Prospectors Game

Hello guys have you heard of the Prospectors game. This game is built on the EOS blockchian network. It is a minning game which requires some strategies to play the game. If you want to join this game just search for me on Discord then I will give you a link for you to follow then you will join the game. You really make it big time on Prospectors. They have also started a video challenge for the Uloggers so if you know how to make videos then is time for you to grab your tools then join the challenge and make it big time over there. Hope to see you there.

Manchester United is likely to Lose their Next Match

Martial and Luke Shaw is injured now. It will be very difficult for the attacking side of Manchester United and also the defensive side of Manchester United. My reason is simple. When you look at our previous match against Crystal Palace when Luke shawn Went out from the Game Crystal Palace started using that side because they were not able to pass by Wan Bissaka so they were using Ashley Young’s place and look at they way Zaha was dribbling Ashley Young. When he came in the game of Manchester United changed from attacking to Defensive. So if we play him in our next match we are likely to loose the Match. Again our attacking players are Martial, Rashford and Daniel James so now that Martial is Hurt who will fix that position which means our attacking will also be slow this will result in the lost of the game.

Steem Whale Should Start Posting

I just realized on the steem blockchain that most of the whales have stop posting and they are now delegating to Dapps so that they will get daily rewards from the dapps. So those who post on the blockchain is mostly the minnows on the blockchain which is also not good. If we want to grow the platform all the whales should start posting or they can start curating post and give users daily reward so that it will motivate them to post more. Because most of the users do post quality post but dont get rewards on their post which make them feel that they are wasting their time but if we should get whales who curate post and reward users alot of them will post and make sure to post more. I think we all should try and think about this and know how we will go about that.

Champions League Draw Is Out Now

The Champions League Draw was made today and it was really nice and wonderful to see the kind of Group Chelsea is in Because they will be coming out from the Champions league in Group Stages to join the Manchester United in the Europa League. There also some awards given to the best Defender, Midfielder, Goalkepper and Striker. The Goalkepper was Allison which is the Liverpool Goalkepper and then the Defender was Van Djik who is also the Defender of Liverpool, Midfielder was De Jong who is currently playing at Barcelona and then the Almighty Messi is the striker for the UEFA Champions League. The fixtures was tough and some of the Groups too is really tough. Real Madrid Group is one of the toughest group. With the Current form of Real Madrid he wont be able to qualify unless they improve on their playing tactics.

It pays to be a good person

Hello everyone, this is an advice to those who have and pretend not to help others who dont have. One day a rich man decided to change himself and made him self a poor man. So one day he was walking on the street trying to find something really important to him. So on his way in search of the thing he meet a poor man who had what he wanted and asked the poor man to help him out but the poor man decided not to help him. So later the poor man was also walking by the road side and the rich man passed by him with his car. When the rich man met the poor man he stopped and went to the poor man and told him that it really pays to be a good person. This means if he had helped him during that time he will also help him during this time, So sometimes you have to do good so that that good thing will follow you every where you go. Thank you for your time.

Don’t give up…

The picture above is self-explanatory of what I want to tell you.

Today I have read more posts complaining about the #newsteem as a consequence of the HF21 deployment.

Yes, it is a fact we have got a reduction on our post rewards but It does not seem to have been the case regarding curation rewards which, according to what I see in the estimations of Steemworld, will be more than double the curation rewards of exactly 7 days ago:

Here the 7 day estimation:

2 days ago my curation rewards were estimated around 8 SP per week but now I can start noticing that they have increased 1.55 SP.

If I run the estimative function at the same tool I get the following “prediction”:

That’s more than doubling my weekly curation!

I know it is still so early to get a realistic estimation about it. I have noticed as well that also the amazing Steemworld is struggling from time while calculating the data. The blockchain has to stabilize and it will take some time and maybe some more changes will come as for today, we know that devs and witnesses have deployed another version of the code, so called HF22 for fixing some potential security bugs.

Sadly what I clearly see in my FEED today is a substantial reduction of new posts created by the people I follow…

Maybe all these changes are/were necessary…or maybe not

Perhaps the economic changes will only benefit the bigger stakers…

Maybe simply it was not the best day to implement such a radical changes…with such a low behavior of STEEM at the market

Maybe, maybe…maybe…

I don’t know you but I am not going quit so easily…

I hope all of you will keep enjoying of this, “our Blockchain” even if you struggle now…Please, keep working, posting and engaging…I also have the firm conviction that we will succeed in the long run…if we get focused more on the marketing side…


“White” Rhino

Sitting down after a long morning..

Camera ~ LensNikon D3400 DSLR ~ 55-200 mm

Prompt / Theme: How do you like your coffee? Instant, plunger or machined?

Giveaway ? – 2 winner
Prize A: 1 Steem Basic Income
Prize B: 200 DEC

Winners will be chosen randomly after post payout. Please specify if you want a particular prize from those listed above.

  • ? No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow – just your responding comment required to enter.
  • Comment a reply directly to this post within 7 days. A genuine (family friendly) comment responding to the theme / prompt is required.
  • Posted or Commented 5 or more times during the week this post is active.
  • Not be on @cheetah’s blacklist.

Thanks for having a look ?

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PSG Bid for Mandzukic has Been Rejected

Hey Guys today the sports topics relating to the transfer market is really interesting. PSG sent in a bid for the Croatian striker Mandzukic but the player turned the offer down and said he will be with Juventus till the next window opens before he will make his move to any club or not. The PSG team really needs supporting player who will be there incase of any crisis but as at now they are in such a crisis where Mbape is on injury so they have to find a striker to replace him. So they went in for Mandzukic and Mandzukic turned down their offer. So right now I dont actually know the kind of player they will go in for. And if they dont get things in place for now their winning will be difficult for them because when it comes to the attacking players it will be left with Di Maria and Cavani. Neymar is also is a process of making it back to Barcelona. That will be the end of the morning news on sports.

Neymar Move to Barcelona is still on hold

Hello everyone Good morning, How are we all doing? Hope we are all doing great. The move of Neymar has still not been a success. There was a deal which was about to take on which will be Osumane Dembele for Neymar but the manager of Osumane Dembele is not interested in this deal and is not happy to move his client to PSG. He said he will want his client to spend his third season at Barcelona not PSG. So as at now there has not been any strong deal for Neymar to move back to Barcelona. Neymar has been out from PSG team sheet list for the past three games. And we dont even know if they are going to add his name to the next list for their next match. Because Neymar really want to move to Barcelona but the deal that Barcelona is submitting is not in the interest of the PSG team so they are not accepting those deals. But yet still they are hoping to bring Neymar Back to Barcelona. There was a news that Dembele agreed on the Deal but now that the Manager of Dembele has come out to speak about the Matter then there is not health in this move or swap for Neymar so Barcelona might search for another player to swap in for Neymar else they have to spend that amount of money to buy the player. The close of the Transfer season is also due/near so they have to make everything fast a possible as they can so that they can get the deal as early as they can. Thank you for your time have a great day and enjoy your day.