 1st💰

Smart Staking reward rate decreased by 2/3 in order to release NTF and protocol 2.0 PoF begins running for sealers.

IG singing contest cycle from Jan 21 – Mar 1 with rewards for highest voted videos.

Removal of unmoved coins will occur at block height 480000 (~March 1) and the estimated new supply is 3.5 million.

Digitex Futures Treasury releases first round of tokens for direct sale.

Livestream AMA from 11 AM – 12 PM PST (may extend to 12:30 PM).


STEEM Trading Update by my friend @cryptopassion

Here is the chart of yesterday :


Here is the current chart :


Yesterday I was little bit disapointed because my conviction was that we will try very soon to break the resistance line at 0.39$ but the BTC was not helping. The good surprise has been to see that the drop of yesterday on the BTC was a trap and that we are now back on the previous level.

This allowed the STEEM to go test the resistance line at 0.39 and we broke it :-D. We are now consolidating but it is really normal after a move like this. Expect a touch on the 0.39$ line which is now a support line before a possible UP continuation.


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Posted from my blog with SteemPress :

STEEM on DappRadar? // Maybe soon

This morning i taken a look at the STEEM price and the Steemitblog account talking about MIRA and such. While ill be dissapointed if the SMT testnet doesnt launch on 15th of March its still nice to see them communicating with the community about what they’re working on.

So i was browsing a bit through CMC and thought it would be a good idea to look into some other blockchains with Dapp building potential.

Things like LISK (39th in MC), Zilliqa (36th in MC), ETC (18th in MC). What i found out is that barely anyone is using any of those blockchains. The projects ive looked at for most part havent updated their websites for months. The social footprint is extremely small. There are probably dozens of blogs on STEEMIT that get more attention and engagement then most of these dapps reddits/telegrams/discords.

It very much showed me that while we always talk about adoption, the market rarely considers it when determining asset value.

So i went to take a look at “State of the Dapps” once again to do a bit of comparison with EOS and ETH and i have to say that for a blockchain that has its problems and has a 30 times smaller MC then EOS and 100 times smaller MC then ETH STEEM is doing extremely well, looking at the user numbers.

I mean just consider STEEM at ETH market cap. 1 STEEM = $46. Which blockchain could compete with STEEM in users then?

With all the issues facing STEEM i just have to acknowledge how incredibly undervalued STEEM is right now.
And im someone that will point out every single failure of STEEM.

After that i booted up my Discord (Oh, how i love thee) and went on the discord server of another dapp listing site.


Was interested in seeing when they might list STEEM or if they even were considering adding STEEM to DappRadar. The mod there was pretty nice, considering how many folks must DM them on the daily basis. lol.
Which surprised me honestly.

Why would you want your blockchain added besides EOS/TRON/ETH if your dapp adoption is extremely low? Do you want to show that the most used dapp on your platform of investment choice has 10 daily users? (Just take a look at ETC dapp listing site –

This is the response i got to my inquiry.

Screenshot (295).png

Of course, this could be just a vague answer, but the:

“We are actively looking into it”

fills me with some hope.

I love Stateofthedapps but i still think DappRadar has more detailed Stats and is used more. Even if you look at the Alexa rankings, DappRadar is placed much higher. 60k vs 150k.

I really think that we need to have STEEM compared to “the big boys” as often as possible, even if we STEEM isnt leading in most categories, to show that what they have at billions of dollars of market cap, STEEM has at 100 mil.

Ill see you around. 😉

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