Roku Rocking Again – Part II

Although Roku reported mixed guidance in last month’s third-quarter earnings report, Roku remains one of the fastest growing leaders in video streaming technology.

About 10% of U.S. TV viewers aged 18 to 34 are now on Roku and 10 million of its users do not have a linear TV bundles.

The platform works. There are now 23.8 million users relying on Roku — up 43% over the past year — but that is just one of the three pieces of this stacked engagement cake. The final nugget to consider is that average revenue per user is up 37% to $17.34 over the

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Investing in Crypto is too close to gambling, so let’s gamble!

A long, long time ago (8 months – which is like 8 years in crypto terms) I wrote this post on Steemit:

In it I complained that outsiders see crypto investing as gambling, but then went on to say that:

“Since we’re being accused of it, we might as well be guilty of it!”

I think that it’s time to be guilty of it again…

Let’s Gamble!


From, shared under the CC0 1.0 license

Here is how this works:

The prize is the same as last year’s – simply the most enviable prize in all of the known cryptoverse. If you beat me, and it’s a big “IF” then you

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Dick’s Sporting Goods, Another Retailer That Going To Bit The Dust – Part II

Dick’s Sporting Goods, Another Retailer That Going To Bit The Dust – Part II

It’s been over six months since I last talked about Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Dick’s Sporting Goods, Another Retailer That Going To Bit The Dust

The CEO, Stack went on to say during the conference call that the challenges with Under Armour should subside in 2019, as Dick’s finds new inventory — including fresh items from Under Armour — to fill its shelves.

I think Dick’s future doesn’t look great. Stack is talking about filling their shelves with fresh items. Maybe I should show Stack the picture below and introduce

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🗞 Daily Crypto News, March, 14th💰

  • BTC Longs Hit New Low for 2019, ETH Longs Test ATH ;
  • Tether Says Its USDT Stablecoin May Not Be Backed By Fiat Alone ;
  • Stellar Lumens Is About to Begin Trading on Coinbase Pro;
  • Spain: Stock Exchange Operator Pilots Collateral Pledges Digitization on Blockchain ;
  • Crypto Mogul Moshe Hogeg’s ICOs Have Unusual Patterns, Analysis Finds ;
  • 📑 Daily Crypto Calendar, March, 14th💰
  • STEEM Trading Update

Welcome to the Daily Crypto News: A complete Press Review, Coin Calendar and Trading Analysis. Enjoy!

🗞 BTC Longs Hit New Low for 2019, ETH Longs Test ATH

In recent market action, BTC shorts have increased by 20% during the last two weeks, while longs have continued to slide for the fourth straight week to consistently post lower lows for 2019 so far. In other markets, ETH shorts have dropped by nearly 50% while longs have pushed into new all-time highs, and LTC shorts and longs alike have recently tested all-time high resistance.

Markets Update: BTC Longs Hit New Low for 2019, ETH Longs Test ATH

Ethereum (ETH) long positions have experienced significant volatility in recent weeks, with positions falling roughly 15% in two days after posting a new all-time high of approximately 531,000 on Feb. 24. Since Feb. 28, longs have nearly completely recovered, gaining 18% in two days to currently sit at approximately 521,000.

Markets Update: BTC Longs Hit New Low for 2019, ETH Longs Test ATH

🗞 Tether Says Its USDT Stablecoin May Not Be Backed By Fiat Alone

Tether has updated the terms on its website, saying that its dollar-pegged USDT stablecoin may not be backed 100 percent by fiat reserves.
The new text states that while its stablecoin is 100 percent backed, its reserves may at times include other assets.

The website reads:

“Every tether is always 100% backed by our reserves, which include traditional currency and cash equivalents and, from time to time, may include other assets and receivables from loans made by Tether to third parties, which may include affiliated entities (collectively, “reserves”)”.

🗞 Stellar Lumens Is About to Begin Trading on Coinbase Pro

The Stellar lumen has just become the latest cryptocurrency to be listed on Coinbase’s professional exchange.

Coinbase Pro announced Wednesday that it was accepting deposits of XLM, with trading support coming once sufficient liquidity is established. The process will take a minimum of 12 hours, according to a blog post.

The cryptocurrency is not yet available on Coinbase’s retail platforms, including or its Android and iOS apps.

🗞 Spain: Stock Exchange Operator Pilots Collateral Pledges Digitization on Blockchain

Major Spanish stock market operator Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) has completed its first blockchain pilot for electronic certificates of collateral pledges, according to an official press release published on March 15.

Implemented along with Renta 4 Banco, which is the only investment services firm listed on the BME, the new pilot intends to eliminate the use of physical certifications by digitizing all processes and providing network participants with real-time access to data.

🗞 Crypto Mogul Moshe Hogeg’s ICOs Have Unusual Patterns, Analysis Finds

Best-known internationally as the chief executive of the blockchain smartphone startup Sirin Labs, Moshe Hogeg is becoming known for something else in Israel – mounting lawsuits.

As reported extensively by regional news outlets, a lawsuit filed in January claims Hogeg misappropriated funds from the sale of new cryptocurrencies for both his own gain and to benefit his investment portfolio, including Sirin Labs. The judge has reportedly given Hogeg until March 15 to settle with the plaintiff, Chinese investor Zhewen Hu.


📑 Daily Crypto Calendar, March, 14th💰

“Full EMC2 FORK ‘Blue Paper’ and Timelines to be released on March 14th, Einstein’s birthday.”

RTA Mining tentative release date.

“We will accept deposits for approximately 12 hours prior to enabling full trading.”

BitMart OIO deposits open March 11th. ETH trading pair becomes available at 8 AM (EDT) on March 14th.

“ETN/BTC and ETN/ETH trading will be available from 15:00, March 14, 2019 (GMT+8).”


STEEM Trading Update by my friend @cryptopassion

Here is the chart of yesterday :


Here is the current chart :


Yesterday, I was saying you that we must have a bounce from the support line in blue and hopefully it happened. We are now going in direction of the previous Top around 0.56$. This is the next objective to reach in order to start again to do new highs. The STEEM is in a UP trend the last weeks and even if it is normal to have some corrections, it looks like the market is much more positive than back. Enjoy !


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Coinbase XRP bribery rumors// Oh, say it aint so!

Can it be? Say it aint so!

Lol. I mean bla bla bla, it could be fake news, but lets be serious for a second. First they list ETC that is a shitcoin and now you get XRP, kind of out of nowhere listed after Ripple had allegedly offered to lend $100 million in XRP to start letting its users trade the token on Coinbase. The firm had reportedly made a similar offer to Gemini – albeit amounting to $1 million.
Seems kind of hard to believe that Coinbase would list xrp for free after being offered $100 million. (If the rumors are true)
Its not unusual to see project leaders paying their way into attention by buying a exchange listing. But what that does is lead to folks not taking crypto seriously when the rich can bribe their way into anything.

Sure, you could say:

exactly like everywhere else.

The thing is that that isnt entirely true. There are laws that regulate those kinds of things in the markets outside crypto, while in crypto its happening literally everywhere. Crypto was supposed to lead us away from the corruption, favoritism, politics, put tech in the forefront, but in reality, white collar criminal activity is one the biggest aspects of crypto right now.

If getting listed was a equal playing ground for everyone when we are talking fees (Nasdaq for example) then i would have no problem. But the centralized exchanges are literally in some cases extorting money, overcharging, lying about volume, pumping certain coins and doing all kinds of other shady stuff.

And none of that has to do with Blockchain technology and everything to do with human nature.

Ill see you around and keep on hanging on! :D—–

Does $BAT have your Attention yet?

Basic Attention Token is one of my top 5 favorite tokens in crypto. I am a huge fan of jumping on the bandwagon and “believing in successful people”. Why would you not bet on Steve Jobs? Why would you not bet on Elon Musk? Why would you not bet on Jack Dorsey? This is the same for in the crypto world.

Why would you not bet on Dan Larimer? And why would you not bet on the guy who invented JavaScript and cofounder Mozilla Firefox? Well that is the CEO of Basic Attention Token and the BRAVE Browser. I love

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Crypto Contest March 14: Gulden

Gulden (Bittrex: NLGUSD) has broken out of the triangle pattern in the weekly chart.

(Chart courtesy of (log scale))

Elliott Wave Analysis

In Elliott Wave terms, Gulden began a wave one advance in June 2014. The red wave one finished in September 2014, and the red wave two correction ended in August 2015. The red wave three (blue sub-waves i-ii-iii-iv-v) advance finished in January 2018, and the red wave four (blue sub-waves a-b-c) correction ended in February this year. If this wave count is correct, Gulden should be heading next towards the January 2018 peak in the red wave five.

(Chart courtesy of

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Boeing’s Halo Effect

After the Federal Aviation Administration issued a statement late yesterday on its decision to keep the Boeing 737 Max planes flying, today they reversed course after reviewing new evidence collected at the site and satellite data. 

Boeing released a statement stating they are in support of FAA’s decision and are doing everything they can to find out the cause of the accidents and resolve the issue. This announcement was in addition to Trump issuing an executive order grounding all Boeing 737 Max 8s in the US.

President Donald Trump said he is issuing an executive order Wednesday grounding all Boeing 737 Max

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